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Baska > Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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#1Notte Giornata 

Baska > Orchidia [Foot Travel]  Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:17 am

Notte Giornata
It had seemed like a while since Notte had even breathed or kinda existed, the last thing he remembered it was winter he was in someone house but poof it had seemed a season had passed it was spring! Lord it's been a while hasn't it He said as the warm seasonal wind went through his hair.

Looking out into the distance he decided that he had been here too long, the next logical step to that would be where? He really had no clue about where to go he hasn't really explored this crazy world only thing he's seen in his hometown and whatever's on the other side of the windmill.

Guess fate wanted Notte to get off his ass as it just so happened that the spring wind brought him a present, a slap in the face with a flyer. "AHH! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT AM I BLIND???" He soon realised that it was just a leaflet for a festival, "Oh damn I might have to head out to Orch- Orca- Orchidia yeah Orchidia" Slyly jumping off the windmill riding the blades down the ground he arrived at the floor.

Not knowing exactly where he was going he just followed the direction that the flyer came in, "I mean in this world of magic that flyer was most likely magic, and if it wasn't well I dunno a new place a new adventure." He said as he stupidly walked off.

Eventually after a while of walking Notte ended up in front of a forest which looked kinda creepy so he decided too just go around it he barely knew any spells so if anything happened he would be screwed so better not even fight that battle he was dumb but now that dumb.

Since he took the long way it took him significantly longer but he thought that an hour more was better than being dead.

In the horizon there it was Orchidia seeming more lively than he thought.


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