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Fantastic Fabrics [quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Fantastic Fabrics [quest] Empty Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:20 am

Kurdran Briggs
Man, it was so quiet Kurdran could shout and make it echo around town. It was such a big change from before, with all the soldiers marching about and making a racket. Now he could just lay around doing nothing instead of whining about losing sleep to those band members... But he couldn`t help but feel like he didn`t want to sleep. There was this energy inside of him that wanted to do something. Perhaps it was his dwarven body trying to turn his disappointment of not finding his caravan into an actual power source? That or he needed to get some breakfast, and his stomach was grumbling about it. Whatever it was...

It was work time again!

Part of the fun of being in a new city is seeing what kind of things you could do in it! Oak was usually the high point of the caravans round trips, while Baska was more of a stocking station, being in the countryside and what not. Due to this, Kurdran had never actually looked closer to it. This was the perfect time for him to find a local bar and start shouting at somebody about it! Maybe there would be some funky quest to beat a person up for being a complete idiot!

...But no. It was the same old same old thing from oak. Lots of "fetch quests". Cows being sick... shepherd dogs not having done their jobs... bleh. People just really couldn`t trust someone big and stocky, now could they!? He brushed up and down his mohawk in annoyance.

However, then he realized something. Market things? If the items that had been taken away by using him were somewhere, they would need to be in one of those "black markets"... whatever they were anyway. Only way to know where those things were, was to talk with the sellers of that kind of goods! But...

He didn`t have any idea what the sellers for "that kind of goods" looked like... Guess for now, the only thing he could do, was once again take a quest and go with whatever they did. Only thing he could hope for was that these guys didn`t wanna stuff him full of medications, or be jerks about it. This time, he would not take that stuff sitting down just cause the cash was on the line!

Apparently, the idea of this newest quest he joined was to find some fabrics for this very colourful dude... and upon meeting the guy, his ears started ringing. "OOOOOOOH MY! You are so Adowable! Such style, such grace and such jiggle!" The guy bounced around him like an ecstatic rabbit, seemingly taking measurements. "Oh, and those pantaloons! They are dwarven style too, non!?" He outright proceeded to pull on Kurdrans pants strongly, as they stretched backwards and slapped him on the buttocks. "Hey!" "Oh, sorry! Dwarves are just really rare to see so... dwarven fashion is, quite, delectable!" This was gonna be a fun one clearly... Sarcasm heavily implied.

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#2Kurdran Briggs 

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Kurdran Briggs
During the BRIEF explanation of what he had come into this weird fellows store for, the guy continued shuffling about him, comparing all sorts of little pieces of cloth to his tattoos and hair color... Kurdran didn`t know whether to feel proud about someone being this into just his overall shape... Or creeped out and frustrated about the guy having a field day with it. "Okay, just tell me what I am doing so I can be on my way, or I will sock ye on yer long nose!" The flamboyant guy jumped a bit back, as he awkwardly blushed.

"Oh! Don`t you worry, I have come to my conclusion already!" He went over to the shelves, and picked up different shades of blue and white. "Simply put, I want you, my dear friend, to go out to the shops, and bring me these colors... However, I want them to be fancy fabrics! Not some Un-magnifique pieces of scraps! I assume a dwarf like yourself knows proper value of gold?" Kurdrans head tilted to its side. He wasn`t sure if the guy was being racist or praising him for being natural for the job. "What if I do?" "Well, that is the thing! You buy what you think looks fancy and kind of like these colors, and I will handle the rest. However, make sure you don`t get them dirty! They need to look good and clean to be of use after all!" He cut little pieces of the cloth, and gave them to him. "Now, off ye go!" He pushed him outside gently from the behind... leaving the confuddled dwarf confused. "Bloody heck, people into fashion are weirdos..." Though he couldn`t be too bad. He seemingly understood what his legendary looks were about! He couldn`t help but laugh, as he walked towards the market.

There, like he was recommended to do, he collected whatever looked great to his tastes. Some of the stuff he gathered smelled an awful lot like home too... Albeit the storekeepers weren`t exactly happy about a hairy guy like him, going around touching clothes so casually. Occasionally they outright tried to get him to leave the stalls until he showed all the gold the man back at the store had provided him. Heck, it made Kurdran feel almost like a celebrity. Was this what it felt like to be a legend? Maybe a legendary banker atleast.

As he returned to the store, the storekeep happily grabbed the stuff he brought, placing the pile on the table, and proceeding to hug the dwarf almost painfully. "Oh, you are such a great worker! This stuff has that perfect countryside feel to it!" "Okay, okay! Lay off of me!" He dropped the dwarf. "Oh, of course! I don`t want to bully the prime model material!"

Kurdran stopped for a moment, as he proceeded to blink all sorts of surprised. "M-Model?" The store keeper just laughed. "Oh, don`t you worry your fussy and fancy head about it. I will tell you everything, if you are interested!" He leaned towards Kurdran.

"Have you heard of the flower festival in orchidia?"

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