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Golden Scissor [Quest][Kurdran]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Golden Scissor [Quest][Kurdran] Empty Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:15 pm

Kurdran Briggs
What was Kurdran doing here? He had to wonder that himself, as he was now shouting loudly at some guy in front of a weirdly small stand, for how popular it was. "I was here first, ye know!" "Yeah, right! I slept here for hours to get this thing. You just sort of sat there looking like a literal country pumpkin!" "Well, atleast this country pumpkin has a reason to have these dang scissors!" "Oh, lemme guess! Your stump of a mother wanted to finally get your dang bush cut off?" "Oh... You know what this stump has that you don`t!?"

...Yeah, perhaps sending Kurdran to do shopping was not the smartest idea. However, it was for a reason kind of weird for Kurdran to agree with, which made him very adamant on sticking to it. Apparently the guy wanted some person to commercialize him over in orchideas festival because of him himself being a bit busy at the time. He had told Kurdran, that his "swinging stature" and "Eyecatching demeanors" were the perfect things to catch his kind of attention in the big leagues... Whatever that meant.

...Yeah, the guy was either the kind of guy that weird gal from Oak had been to other gals, but hey. It was literally gonna be him getting paid for literally nothing, and apparently getting a free set of clothes to replace his... what was the word he used for his pants? "Comfortably trembly?" ...Kurdran couldn`t help but shudder at the thought...

For now though, he was too busy punching a jerkish buyer in the face for being snarky about his heritage. Also, Kurdran really felt like the guy would look way better with a black eye.

However, the shopkeeper Seemingly didn`t agree with this too much, lifting his arms up in the air. "Look here, I do not want to do business with people who don`t understand the true worth of an item like this! I mean, they are the best scissors in the market, so... What are you going to use them for?"

"Uuh... gonna sell them forward to some proper buyers and get a profit? Maybe give you some good relations?" "Okay, what about you, dwarf?" Kurdran shrugged and tapped on his belly. "Gonna take em to an actual craftsman to create some proper clothes. I would say that`s proper enough right?" For a small moment, both the shopkeep and the rival buyer looked him up and down, the latter letting out a chuckle. Kurdran answered it with a very pronounced lazy eye. After all, Kurdrans only real piece of clothing was his big and somewhat silly pants.

"Well, I`ve come to a decision. You got the money, dwarf?" Kurdran smiled widely, clearly in an insultive fashion at the surprised other buyer. "Of course. The guy I come from is way richer than I am, hehe!" He laughed, and slapped his belly, sinking his fingers into his pants, and pulling out a decently sized stack of jewels. "Well, thats the deal of the day then. Better luck next time!" And with that, the dwarf walked away with his prize, leaving behind a frustrated customer.

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#2Kurdran Briggs 

Golden Scissor [Quest][Kurdran] Empty Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:09 pm

Kurdran Briggs
"Come in, come in, the door is open!~" Kurdran pushed the door open a bit violently, as it banged against the wall on the other side. "Here ya go! A pair of super fancy nail clippers for whatever yer making!" He placed the scissors on the table (way gentler than he had slammed the door atleast) As he proceeded to sit down in a nearby chair. "So, whens it gonna be..." Suddenly the guy jumped into the room, as his index fingers went onto his lips with a loud "Ssssssssh!". Then, a weird strap went around Kurdrans neck, as it gently tightened.

"Grah!" As quickly as it went, the strap was off, as with ballet like steps the guy span out of the room with the golden scissors in hand. "...Why do I always go to the weirdos..." its like he was pulled into people who wanted to try things on him, or wanted to see if he would die accidentally from over exposure or chemicals or something like that. Had these people really not seen a normal dwarf before? Nah, othervise this guy propably wouldn`t have been so psyched about seeing one... Bah! wasnt he supposed to find out about black market through this guy, or something?

...Wait a minute, he had just met a guy with way fancier stuff than normal... He could have just asked him about it... Kurdran threw his head back in annoyance, with the mohawk flying backwards. Why didn`t he ever notice things when they mattered? He groaned...

Guess it made a good story to tell back home again... thats all that the things he had done seemed to amount to lately. It was honestly starting to get frustrating...

"It is done! My masterpiece for you, my dear model!" There he ran in again, the mad man, this time with some kind of coathanger with what looked like only a shirt. Kurdrans eyes widened.

Dwarfs first kimono:
Golden Scissor [Quest][Kurdran] Imgrc0067603781

"...What the heck is that? Doesn`t look like it can handle even passing wind!" "oooh, But that is just the trick my friend! It is LOOSE, and RELAXED!" Kurdran tilted his head... "It`s supposed to look flimsy?" "Oh no... It will accentuate your bodys greatest part! Try it on!"

The man, was awfully forceful about getting the kimono on the annoyed dwarf, as he finally forced the delinquent in front of a mirror with it... His regular pants were baggy under it, as Kurdran stood there staring at this tent of a thing in front of him... "You look magnificent! Epitome of manly!" Kurdran, curled his lips, "That`s what you say, but I can`t even see my tattoos..."

"And that is the final step!" The man pulled the chest of the shirt wide, as it pulled down, hanging like a mix of a belt and cape... showing Kurdrans upper body in all its simple and weighty glory. He flexed...

And smiled wide. "Man, I look like a legend alright."

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