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To the Flower Festival! (Magnolia to Orchidia) [Foot Travel]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

To the Flower Festival! (Magnolia to Orchidia) [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:38 pm

Rishi Namatzu
It was finally time for Rishi to leave her hometown. She was just a bit sad that this would be the last time that she would see Magnolia, but she was happy that she would be able to end things on a good note, as today she would be starting her travels to Orchidia, the place where the Flower Festival had been taking place. Things were going to end nicely, and she was feeling nice about that. She had packed only her essentials and set out with Venus out onto the road again, saying one last goodbye to her guild hall before she left.

She was a little annoyed that the train stations had been broken down, as she had to make the long walk all the way over there. Walks got tiring, and they took way longer. They weren't the best way for her to travel, but right now it really was all she was able to do. She started walking with tears running down her face, thinking about all the people and good things she'd be leaving behind. There would be new things waiting for her there though, and that was the thing that she had been most excited about. She had been there before, but she was sure that things were going to be even more beautiful than when she last visited, when the flowers were just beginning to bloom. There were going to be so many of her old friends there, and she was going to make the last of her memories with them, making the last of her time on this plane the best she's ever had.

There wasn't much to do as they walked, the girl and her companion just looking straight at the path in front of them. Their time together had become awkward, and the grey-haired girl really didn't know what had gone wrong. Maybe he had sensed it too, she couldn't tell, but as their time came shorter, the more Venus had strayed away from her. Was he planning to leave her? Was there something that she didn't know about but he did? She wasn't really sure, but she had thought a lot about this as she had walked on.

They had finally made it to the beautiful town of Orchidia, and the atmosphere had really changed. Everything seemed happier, and she was really happy that she had finally made it. She had made it to the place that would be her end.

To the Flower Festival! (Magnolia to Orchidia) [Foot Travel] 5ppnpu

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To the Flower Festival! (Magnolia to Orchidia) [Foot Travel] Untitled_drawing

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