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Moon Meets Sun [Social : Aurelion & Pyre]

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Moon Meets Sun [Social : Aurelion & Pyre] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:38 am

It was a few hours past noon when Aurelion woke up, exhausted from his night shift at the bar, I swear it's going to get me killed someday with all the fights in there, he thought. Wearing a pair of black shorts and a purple long sleeved shirt he went outside, hoping that the market area would still be lively and he would be able to get his hands on some fresh ingredients to make dinner. As he left his house his stomach growled in distress, he hadn't eaten anything in the past twelve hours and the smell from the bakery just outside his apartment made his mouth water.

Pulling himself together he continued heading to the market area while enjoying the green scenery of Orchidia. He had been living here for quite some time now but still couldn't help admiring all the flowers and their different scents. He was also starting to get somewhat worried, him not being in a guild made it a tad difficult to find any friends, sure he could go up to the Lamia Guild and ask to become a member but he didn't feel quite ready for it yet, maybe I'll get lucky and bump into a friendly mage one of these days, he thought.

Aurelion made it to the streets leading to the market after a few minutes and started browsing the stalls. He found most of the ingredients he was looking for but was still missing some and had to go further into the market place. The stalls there were bigger and the quality of their products was higher than the stalls he visited previously, the meat had a better smell, the vegetables were verdant green, he was rethinking his choice to shop at the outskirts of the market but nothing could be done now. As the young boy was looking left and right comparing prices and quality, he bumped into something -or rather someone- hard making him lose his balance and was about to fall down as he noticed a pair of fiery red eyes.


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Pyre strolled down the street. He was surprised to here of Baurai activity in orchidia. Their family typically had their roots in dark guilds and thus making it very odd for them to be in a place like orchidia where Lamia Scale was. Pyre was dressed in some more casual garb, he wore a white t-shirt with his gray pants, he made sure to leave his shoes at home for the day, if he needed to start running he wouldn't want shoes to inhibit him.

While he was in the markets he decided to browse and see if he could catch any information. There was plenty of stuff to look at, the markets kind of reminded him of his childhood, the selling of all those trinkets. He finally decided on a cart that was selling foodstuffs. When he walked up no one happened to be there, but as we was examining the herbs, someone bumped into him. Immediately his head shot up, "mmm, sorry." Pyre mumbled. He wasn't the most sociable person around, which meant he wasn't that great at social encounters. He examined the person in front of him. Pyre was taller than the man by a few inches. They both seemed in perfect shape though, there was the possibility of him being a mage, which would make things interesting.


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Aurelion was able to keep his balance by holding on to the counter next to him, regaining his composure. He heard the person in front of him apologize in a rather silent tone as if he was mumbling. Turning his head slightly upwards, Aurelion noticed once more the boy's red eyes and was now noticing how well-built his body was, no wonder I almost fell down, he thought.

"I should be the one to apologize." Aurelion said giving the boy a cheerful smile, after all he wasn't even looking in front of him while walking. Aurelion felt a certain aura surrounding this person, it felt like he was a mage and a better one than Aurelion, after all he wasn't getting much training anymore. Maybe today is my lucky day, he thought and chuckled lightly, he was looking forward to making friends and if they happened to be mages well even better, he could even ask to train with them. The white-haired boy didn't seem to be comfortable in this situation though, so Aurelion decided to take the first step asking the person's name while he introduced himself first with a smile, offering his hand to him.


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The other man also apologized which made the air that much more awkward. Like any reasonable person, they read the stranger they bumped into, just like Pyre did. The silence remained for a little while longer before the man introduced himself as Aurelion, he stuck out his hand and gave a smile while asking for Pyre's name, "Pyre, nice to meet you Aurelion." He said, his tone stronger now. He was particularly bad at making first steps and luckily someone was kind enough to do it for him this time. Making a bold step, Pyre dared himself to make the next bit of conversation, "So what are you buying?" He asked, he'd listen to aurelion's response. Pyre fiddled with the thing of herbs in his hand, he could see the cart manager getting a little annoyed with the fact that neither of the young men had bought anything yet. While Pyre was bad at friendly conversations, confrontational speaking was rather easy for him, "how much?" Pyre asked. "10J" The manager said, "Ill give you 5." Pyre said, placing 5 jewel down on the table and waiting for the next response. This was his element.


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The boy introduced himself as Pyre, a certain strength now characterized his voice changing his previous tone to what Aurelion perceived as a friendlier one. Aurelion, seeing how the stall manager was looking at the two of them with a rather unsettling stare -expecting them to make a purchase-, was about to start looking at the wares he offered. However, it was Pyre who made the move first, asking Aurelion what he was looking to buy and picking up a batch of herbs examining it for a few seconds. "I'm here to buy some ingredients for dinner, nothing fancy." Aurelion replied cheerfully. Tracing Pyre's stare towards the manager, he heard the white-haired boy ask for the herbs' cost offering to pay half of it instead.

Aurelion wasn't familiar with bargaining himself, trying to avoid such awkward moments between him and the stall owners. Finding some herbs suitable for the dinner he had planned that night, he grabbed a few batches of different herbs and asked the manager to include Pyre's herbs as well in the total cost. After he paid for the wares he turned to Pyre, asking him of his plans this evening and offered to treat him to the dinner he'd make if he helped with the rest of the groceries.


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Aurelion seemed to be less of a bargainer, offering to include the rest of pyre's cost in his own bill. Pyre gave a mental huff, to run a business you had to know when to say no and when to say deal, at least that was what his mother had always taught him as a child.

Aurelion offered to have Pyre over for dinner, pyre gave a gentle smile, he wasn't gonna say no, it was a good thing to make friends. That'd be good, I'd like to help out if you'd let me. I'm not much of a cook and i'd like to learn." He said.

It was true, he hadn't learned to cook, his mother made all his food, and he never knew his father. HIs mother always made sure to close her mouth when the topic came up, immediately shutting down. And when she died, he didn't have anyone to teach him. After that he lived on rune knight food and everyone knew that was far from gourmet. "so what's left on the list?" Pyre asked. He hoped Aurelion would let him buy things, he was apparently a bit of a better bargainer then Aurelion, and not to mention Pyre always wanted to save money.


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Aurelion was surprised hearing Pyre volunteer to help make dinner in addition to helping him with the rest of the things he had to buy. Aurelion learned how to cook and bake from a relatively young age and he wasn't used to having someone help him so he immediately warmed up to the idea, despite Pyre telling him that he wasn't a good cook but at least he was eager to learn. "No worries I'll be guiding you all the way and maybe you can learn a few things in the kitchen." Aurelion chuckled and gave a warm smile to the white-haired boy.

Taking a look at his list, Aurelion asked the people passing by for the place he could find the rest of the ingredients. After following their directions him and Pyre arrived at the very heart of the market area. Aurelion was amazed by the amount of people that were gathered there, it was literally packed and full of joyful chatter and shouting coming from the stall owners selling their wares. Aurelion turned to Pyre and gave him a slighty worried smile, "I'm not entirely sure how we're going to find the right stalls with this many people around." he said. Thinking for a brief moment his eyes sparkled as he looked at Pyre's red eyes, he had an idea. "You're going to open a way for us!" Aurelion exclaimed, with his height and buff body there was no doubt people wouldn't step aside.


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Pyre was secretly excited that he was going to learn to cook. Aurelion seemed like a nice person, and a talented cook.

Aurelion lead Pyre deeper into the market area, there was a surprising amount of people and Aurelion seemed to be delighted. Pyre didn't mind crowds, he was just bad at talking to people individually. Aurelion on the other hand seemed like that kid you would here about in school who knew literally everyone. Pyre would be that studious kid who no one talked two and only had 3 friends. He had begun to become less tense, his mood becoming more friendly. He was a friendly person, just only when he was with friendly people, it was his Achilles heel.

Pyre unfortunately didn't know a lot about food, so he was at the disposal of Aurelion's instructions. He was taller than Aurelion, and possibly more threatening than Aurelion, so it would be easy for him to get them where they needed to go. "So where to?" Pyre asked. He saw a few food carts over by the far end, under some trees where a mass of people sifted through some interesting herbs, spices and meat cuts.


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Aurelion was delighted with how cooperative Pyre turned out to be. He asked of their next stop but Aurelion couldn't really see much with all the crowd, however tracing the white-haired boy's stare he managed to see a few stalls were people seemed to gather. "Lead the way Pyre, onward to greatness!" Aurelion exclaimed in a joking manner and pointed towards the stalls. The two of them started walking, with Pyre in the front opening a path through the people.

After arriving at the spot Aurelion tried to squeeze himself and get closer to the counters, astonished by the quality of the goods, the herbs and the spices were the best Orchidia had to offer. However, after he looked at the prices he stood still for a few seconds trying to keep his composure and turned to Pyre slightly pulling him towards the counter. "I think you should be the one to handle this." he whispered to Pyre's ear with a nervous laugh. He was hopping that the boy would work his magic with bargaining and maybe get a few price cuts on the original cost. While his new friend was bargaining with the stall manager, Aurelion was looking around for his next targets that had to be taken off the grocery list.


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The pair managed to conquer their obstacles very easily, they worked their way through the crowd and to the cart, where Aurelion was amazed for a moment, before a bit of grief slid on to his face. He leaned up and whispered in Pyre's ear. A bit of a smile slid across Pyre's face, he enjoyed bargaining, it reminded him of his childhood. "yeah, I think I can take care of that." Pyre said. Pyre turned his attention to the cart manager. The manager was a young man, probably a little older than Pyre which meant that he probably thought he was thought very high of himself. Good tactic dictated that he flatter those kind of people if you were trying to get a lower price. Honestly Pyre didn't feel like flattering someone so his next beset bet was to play it like there was cheaper shop that sold the same stuff near this guy's cart.

Pyre systematically went through the man's good making small comments on how this was cheaper over there and you could get a better deal on something like this on the other side of the market. Eventually Pyre reached for the ingredients he actually needed, then the young man reached out, "Oh, the price is 8J instead of 10J." He said. Pyre smiled, and gave a thank you before handing the bag of goods to Aurelion.


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Pyre seemed to be doing a great job at bargaining, Aurelion never thought that someone would be this handy when grocery shopping and was actually glad he met this guy. He watched at the two as Pyre used his tactics on the guy to get a discount, faking the existence of same quality, cheaper price products, interesting, Aurelion thought as he let a soft chuckle. The two boys finally got their discounted goods and with Pyre in the lead bargaining with the rest of the owners, finally had everything they needed for the dinner. "That's all, now let's go to my apartment and I'll treat you to a well deserved dinner!" Aurelion exclaimed giving the boy a warm smile.

As they were heading back they passed by a counter with some jewelry, they seemed to be made from good material, nothing to do with those cheap trinkets someone would normally find at a market. Aurelion asked the boy to wait as he wanted to browse the wares for a bit. Taking a look around, his eyes were now fixed on a few items, a golden earring in the form of a crescent moon and some jewelry in the shape of a sun. Aurelion turned to look at Pyre, with his fiery red eyes and white hair, not to mention the passion he showed when bargaining, he could see a resemblance to the sun. Realizing he had been staring at him silently for a moment he said "Come and take a look, one of these would look nice on you." and pointed at the sun depicting jewelry. Buying the crescent moon for himself he waited for Pyre's response, should he want one of the items Aurelion would purchase it for him, if not then Aurelion would simply start heading towards his apartment.


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After Aurelion got everything he needed he gestured and told Pyre they could go back to his apartment now and help make dinner.

The two strolled casually back to Aurelion’s apartment there wasn’t much conversation for awhile until Aurelion stopped and checked out some necklaces. Later asking if he wanted the sun one. Pyre smiled politely and shook his head, ”No thank you, but thank you for the consideration.” he said cordially. He wasn’t one for jewelry. He had very little, none at all actually. The sun wasn’t his family symbol, and he couldn’t flaunt his family symbol without being targeted, so instead he wore nothing. As they continued on to Aurelion’s apaetment, Pyre decided to start a bit of a conversation, ”what do you do for a living? I’m a mage.” He said, somewhat matter of factly. He was a bit curious about what Aurelion did, but he also wanted to stop this silence, and this seemed the way to do it. Though the odd thing was, he was bad at it. He’d open his mouth then close it quickly, he’d do this a few times before stopping and waiting for Aurelion to speak.


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Having left from the jewelry stall and now getting closer to Aurelion's apartment the two men were walking in silence. Aurelion was a bit disheartened that Pyre didn't want any of the sun jewelry, but he couldn't outright tell him that his eyes reminded Aurelion of the sun and that's why he wanted to get Pyre one, at least he was polite about it, that's something, he thought and he's mood brightened up a bit again.

While walking the boy wondered about Aurelion's occupation, apparently he was a mage like Aurelion had suspected from the start, after all he could feel his aura, wasn't the strongest but certainly not weak. "Hmm..." Aurelion run his fingers through his hair, slightly touching his new earring, and looked at the sky with his peripheral vision set on Pyre, he saw him open and close his mouth as if he wanted to add something more but never did as he stopped and waited for Aurelion's answer. "I'm a bartender at the local bar here at night, though not all week, and I'm also handling mage requests when I have the time." he said with a sigh and continued, explaining that he wasn't really training his magic, so he wasn't a strong mage by any means, although he had the potential to, but the bar was taking much of his time, it was however an actual job without risks and gave him more in terms of money which in turn he needed since he was living alone.

After that Aurelion went silent, gazing at the sky as the two were walking his mind was taken back by memories of when he and his mother were both working to earn a living, hard times indeed but at least his mother would teach him a thing or two pertaining to his magic. Snapping out of his thoughts he said "Sorry for the silence, I was reminded of a few thing. So what kind of jobs do you handle as a mage?" and following that "The risky ones I'm guessing? Looking at someone with a stature like yours I'd say you'd be a fitting match." Aurelion looked at the boy's chest and muscles, then his eyes and winked mischievously letting out a soft chuckle.

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Like Pyre guessed, Aurelion was a mage. He hadn't had as much training as Pyre apparently and was weaker. But Pyre was a bit jealous, Aurelion had a life that Pyre never got. He got to be wild, he got to work at a bar. Since being a child Pyre had had a militaristic childhood. He was trained by the Aurelle family when his mom died, and then he was going to join the rune knights, but he knew that failed. "Don't worry about the silence its probably partially my fault, i'm not great at social interaction. But I guess you could say I do do some of the harder ones. I've trained a lot and ranked up pretty far, but don't worry, you could probably kick some butt too." He said jokingly, blushing a bit, he was bad at compliments. He looked around for a moment before deciding on another question, "Why did you choose to be a mage though? Was it a personal decision or a family thing? I personally was raised into it, but Im glad." He said. He did enjoy learning his family's magic.


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Aurelion was amused by Pyre, his partial awkwardness made him seem adorable and Aurelion couldn't help but smile while hearing him talk about it. Continuing his sentence, Aurelion let out a soft laugh as he heard Pyre praise him. "Thank you, it's really nice of you to say that, but I do need to find someone to train with, if I'm to kick ass like you said." Aurelion said and looked at the sky thinking who could he train with, he didn't really have anyone and realizing it once more, a grin of sadness appeared on his face, "I don't have anyone to, though." he said and let out a bittersweet laugh.

Listening to the boy's questions about the reasons he became a mage, Aurelion stopped walking and closed his eyes, moments later he continued. "Becoming a mage was my choice, though magic runs in the family, I got mine from my mother's side." he said as he looked at Pyre, explaining that his father was working as a mage handling quests himself, but he didn't have his father's talent and neither wanted it. "What I was interested in were the stars that my mother used to show me at night, she taught me things about them, how to navigate by looking at them and even tried to teach me how to foresee the future, though that required partial mastery of the magic." Aurelion said. "However, I didn't really know what she was capable of until my father got murdered by a dark guild." he continued, explaining how vivid was his memory of that night when the guild tried to avenge their fallens by also assasinating him and his mother, and how she brought down the stars, turning them to ash. Aurelion hurt with each word as his memories were flowing back and tears started to form on his face, fast forwarding to three years later when the dark guild had gained some more members and tried to kill them once more, that's when he saw his mother fall down injured by a dark spell and decided to give her final breath, forming it into a spell that forced down the power of the sun and moon together. "That's why I decided to follow the path of the mage, I wanted to become strong to protect those that mattered to me...but look at me now I can't even keep myself from crying." he said looking at Pyre as tears were running down his cheek and trying to force a smile. With all the talking on the road they had finally arrived outside of Aurelion's apartment.

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Aurelion's story on why he had become a mage was touching. Pyre could relate to it in a sort of twisted branch. "My own mother was murdered as well, there was nothing I could do, I had been young." He said. Which was true, the night her heart was ripped out, Pyre vowed to learn the lineage magic of his family and remove the hearts of the Baurai family one by one. He clenched his hands slightly, releasing some of his anger. "Though in the aftermath, I started striving to my current goal, put things right." He added, "I never learned the strength of my mother. We were only able to support our lifestyle if we both worked. She went on quests throughout the town and I would run a little cart in the town's market." He remembered those days the best. Selling the little trinkets his mother collected. A small smile slid on to his face, he missed those days, and he would like to run a cart some time in the future.

Realizing they had been walking for awhile now he asked Aurelion where they were, he hadn't been orchidia that much, and he hadn't gotten accustom to it yet. "So what are we going to cook?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood.

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Aurelion was saddened while hearing of Pyre's loss, apparently they weren't that different. He also had to live with his mother and try hard for their daily needs like Aurelion, and what's more his mother was also murdered and that's what made him want to get even stronger. Even though Aurelion started like that, in the process he had to slightly sidetrack from it, he wanted to get stronger but he needed money more than strength in the first place. "A cart huh, I used to work in a bakery back when my mother was still alive, that's how I got into cooking." Aurelion said and was reminded of the days his mother would come back from work and was delighted to see that her son had prepared dinner, each and every night she thanked him and never took that action for granted.

As the two boys were walking, Aurelion turned his head to look at Pyre as he wondered about what they're going to cook. "It's a surprise, it's something I used to make before but suddenly the price of the ingredients rose, which is why thanks to you I'll be able to cook it again!" Aurelion said with a big smile on his face and winked at Pyre letting him know that it's going to be delicious.

As they arrived at his apartment, Aurelion opened the door and gestured Pyre to get inside, switching on the light he showed him the way to the kitchen and told him to leave the bags on the counter. After closing the door he followed him in as well leaving his bag on the table and started taking out all the groceries dividing them into those that will be used for dinner and those for later use, prompting Pyre to help him get the latter in the fridge.

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