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Baska to Orchidia [Travel]

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Baska to Orchidia [Travel] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:02 pm

Tenshi †
It was time. He and Seira had made the decision together that Baska had become a hotbed for seething emotions. These foul thoughts were given the chance to fester here, within the town that had seemed to bring them so much annoyance and grievance. They would not sit idly and await for things to work themselves out. Instead the two of them would work together to proactively solve their issues, and part of this lied in the concept of moving forward. They had to continue living their lives as they had been, and taking each moment as it came. Otherwise they would find themselves swept up in the currents, unable to choose their own destination.

And so Finn had packed what little belongings he still had, planning to head off into the nearby town of Orchidia. It was a place of great celebration, apparently hosting a festival that would be certain to brighten the mood of all those who arrived. Seira had apparently needed to finish some work, insisting he go on ahead. She was a brave one, making sure to do her best to keep him from worrying too much. It was so like her to shoulder more of the burden than necessary, and it was because of this that Finn had to understand when to refuse her those requests.

And when to give in.

So he paved the way, going towards the town in which they would soon meet once again. He had enough jewel on him to ensure that the hotel he'd acquire for them was not one of pathetic means, but rather something that would allow for them to fully enjoy the town and all of its wonders and offerings. Together they would begin afresh, and such a horrid distance would never plague them again. His mind roamed to his brother, and what he had lost, for the briefest of moments. Jake had always said that it was only when things went awry that one truly started to grow. Perhaps there was a glimmer of hope somewhere in all this chaos?


Baska to Orchidia [Travel] D09aavQ

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