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Oak to Orchidia (foot)

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Oak to Orchidia (foot) Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:54 pm

Requiem packed her bag and walked down the road with the group that was heading to Orchidia for the flower festival. She was simply acting as an escort for some of the merchants that would be selling their wares during festivities and in exchange, she would get a free ride.

Her mind bounced between excitement and concern. She had never been to the festival before and wanted to enjoy another experience. On the other hand, the recent revelation of her having a sister, and possibly more, was concerning. She had recently had a checkup and the lacrima that had been implanted in her neck had grown along her spine and now her arms and legs were showing signs of having the lacrima fuse to it as it grew. Illumin knows what happened to the ones who didn't escape. The odd thing was, the lacrima seemed to be fusing only to her skeleton, as it had not impeded her joints in any way.

She looked at the budding life around her, according to the cult, Illumin had come and overthrew Echidna, destroying the chaos of the void and allowing life to become. The nihilistic view of a group that she had once believed was gone made her depressed. Instead, she focused on watching the children laugh and run about while they headed towards the town. It wasn't a far ride, only half a day at this pace, but it certainly had no lack of things to see. She saw a pair of male cardinals fly about, chasing each other to declare dominance over this lovely piece of the world.

Up ahead, Orchidia was visible in the distance, soon, they would enter the festive town and celebrate spring. Requiem would join and for a moment, pretend she was normal. A moment that she would cherish for certain.

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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