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All Fired Up [Quest: Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

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Sorcha Donovan
She was a bit stumped with how many assumptions she had made about a town. Sorcha was an elf and educated to keep her opinion for her and even for herself hidden and to not base things on assumptions before she would have seen or heard with her own eyes and ears. The thing was that she had suspected for Oak to be a bad town but up till now, nothing really happened that disturbed her. She sat down in the open room of a cafe where she sat reading the newspaper and eating her salad for lunch. She would have to find a place to get a job going on before she would sit here and do nothing. The thing was that Sorcha needed to hear more news about this evil town that she suspected, she had came here with the thoughts that her parents and brothers might have come here to be sold as slaves. Now the new emperor was here, slavery was prohibited but that didn’t mean it happened before, actually it did mean that it happened before and that the slaves should now be free. Even if her parents perhaps went set free now with the new emperor it would be a job next to find them. So every lead could go there. She sighed softly as she closed the newspaper, nothing of course. There had been a quest in there and perhaps she could ask that person, but she wasn’t sure if she would speak to the Lord of Oak, considering she would have to go and venture around the town to find beacons and make sure they were on. As it was a journey around town in their hills and woods, she actually would feel more home than in the busy town.

Not every day she would meet people that would calm her down and understand her need for nature. Sorcha stood up and stretched a bit, she counted the jewels and placed them on the table as she grabbed her cape and headed out. She met up with a guard at the gate of Oak town and explained she was here for the job if it was still available and he shortly explained what the Lord Servas wanted her to do. She had to head out of Oak up on a hill to find the first beacon, that sounded like a nice trip and with an easy step, the elf moved on. It might not be a short trip but as usual she had enough to consider, I’m Sorcha Donovan.. and so on she would go, the standard procedure, which would distract her and yet let her pay attention enough to where she placed her feet as well as see enough of the starting greenery around her. When she arrived on top of the hill, there was the first beacon and the guard there almost finished it. He asked her if she was to check up on him and she simply stated she was.


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All Fired Up [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

#2Sorcha Donovan 

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Sorcha Donovan
The man seemed to be interested in her being an elf and they had a short conversation, he told her about a spring festival in Orchidia and he was sure it would be a better place for her than Oak. And even if that was an assumption, she appreciated the idea. She said goodbye to the friendly guard and moved on to the east of the beacon she had just arrived at, it would be quite a walk again to the next, which was good, not too far away from each other as they were both visible from the other spot and thus a good way to call out for help in case it was necessary. I’m the middle child of Moira and Giomanach, the only daughter. and what problems had that brought around. Left out while he raised her because she was a girl and now Giomanach was missing. Nothing could be changed, it wasn’t fair, she wasn’t even worth kidnapping. She simply clenched her fist and ignored the thought because it wasn’t necessary at all. So with a speedy step she walked on, perhaps it was the shot of anger that had brought up her adrenaline to be so quick. When she arrived at the second beacon not much later, she found that it was ready and that the guard was asleep, she frowned upon him. What if something happened and he was asleep. She also didn’t feel necessary to wake him up, that wasn’t in her job description and she wasn’t sure if it was in his and thus she let it be. Lord Servas or the guard before had not said anything about it, at least this man was done.

She simply walked on, not waking him because of the soft steps of an elf, no matter where she placed her feet. Sorcha walked on to the third beacon, it should be somewhere around the north but she had not seen it yet, strangely. It would take a few more minutes before she found where the beacon was as she had an idea where it should be, she held her mouth shut, clenching her jaw not to let out a scream when she was caught by surprise to find a dead guard. Now that she was over the surprise, she simply looked up the bloody mess, there was nothing in the description about it either and the beacon was toppled over as it was finished mostly but not able to stand up yet. Someone seemed to have slashed off the other pillar so it would topple over in general. It was not her job to fix it but perhaps better if she returned as soon as possible and thus she did, walking as fast as she could, going around trees as fast as she could, a useful thing to be one with nature as she was as an elf. Sorcha reached the guard without being out of breath and told him immediately what happened and he thanked her for explaining, handing her the jewels and he would inform the lord. Perhaps it was time to leave Oak already, she didn’t want to end up like that guard.


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All Fired Up [Quest: Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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