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Magnolia to Orchidia.(Foot travel)

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Magnolia to Orchidia.(Foot travel) Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:41 am

Short lived her time at Meg but she kept it in mind that she did not mind this place, It seemed to have something special with it in her mind anyway, But with it being short she could figure out later maybe later why it was important to keep her into mind and why it was a bit special or if anything settled in her mind. Nonetheless she packed up a few things to travel yet again, Where else she could head off too would be a travel of word of mouth in which interested her what was going on.

While she was going along and listening to the various other people around her talking and slowly traveling themselves was a festival of sort, in which she took into mind and interest to see what all was going on with it and if it would be something fun for her, maybe also yet again avoiding her normal murder habit for as long as she could. Mostly with that it was still continuing for Priscilla to try and fit in as long as she could keep an act and keep normal until the need that slowly each day that weens stronger and stronger to eventually to do so.

It would an ever ending thought in her mind, it lingers like a drug habit, it was like a voice in her mind. She knew it was wrong to murder, she did feel guilt, But that release feeling was all too good to feel, It was an addiction that she could and should consider help for. But for now no one has offered nor caught her so she believed she could continue for now. since she did not need much personally to travel it did not take long for Priscilla to head off.

It would be the afternoon mid afternoon if she checked and wanted to keep it in mind would find the right trail to the place and town where this festival of her interest, Orchidia was this place she heard the town she heard she needed to go to. So going on the right trail she head off to that town to learn what this place was like, what other mages would be around, watch a few people and learn what other mages were about and up too. It would be an interesting experience for her personally, as such she was gone from Magnolia.


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