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Petty Theft [Quest: Lilja]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Petty Theft [Quest: Lilja] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:38 am

Nastasya Crowe
There was a lot to consider but actually Lilja didn't feel like making it too difficult, she wasn't sure where she should go and what she should do and with that mind set she was walking around thinking about nothing in particular and literally everything at once, it was a surprise the girl had no headache yet. Lilja didn't know where to start and Oak did seem to hold all the answers but didn't plan to give it away yet and it annoyed her for the full hundred percent. She had even packed her stuff to go away but she couldn't. She needed to get answers and, who would give them to her? Apaprently at this point the only one that seemed to have helped were Esperia and the Demon Lord of Lust and she wasn't sure where they had gone off to now. Something had reached her ear as she stopped walking because of the market and stared at the people that talked too loud for her liking. Something about a spring festival and that would be in Orchidia. It sounded quite dumb but if everyone was as thrilled as that mom with her children, than it would only be fun to go there because there would be enough people, perhaps people she would know and recognize and be able to ask questions to get more answers than only figuring out that she was no longer a vampire.

She stopped walking and simply went on to sit somewhere and listen to the information about the spring festival, it was not much interesting, it just started today in Orchidia, and Lilja couldn't even remember if she ever had been there before. It also didn't give her a ring in the back of her mind that normally spilled out when something was familiar but still hidden by the amnesia. Most of the conversation was about the excitement of the family and the children and it annoyed Lilja, she dispiced this ridiculousness of showing happiness, no one was this excited about a dumb festival. So the red eyed woman pushed herself upright again and walked past the group with their ridiculous conversation.

She turned at that point her face towards the right and stared at a ginger haired boy and stopped walking again, "Hi onee-san." She didn't know what she should say, she vaguely remembered him and narrowed her eyes, "I stopped stealing at that store you told me about a year ago." She raised her eyebrow, "Y-you know? I-I got better at it. Y-you and that g-guy told me." Why did that boy start to stutter and that guy.. the unknown so called best friend as she seemed to have done a lot of jobs together. She made a scornful sound and wanted to walk on when he stopped her, calling her onee-san again, "I could use some help on this job though." so she rolled her eyes and turned around, turning her heels towards the boy and follow him into the alley to listen to the plan.


#2Nastasya Crowe 

Petty Theft [Quest: Lilja] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:48 am

Nastasya Crowe
So it was an easy job, she would be the one to distract the merchant and the polisher and he would steal the bracelet. He had pointed out the stance where it would happen and he told her that every once in a while at the same day in the week at the same time the merchant would show up to get the bracelet polished and he wanted to steal it. Such a great job for a small little twerp. Lilja had agreed to help him to see if she could get more information or else jewels from this guy, or perhaps both, she wasn’t going to do this for free. She had to figure out a plan while she approached the stand, the merchant had just taken off the bracelet and she swayed a little and bumped into him, where the man had wanted to yell at her that she had to look out where she was going, Lilja almost let herself fall in his arms, ”I’m so sorry sir.” She said, batting her eyelashes. The man immediately seemed to mutter an apology too, she hid the smile while she heard the scrapping of the stool where the polisher sat upon and asked her if she was alright, still hanging almost limp in the arms of the merchant. ”I don’t know, something strange happened but I can’t remember.” she said, lowering the left part of her shirt, perhaps a bit too low, but hey if the strategy worked why would she deny it. She showed the trail of light on her skin, explaining that someone just grabbed her and printed this on her and she said that it even went lower and wanted to show it, but the two men seemed to agree that it was clear enough and they need not see more but they were both agreeing she needed help and perhaps a healer was a good idea.

But at that point the polisher turned around and stared at the missing bracelet that Jerr had just taken and he ran to the north side of the town. The merchant let go of her and started to yell and curse, which made her turn around and quickly run off herself, so much for being faint and the like. She heard the merchant yell that it was a set up and send some men after her as well, she should have been in a better condition but it didn’t matter, she simply ran off and would meet Jerr a bit later after she shook those guys off. When she got safely back to the alley, Jerr was sitting there on a dumpster swinging his legs and showed her the bracelet, ”Yeah all very wonderful, now pay up.” and never bother me again, she thought. When she grabbed the money, she simply hid it in her pocket and walked out of the alley, checking that there was no one waiting, and headed back on her trip towards Oak but to the other side, she didn’t feel the need to end up in prison at all. Perhaps going to Orchidia wasn’t a bad idea.


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