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Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra]

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#1Zyra Elroth 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:30 am

Zyra Elroth
What were they still doing in Hargeon? Zyra paced around the corridor... The two elves were already so late. News usually traveled fast, but with all their exploits they'd missed the information about the grand flower festival that was taking place in Orchidia. Now that Zyra knew of this, she couldn't stop talking about it every chance she got. Festival this, festival that, maybe this had served to drive Keryth insane, but she'd never know, she was too occupied with her own anticipation of what the event would be like. The young lavender-haired elf was super curious about the festivities around the spring festival, this was something that she believed to be common between the elves and the humans.

Considering themselves to live in harmony with nature, the elves too believed in certain practices around the time that the plants were beginning to flourish and bloom. Of course, being more attuned to nature, their predictions about plants, harvests and such was far more accurate. Maybe the elfling was just... homesick. Spring was always a joyous occasion. She wasn't sure if Keryth shared her excitement, but a gathering like this would mean that they could meet a whole host of new people. Why was Keryth taking his own sweet time to pack up? she thought, lifting her hand to knock on his door, but then thinking better of it.


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#2Keryth Torvan 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:09 pm

Keryth Torvan
Keryth had stopped by in Orchidia on his way to Marigold from the capital. From what he recalled, there was nothing too special about that place. It was almost sort of neglected, brushes and trees poking out of all the ruined and abandoned buildings, only the main part of the town had anything resembling appropriate structures. Fortunately for him, he'd only been passing by, and only looked at the areas that surrounded the station. The elves would love it, which is why he didn't. It explained why Zyra was so keen on joining the festivities. He'd never let her know, but the more she pushed for them to leave, the more reasons he found to delay the ordeal.

It wasn't like Keryth didn't want to go. The festival would provide an ample number of people to swindle and steal from. The problem he had with it, was the exposure. Even though his partner was disguised, she still was the elven princess, if anyone was sent to look for them, they'd definitely scour the location of this spring flower festival. There was a middle ground though, maybe they'd expect Keryth and Zyra to be the first to arrive, given their elven ancestry, if the two could only delay their travel to Orchidia, perhaps they'd be safe? If the festival was already raging, it'd be more difficult to spot the two young elves...


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#3Zyra Elroth 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:30 pm

Zyra Elroth
Finally, she could take it no more. She stood in front of the door to his room and cleared her throat. 'KERYTH!' she exclaimed, calling out to him loud enough to receive a dirty stare from a couple who was descending down the stairs towards the reception of the hotel. 'We have to go!' she said urging him to get a move on. Her mind raced and she wondered if they would run into any other elves... And whether that would be a good or a bad thing? What if they ran into someone that Zyra knew? Would they see through her disguise? Would she be able to keep up the pretense?

Shoving all the worrying thoughts away, she decided to focus on the good stuff. This was exactly what she had craved from day one, the freedom to travel and to explore. The elf, now had what she wanted her brief span of time. She had already visited two different cities and each had offered her a nice slice of experience, some realizations and a lot of special moments that weren't monitored by the elder elves of her family. 'Come on! Come on!' she tried again, now fervently knocking on her partner's door. They had to get a move on, they'd probably already missed so much and accounting for the time it was going to take to travel... Zyra was now worried, would they even make it in time.


Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Original
#4Keryth Torvan 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:45 pm

Keryth Torvan
"All right! All right!" was all Keryth said, as he finally packed up his bags and opened the door for his partner. "I'm all ready," he said with a long sigh. Despite the reluctance, he took it upon himself to lead. He had to keep up the appearance of being the knight in shining armor after all. Not to mention, it was his job to ensure they didn't run into trouble, he trusted his presence of mind far more than he trusted hers. The journey was going to be a long one, it'd take almost a week to get there, at least that would ensure the place was already chock full of people.

They'd be crossing several towns on the way, Keryth wondered if he could cause any more delay by convincing Zyra to stop by in a few of them. Considering her enthusiasm to get to Orchidia as fast as possible, that probably wasn't going to work. Nonetheless, he'd have to improvise on the way. For now, he grabbed his rucksack and her bag, hauling both over his shoulders, like the pretentious gentleman he was trying to be, smiled at Zyra. If he was to get his way, he'd have to be nice to her, she usually melted like a butter, if he managed to make her feel special. "So, my princess, ready?" he said as they exited the hotel.


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#5Zyra Elroth 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:01 pm

Zyra Elroth
Finally, they got a move on. Zyra was all giggles, when he referred to her as his princess, as usual. But nothing would change her resolve to get to Orchidia as fast as possible. There was a slight sense of guilt, in rushing her partner this way, but almost nothing had excited her as much as this spring festival, ever since they left the place where the elves dwelled. She hoped he would understand. They had to cross several different terrains and town on their way to the city of Orchidia.

The very first one, which they pretty much had to circumvent was Dahlia. Dahlia was apparently infamous for hosting dark mages it would be a terrible place for elves to venture into. So despite wanting to rush, the two had to waste a fair bit of extra time to take a longer route and not cross the town. So Zyra was now keen on making up for lost time, it didn't matter if they had to sleep a little lesser or jog instead of walk for a decent fraction of their journey. Despite all her wishes though, she was careful not to offend Keryth and indulge his delaying tactics just a little bit. She trusted that he understood the importance the festival had for her. She also knew that he was probably aware of the long-term risks, while she was only concerned with the short-term gratification.

Finally, when they reached, Zyra was so exhausted, she had to spend almost one entire day just resting... If only the girl had known that her plan would backfire this way...


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#6Keryth Torvan 

Hargeon to Orchidia (Walking) [Keryth & Zyra] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:26 pm

Keryth Torvan
The first town provided the best excuse for delay. The warning of caution that he offered Zyra, was also not a lie. There was no way Keryth was risking going into Dahlia, even just for the duration of a few hours as they crossed it, even in the middle of the day... If ever Keryth was to visit that land, he'd make sure he was accompanied by someone who would protect him and perhaps Zyra too, should she take the risk of tagging along. Once they'd crossed Dahlia though, the rest of the towns on the way were fairly safe areas. Magnolia was supposed to be wonderous, and from the fleeting glimpses he saw, as the raced betwixt the town, he made it a point to not that he must visit again.

They only passed the hill atop which most of the main town of Era stood. Which was fine, because Keryth had no interest in running into cops. Cops would always mean trouble. Then, of course, they crossed the capital, which had finally begun looking more like its regal self again, after all the rigorous repairs that followed the attack that had happened. There were places he tried to lure Zyra into, but she was stubborn, even his charm didn't work. Finally, he gave up and just let her take the lead and haul them to Orchidia. After reaching however, the two young elves found the closest inn and simply crashed there.


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