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Golden Scissors (Solo)

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

Golden Scissors (Solo) Empty Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:37 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia
The day was longer than she was liking, the sun rising to meet her directly in the eyes as she laid on the roof. Kanya was a simple girl who really wasn’t all that pleased when it came to the jobs she was forced to take. Laying on the roof as her eyes was closed and her hands being placed behind her head. She was relaxing for once, it already been a long night and the day wasn’t no better. Her lips moving slightly as a whistle left her from between her lips. Her left leg crossed over her right, she had another long day today, sadly she got summoned by that same guy again. Fernando was his name, that one lazy guy who wanted to become some type of fashion designer. Though Fashion was never her cup of tea when it came down to it. Her foot moving slightly with the melody that was going through her head as she really didn’t want to get up even from this position. She was to relaxed but deep down knowing she needed the extra money regardless of her situation at the time. Her eyes would open as she looked up towards the blue sky, the sound of the people moving about below could be heard.

“You should probably get a move on Kanya, especially since that guy from before wants your assistance” the voice echoed through the woman head. Kanya body rising up till she was in a seated position and her knee being bent. Her arm resting on top of her knee as her other leg was stretched out.”Yeah, the faster i get through this the better” Kanya would get up until she was standing. Her hand dusting off her body as she slightly bend her knee. With a sudden release she leaped from the roof launching herself into the air. This allowing her to land on her feet bracing the impact by bending at the knees. By her bending at the knees it stopped the shock from traveling through her body. Even if her action caught sight of people who were in the town square. She was never a fan of the whole big town scenario, she actually missed DAhlia and it’s empty streets at this point. As she placed her right hand on her waist, as her left hand would pull out the note she was given yesterday for today's events. This paper still had the address of the place she was suppose to be going. She really did have a lousy sense of direction when it came down to it.

Kanya, a woman of great skill who is unrivaled not only by her skills, but her looks as well. Kanya can be best described as the epitome of beauty, standing out amongst any woman in a crowd. Starting with her facial features, Kanya has a soft, feminine face which has yet to be disfigured or contorted by her countless fights and spars.Her eyes are a menacing, yet focused shade of red and her hair which is black falls to her back while her bangs fall to her face just above her eyebrows.


#2Kanya Vi Britannia 

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Kanya Vi Britannia
Moving onto her clothing, she wears a black vest with no sleeves and is always seen zipped up, covering her tall yet slender 5'7 body. Occasionally seen on her is a white jacket with navy blue cuffs which usually sits tied over her upper body, sort of how a cloak or cape is worn on others. Moving to her lower portions or her legs, she wears a white blue striped skirt which stops way above her knees which is complimented by knee high socks and black shoes. Kanya begun to make her way towards the shop, as the faster she got this over with the better. She felt she needed to make sure she improved herself more when it came down to it. Though she rather she had a quest where she would be actually moving her body.

As Kanya would reach the shopping area, it was still early even as she stood there in the midst of it all. Her eyes looking from one side to the other, she really wasn’t here alone. As there was quite a few people here already to meet the traveling merchant. She rolled her eyes, she could of just steal them and then take the money but of course she couldn’t just do that with all these people around. It seemed each one of them eyeing her up and down keeping her in there sights. This was quite annoying seeing as she could just, the sun rising as it should as the impending war would begin shortly all she had to do was get the best offer, or rather the first which shouldn’t be a problem with how overweight most of the shopkeepers were. Even her mind was racing on the many ways she could do this without killing anyone in the process. She closed her eyes as if she was trying to focus, she needed to remain calm even with the many people in her location.

The sounds of horses galloping could be heard, that was it the signal she was waiting for  as her body moved before even the others could react. This was the best part about being a mage or somewhat a magical being. As she would reach the carriage in a moment haste, the door would open and she would pull out a bag of jewels she was given.”For the Golden Scissors…” she spoke softly as she only wanted to get this mission done, The merchant accepted the offer mean who wouldn’t with the amount of jewels that was offered up front and was the first offer. Taking hold of the scissors she would head back towards Fernando who was waiting patiently. As she arrived she would give him his scissors and take the jewels she was promised, its sad just how boring jobs could be for a simple set of damn jewels. As she would listen to the man jump around like a crackhead, she couldn’t do anything but shake her head. She was somewhat annoyed with all these stupid quest to help people like this, it honestly made her sick to her stomach. But she gave the man a single smile before she headed towards the door where she would leave this man behind for good hopefully.

As she left the shop a hand would reach up as a yawn would release, she was already hungry. Now she was getting sleepy she had to get her rations to travel soon….she couldn’t take this trip into wonderland anymore.


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