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Magnolia to Oak [Foottravel]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Magnolia to Oak [Foottravel] Empty Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:37 pm

Sorcha Donovan
It had been a while that she had actually left a town behind but Sorcha was determined to find answers and those answers wouldn’t be found in Magnolia, that much was clear. The auburn haired elf was trying to find someone that would know more about her siblings and parents but the one lead she had in Magnolia had been arrested and didn’t seem to know anything about elves and the Rune Knights here neither. Now she had some interesting adventures but also things that she had to consider. She had become weak, her father would laugh at her if he was here and perhaps that was a sound she hated the most, after the sound of him teaching her brothers but not her. She took a deep breath and decided to indeed leave. Where would be another lead, she wanted to go to Orchidia, but she had no time to spare on simply looking around at towns where nature had taken over. She needed to find her family and not disappoint her uncle.

The elf packed her little bit of belongings and jewels and headed downstairs in the inn where she stayed. She walked into the little part of the building that was the restaurant to get some breakfast and perhaps order a bit more for lunch for the long journey. She had planned to go to Oak, perhaps not the smartest decision she made as she realized how weak she was but since it was the town of Phantom lord, perhaps she could find some people that were trafficking in living beings. Now she seemed to think the worst of human beings but perhaps that was Sorcha anyway. She ordered a small salad and some wraps for lunch and asked them to be packed securely. Once she finished her breakfast it was time to leave.

She had a long way to go, to the other side of Fiore and yet she was perhaps a bit afraid, with no weapons and a blocked version of her magic, it wouldn’t be easy if she indeed find a trace of anything. Either her parents or her brothers, which made her believe that some might not have survived and it was a bad way to think like that, so she shook her face, making her long hair dance but she simply started her long journey, with one foot in front of the other. She shouldn’t start off too quickly as she had just finished her food and it gave her some extra time to worry about what to do once she arrived there. She would have to be brave and ask people but she didn’t know who to ask or where to start, she would have to show force and power, something she didn’t feel like she really possessed. She had not trained much after her father had disappeared and perhaps it was time to sit and think about that, what she should do and what she could do. She had wanted to protect her family, but she had never done that, so what kind of person did it make her?

As she had passed many cities, she finally reached the path to her destination, close to Oak she only was worried about herself a little more but it wouldn’t help to cower and walk away again as she wanted answers. So Sorcha heaved her head and walked on, into the town of Oak to find new answers and new adventures.

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Magnolia to Oak [Foottravel] WpMV1nH

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