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Magnolia to Orchidia

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Magnolia to Orchidia  Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:32 pm

Arisa yawned softly as she couldn't wait to meet up with Lucifer. There was him and hopefully she will get to see some other people on mind; like Noel and Alisa. Her blonde her was a mess and let down as she didn't care about it at all. There was a time and day to care about her hair and the way she was dressed, this wasn't the day. Her facial expression was sheepishly happy and with that she was at first slow with dragging her suitcase back to Orchidia. She had to pass Era, Crocus and finally she will be at the location she needs to be.

As she walked through the forest alone, the area was very noisy with the birds and the bees. The bugs were buzzing to match the noise as well. 'I wonder how long it'll take me if I fly...' she wondered to herself as she then shook the idea out of her mind. The suitcase rumbled as it hit each rock to get out of its' way. Hours went by as it felt peaceful with some places to stop by and eat. 'I feel... lucky to have made such promising friends...' she thought. 'Do you now? Will you sacrifice yourself for them, young one?' spoke a darkened voice in her thoughts. It sounded enchanting and soothing.

Arisa continued on walking like nothing was happening as she thought of the question... 'Would I? Will I sacrifice myself... for my loved ones? My darlings... my jewels....' she and the darkened voice spoke in sync. Her eyes glitched different colors as she gripped the suitcase handle tighter. ''Yes.. Yes I would.'' Arisa herself spoke softly in some foreign accent. Out of no where the area went quiet. The bugs weren't making a sound, the animals weren't making their casual sound. 'Something is with us.' spoke the voice. Arisa twisted and turned as she looked at every corner. 'Run!' spoke an alarmed tone in her thoughts. As she was about to run, a few men with masks jumped out of the bushes.

She gasped for air as she moved away from them. With every step they moved forward -- she too moved backwards. ''It's time for you to come with us. Back to Sin.'' they spoke hauntingly. Their auras were quite bright, but nothing angelic. ''No! Leave me alone!'' she yelled and walked back. She heard a few cracks from sticks as she stepped on some. Her heart was thumping and tears started to develop with the memories zooming back to her on the day she viewed those people dying. ''You were lucky once, but we will keep finding you.'' they spoke and launched at her. Swiftly Arisa dashed backwards trusting her gut and flashed a light-like dome of 8x8 meters at them that soon exploded.

With screams coming from the back as she ran away from them, she ran and ran till she was safe in Orchidia... but for how long?



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