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Fantastic Fabrics(Solo)

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

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Kanya Vi Britannia
Kanya, a woman of great skill who is unrivaled not only by her skills, but her looks as well. Kanya can be best described as the epitome of beauty, standing out amongst any woman in a crowd. Starting with her facial features, Kanya has a soft, feminine face which has yet to be disfigured or contorted by her countless fights and spars.Her eyes are a menacing, yet focused shade of red and her hair which is black falls to her back while her bangs fall to her face just above her eyebrows. Moving onto her clothing, she wears a black vest with no sleeves and is always seen zipped up, covering her tall yet slender 5'7 body. Occasionally seen on her is a white jacket with navy blue cuffs which usually sits tied over her upper body, sort of how a cloak or cape is worn on others. Moving to her lower portions or her legs, she wears a white blue striped skirt which stops way above her knees which is complimented by knee high socks and black shoes. This was the appearance of the woman who was walking the streets of Baska,she was new to these parts so half the time she didn’t know exactly where she was going.

As Kanya was making her way through the street, her arms was over her chest as she made her way towards the local quest board of the town. She normally didn’t even look at this shit so it was something she felt bad about, she kinda missed doing jobs for the creepy people she helped corrupt the town they were in. As she would come to a stop standing in front of the board, her body bending at the waist as her dark scarlet eyes examined the board. As her eyes scanned through the different type of jobs, she was already getting bored from just looking at the jobs as she needed something to keep her moving at the very least. It was then at the corner of her eye she saw a pink slip, which she would reach for with her left hand plucking the pink shaded quest from the board as she gave it a quick read over. Kanya had a terrible fashion sense so even she knew this quest could be done, well she wasn’t really into fashion i mean look what she was wearing now that was nothing compared to what she remembered other people wearing.

“This is a weird quest Kanya, this seem too simple especially for someone to request, It seem that person is just lazy at the end of the day” the voice echoed from her mind. “Doesn’t really matter either way as long as we can get jewels for doing this, i just want this shit done with” Kanya was obviously annoyed by how things were going. As her body would turn, she would follow the directions that was described on the quest on where the shop that belonged to her client was.


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Kanya Vi Britannia
She still couldn’t believe she was doing a mission like this, especially with all the killing she did in Dahlia where she showed no mercy in killing even kids. It did take her long to reach the entrance of the shop, her hand reaches for the handle as she would push it open. This allowing her to walk into the fabric shop which brought her face to face with the owner. Kanya raising her left hand with the quest in it to let the man know at least she was here to take on his quest and do what he wanted her to do. The expression of the man showed he was excited about someone actually taking his quest. “Even if it’s just because you were being a lazy ass” the voice echoed in Kanya’s head.

Fernando would suddenly take Kanya on a tour of the shop, explaining to her the different type of fabrics he had. This was for him to explain to her the kind of fabric he was looking for. He been looking for it for so long, she could simply tell by the tone of the man voice this was something he really wanted. Kanya would simply nod her head as she followed the man. Even her hand was reaching over to touch the fabrics to see how they felt, this still didn’t make her go crazy for the whole fashion scene. As they would reach the counter in the back, that was when the man would hand her a bag of jewels to find and purchase the fabric. She could only sigh softly as she could just take this for herself and be on her way. But somewhere deep down in that deep dark of her’s she wanted to help the man well at least for now. As she would grip the bag of jewels in her hand and head towards the door as she needed to head down to the shopping district of Baska.

“I don’t see the joy in shopping at all, you humans seem so happy when shopping is involved” the voice echoed once more. Even Kanya felt the pain of shopping as she always hated crowded places especially in the towns she be in to visit. As they would reach the shopping district where local stores and the flea market resided. She started her quest at this point. Remembering all the fabric which was needed, going to different shops to purchase a set amount of fabric. She continued this which seemed to take most of the day to do at the very least. She had up to ten bags on her person at this point. All the jewels she was given was spent on nothing but fabric. After that torturous shopping she headed back to Fernando to give him all ten bags filled of fabric. As she opened the shop door and dropped the bags, Fernando was there with her payment. As she took it she would leave, she really how lazy he was and now she needed a cookie for all of her effort.


Fantastic Fabrics(Solo) 2hokcit

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