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Baska to Orchidea [travel]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Baska to Orchidea [travel] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:56 am

Kurdran Briggs
"You sure you wanna go by just walking there? It`s a long trip and that Kimono of yours might not be able to..." "Look, if it could not handle a two day march to a big city, it would not be fit for any kind of dwarf to wear now would it." The trip to the big flower festival was starting, and the worries of the clothier was clear. You could see that he was almost regretting his choice of a "model" for this year, but sadly, he had already chosen Kurdran. And Kurdran if anyone would finish the job when its given to him.

Admittedly, Kurdran was not that big into flowers of any kinds. He was more into this for the reason of getting to go a bit farther than he had been before. For a dwarf like him, traveling was usually based around just one region, so it made it hard for him to actually see anything new, if he wasn`t going on the trip alone that is. There was a certain adventurous feel swirling in his big gut.

Besides, this was pretty much the perfect way to forget his family for a little while. Despite the things Sylvia had told him, They had not been exactly looking for him either, so why would he need to worry about them? Besides, this weird new shirt should garner him some good attention for once. Maybe even praises! Besides, taking how weird people in oak were, those stories should be able to keep all of those folk entertained enough to stick around and have a drink!

The wind brushed against his hair, as the traveling continued, his bare feet scratching against the sandy road. The little packaged swung about on his back, as the journey continued relatively uneventfully.

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