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Foot Travel: Oak > Orchidia

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A happy hum escaped Esperia's lips as they reached the outskirts of Oak. With the carriage in sight it wouldn't take long for the two girls to be on their way, and it seemed Asmodeus' servants had even pulled some favors so that the carriage was left entirely for the girls alone. Of course, Esperia was pretty delighted at that, having used the opportunity to lay sideways on the large bench while at the same time using Fia's lap as a pillow. "Hehe, excited?" Esperia hummed softly as she looked up at Fia, wondering just how excited her fiance might have been at the opportunity to finally be reunited with her father. It truly was making her looking forward to seeing her lover's expression when she finally saw her father again.

Considering Sebastian was seated on the driver's seat, serving as a guard for the carriage the two of them were quick to leave Oak behind, and that in her opinion was perfect. She was looking way too forward to the upcoming festival, especially because of all the festivities the two of them would be able to enjoy together. Nonetheless, there was also the fact this was the first time she was ever able to enjoy a festival.

How could she possibly not be excited about this? Not only was she able to enjoy her time alongside her fiance, but she would also be able to participate in the festivities, her very first festival! Nuzzling a bit further against Fia she mused softly.

"I'm wondering what type of events there will be held~ Although I heard stories that there are a lot of beautiful flowers to witness during the event." A little nod came from the girl, clearly excited at the idea of watching the flowers that were mentioned so often in the stories.

"Also considering the weather in Orchidia we might even be able to enjoy some swimming!" A soft giggle escaped her lips as a masculine voice came from outside. "Young Master Esperia, Lady Fia, it seems we are nearing Orchidia."

Of course, Salem was likely to be either inside the carriage or on top of it also, meaning they had plenty of opportunities to get some more amusing comments from the magical cat.

"Oh! Look Fia~ It's Orchidia!" Esperia exclaimed happily as she gestured toward the window, knowing all too well that the city that awaited them would be the place a touching reunion would take place at.


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Fiammetta Barone
For the first time in a while, Fia was genuinely excited to be traveling. Her trips to Crocus and Oak had been for primarily business reasons, but this time, their journey to Orchidia was a far more personal affair.  They'd be enjoying the ever-lovely Orchidia flower festival, a social gathering of great beauty and calmness, while reuniting with a figure in Fia's life that she had, for far too long, been without. Baldo Barone would be making his re-entry into her world.

Even their method of transportation on this trip was pleasant, as they neared a quaint little carriage that would take them to Oak. "Yeah..." Was all Fia uttered at the question that was uttered. 'Excited'  barely covered the immense joy and anticipation she felt at the reunion, and she could hardly wipe the soft smile off her face. Of course, the idea she'd get to introduce her fiance to her father only made their meeting that much sweeter.

As Fia could've guessed, Esperia was intent on snuggling up against her during their carriage trip, not that the Barone girl minded at all, honestly. With Sebastian at the driver's seat, they were quick to leave safely. Salem, meanwhile, sat in one nook of the carriage, curled up and resting quietly. Fia really did wonder if he'd actually been human sometimes.

"Heh, flowers are given ain't they? My old man told me ya can't walk 2 feet in Orchidia without seein' some..." Fia replied, recalling one of many stories her father had told her. Though she wouldn't admit it, Fia herself was rather intrigued by the prospect of seeing so many vibrant and wonderful flowers. It seemed like the perfect paradise of a backdrop to their fated reunion and the lighthearted times that awaited them.

Esperia's mention of swimming prompted a smirk from the Barone girl, who had a feeling she knew where Esperia was going with that. "Oh, aimin' to see me in my swimsuit, are ya?" Fia asked teasingly.

Sebastian announced their approach toward Orchidia, prompting even Salem to open his eyes and look upon the city ahead. None could see him, so he smiled. He too was glad Fia got this chance.

Fia gazed upon the approaching city, holding her lover close. Just this once, they'd get their happy resolution.

She could hardly wait.

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