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Baska to Orchidea [Foot Travel]

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

Baska to Orchidea [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:17 am

Kanya Vi Britannia

After leaving the shrine Kanya already knew her time here had came to a end, lucky the pain she was feeling earlier wasn’t as bad as before. Which actually allowed her to walk and not hinder her abilities along the way to Magnolia. She knew it was going to be a long trip regardless as she walked the dirt road that was leaving Baska. She met a lot of people in her time here, from when she first arrived the two tan talking savannahs people, they showed her kindness that she wasn’t use to.

Then as she continued to walk which helped her not thinking of the pain her body was going through.She thought back on that red head she met on a mission, sadly she didn’t catch that woman name. But she knew they would probably cross paths again, but probably not on the most friendly terms when it came down to it. Even if they teamed up for a mission, it didn’t exactly make them friends in the long run. Kanya was pacing herself as she was on the outskirts making her way to her location, she may stop somewhere else before reaching her destination.

As Kanya continued to walk a step at a time, her hand resting on her chin as she even thought of Aria words to her: My god grants me the power to go on. My god allows me to live free of fear from death's grasp. The Manji have come back from the dead. The Manji have given those worth, power to continue.: Those words rang loudly in her head as she couldn’t believe this, maybe Aria girl was just crazy to begin with it wouldn’t be shocking. I mean getting choked seem to excited the woman for some dumb reason. As Kanya was in deep thought she had arrived in this god forsaken place covered in flowers…...was she in hell?



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