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The First and Second Angels

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The First and Second Angels Empty Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:59 pm

Requiem stalked down the streets of Oak. Fury burned at her as she tried to think about anything but the recent battle. Of course, the harder one tries to not think of something, the more often their thoughts turn that way. She didn't want to brood, it had been drilled into her that brooding often led to mistakes and in attentiveness that typically got an assassin killed.

Phantom Lord, those bastards. We had them dead to rights.
Who the he'll was that bastards that interfered? I don't remember anything about him in any of the files. Then again, we don't really know who the leader of PL is either. It's all rumor and hearsay. Still,
I didn't expect him to surrender unless it was to make us drop our guard.

She tried to focus on her surroundings while basically having a temper tantrum in her head. It wasn't the first time this happened nor would it be the last. She hadn't realized the street she was on had been deserted, nor noticed that she had backstepped and avoided a knife that had been thrown, "So, you're the traitor." Requiem broke into a cold sweat as she stared into the eyes of the girl that had stepped in front of her, "No....NO! This can't be!" She jumped back for extra distance and took up her stance, "How many of us are there?"
The girl copied Requiem. It was then the Rune Knight noticed details. The girl had blue hair and orange eyes. She also had the look of someone who had given up and was just trying to get by, "For years I and our sisters suffered because you ran away. Echidna will awaken and those foolish cults, Illumin and Zeref, will fall and be exposed for the lies that they are."

Requiem threw a spell that exploded. The other girl simply jumped through and attacked, slashing at her face, "Who are you?"
"I am the bearer of Lucifer''s Magic, Luna. And you Requiem, are going to fall and I will cut the lacrima from your body."
Requiem and Luna crossed bladez, each trying to gain an advantage over the other. It quickly became clear that Lucifer Magic was supportive in nature as Luna had multiple chances to end the fight with a spell but failed to do so. Either that or there was a price to using it like Azrael's Magic.

Requiem cast a couple spells to support, but she didn't use either of her offensive spells since she couldn't afford the distraction. Neither girl could gain an advantage until Requiem stepped into the shadow and used it to boost her speed and get behind Luna. Right as she struck a killing blow, there was a flash and Requiem was blinded. When her vision returned, she was alone, "I...I need to report this...."


(Somewhere else not Requiem)

"I had her."
"You almost died."
"You need more practice."
"But how long until we are ready?"
"Soon enough but not too soon."

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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