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Glory to Hargeon Town [Quest: Selindra]

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Glory to Hargeon Town [Quest: Selindra] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:09 pm

It felt as though Selindra had been spending a great deal of time at the docks of Hargeon lately. Barely two days or so ago, she had been working to help some stupid guard who was clearly never meant to be a guard or even having any business within a city like Hargeon make a name for himself. Or maybe. It was impossible to say. All she knew was that she had managed to help a man not get arrested by instead arresting a dealer and it turned out that that chance decision was in her favor. The fact of the matter was, barely a day later, she encountered the man again, but this time it was more int eh role of someone who was offering a job, and one that ended up paying far greater than perhaps what she would have expected it to have been. It turned out to be exactly that. The job was to investigate and impede an attempted shipment of tea, a product that was becoming more and more of a luxury than even gold or jewelry, in spite of how readily and available it turned out to be. While there questions as to if this was logical economics or not was a question in itself, but she didn’t worry too much about this, at least right now. Rather instead, it was thinking about just how she was going to go about spending the money that she was making off of the recent task that she had done not too long ago. The money was plentiful, and far greater than she expected. Apparently the man’s ability to generate revenue was not a lie, and as she did a bit of research within Hargeon, she realized just how much of an ally that she had made when all was said and done. Had she not, she stood to lose out on potentially thousands of jewels.

Now, much wealthier than what she was before, or even for that matter, when she first had arrived within Hargeon Town, an hell, perhaps even more than what she could remember in a recent time at the very least. There were times before that she had made more money than this, but as to where all of that wealth went and sdiappeared too, it was impossible to adequately say. It was though all of a sudden it was gone. One minute, it’s there. More wealth than she could have ever hoped to have had. And the next minute, it’s all gone. Leeaving her with nothing at all, only that of an empty purse in which the woman wished she could have gone back in time and figure out what it might have been that caused her to lose all of her wealth. It was something that had her worried, if at the very least, annoyed. However though, now that she had jewels again, and a plentiful amount, she wasn’t in as nearly enough of a way that she had been before.

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Glory to Hargeon Town [Quest: Selindra] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:09 pm

Given the successes that she had encountered the past times that she had ventured into the Docks, it was a fair belief to assume that there was a possibility that there might have been more work for her to do. As apparently every single interaction that she had been working or ventured there that there was something to do, though it would be worthwhile to see if it was the case or not. The last day had been heavily bogged down by the fact that the ships all had been impounded, the reasoning behind it remaining a mystery, though at least from a very quick glance it seemed that things had calmed down. Some guards remained throughout the docks, but the amount of them was nothing compared with that of what it had been only a day earlier. Perhaps it was due to the outrage that could have been heard throughout all of the city, or at least could have been, given how loud and vocal the people who were hindered were. There did not appear to that same level of frustration or anger this time around, which was a bit of a welcome change, but there were certainly no shortage of people throughout the area, though this time they seemed to have been in a completely state of mind. There was no yelling or frustration, but rather happiness, almost as though it were a time of celebration than anything else. There seemed to a handful of small groups of people, perhaps no less than half a dozen of them and no more than a dozen or so within each of them, all varied too with men, women, and some older children present there. Whatever was going on, it was clear that there was some sort of group effort thing being involved, not neccesarily reflective of the travelling parties that would frequnelyt congregate near the docks as they awaited the ships to reach port. These small groups aside, and while there were plenty of them, the one which stood out was the larger group of people who were gathered about, well over several dozen of them, all arranged such that they were listening to a singular voice, a single entity, that was directing them, or at the very least, speaking to them all. Selindra, curious more than anything else, ushed her way through the group, finding that it was filled with much of the same makeup as the other groups, adults and children alike who were listening, some whispering to themselves, having private conversations, and things of that nature. As she got closer and closer towards the center, she could see that it was in fact a single person who was speaking, who apparently judging by the gazes and attention devoted to by the people in the area, that this was a man of importance. Selindra did not know who he was, nor really care, but more than anything, was wondering if there was a connection between all of this.

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Glory to Hargeon Town [Quest: Selindra] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:10 pm

Listening to the man speak, he spoke positively, reflecting on matters that pertained almost exclusively to Hargeon Town. Whoever he was, it was clear that if he was not involved in the city at some point, he was at the very least destined to be. People like this, who possess the level of charisma and public trust like he had apparently conveyed were seldom not involved or eventually involved in those sort of affairs, and as Selindra listened in on the people and things which were going on, she was able to deduce that at the very least, this guy was already involved within the Hargeon political scene. And as time went and she continued to listen, she realized that this man was perhaps the biggest figure within all of Hargeon, so it made sense that he would be able to convey a group as large as this and have them as motivated as he did. Listening to everything that was going on, what was very apparent was the fact that what he had them on about, it was clearly inspiring to the pople, more than perhaps what even Selindra had suspected, though she was unable to tell exactly ust what it was that it was about. Thinking back to the groups of people who had gathered around, it was very clear that they were tied into this thing that was gathered around with the people. Finally, things began to click with what Selindra was listening to. The people, having been demotivated and angered by the failing conditions of the ships that had been coming into the docks as of late, as well as those who were bringing in questionable materials and things that were giving a bad name to Hargeon, the people had become inspired to reverse course of things.

The guards as she came to understand, where there due to complaints and issues with the ships that were coming in. Apparently, there were those who were hijacking ships or taking ships which had been struggling to maintain their condition had been coming into port, which while the former was something that was always a risk, it was the risk associated with the latter condition that posed too great of a risk to the people, parituclarly in that the ships that were designed to take people to various different locations, including what Selindra had been considering doing herself, was not worth the potential danger that was associated with the whole thing. Selindra wondered if it had been a case that she had taken one of those ships, what the risk would have been. She coul have survived likely if the ship went down, but eh panic associated and the madness that went with it, would it be worth it? She doubted it. The likelihood of a ship that was destined to foreign lands in particular was where the greatest risk stood, as if a ship she boarded ended up sinking, there was no guarantee she would ever return alive.

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Glory to Hargeon Town [Quest: Selindra] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:10 pm

As described by the man, the people within Hargeon Town had not only the talent, but also the experience in creating ships such that there was no going to be any issue in creating their own ships. They had done it time and time again before and while in the recent times they had begun to forsake that type of attitude and behavior, it was not out of their history and DNA. They were ship creators, this was a ship town, it was known throughout Fiore as a place that would be the center of the world when it came to the seas and access to and from foreign lands, and that was never going to change. The people were inspired, and Selindra, while not particularly inspired by the attitude herself, was at least able to acknowledge the fact that there was no shortage of people who were, and if the people were going to be as motivated to create a ship fleet, then for someone like her, who wasn’t a person who actually lived here or identified as a person who cared for this, for her to work here and help out with the ships’ construction, there was little chance that there wasn’t going to be a reward associated with it. The man who had been giving out his speech made sure as to have the people divide up into various roles based on what they felt most comfortable. Selindra, not having a particular point of focus or area in which she was most used, certainly not towards the construction itself, but rather to the more logicstical and combative nature of ships, figured that her talents could have been applied anywhere, so rather than meander with the common folk, she would instead go ahead and work with the top guy of Hargeon, not only give her a chance to show off her talents, but it may result in her having far greater yields and benefits than perhaps what she could have imagined at the time. After all, the job she had done the other day for the man ended up making her a small fortune. There was little reason tot hink that this would not yield as much of a reward or if not even a greater one than before.

She sat back and watch as the group worked tirelessly on the ship, going through all facets of the construction process. She, being a young woman who was not particularly strong physically, posed more of a risk to the construction if she were involved, or at the very least, how she seemed to convey the nature of things. It worked out entirely fine, as there were no shortage of men who were either inspired enough to pick up the slack or otherwise sought to impress Selindra and do what she needed or would have bene expected to have done. What she did contribute however, was the fact that there were numerous suggestions and contributions towards the frame durability and things of that nature, things which would ensure that the ship would not fall or be sunk. If it were to be attacked, which was a genuine threat that existed throughout the seas, especially the further it sailed away from Hargeon the greater the risk that was attributed to it happening, it would be imperative that the ship be better improved to combat risk associated, whether it were ships that were attacking or creatures that might have existed. Creatures were mostly fabled, and while there were no shortage of stories that were told to the people of Fiore and in the docks of Hargeon about what might have lurked outside int eh deep waters, to encounter them would be unlikely. However, for the more realistic threat and also the threat that just the element of the water and the unstability of the tide presented, ti was best that the ships be adequately protected.

The ships were built quickly, much to the surprise of Seldinra. There was no disputing that once upon a time, Hargeon was the place where ships were made heavily and often sold for those who were invested into foreign trading, but to see it for herself, although there was a degree of rust to some of the opeople who were building the ships, they all did very well. An with the dieas and suggestions that Selindra was providing, there was a large deal of excitement for everyone having to know that their ships, the ships that they created with their own hands, would be ships that could not only be ones which would be storng, but also ones that could eventually end up being ones that could set up a future for them. It would be something that they could take pride in, and then the thoughts of what happened yesterday, it would be hard to imagine that they were going to end up running into a scenario like that of yesterday. There was no doubt and no reason to believe that something like that would be acceptable, and now that it appears to be the case, with tehse ships, which they were testing and seeing to all pass the tests in which would determine whether or not they would work all seeming to succeed. Selindra could literally feel the wave of emotion and excitement in the air, but what she was most excited for was money.

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