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Fetch me this and that [Quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Fetch me this and that [Quest] Empty on Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:51 am

Kurdran Briggs
Another day, another fetch quest. Our round dwarf had been through a lot of those lately. And it was really starting to grind his gears too. All those stories of grandeur, and even a taunt to the big guys at home, and he is still here just licking his chops, doing things that aren`t epic in even the smallest fashions. Heck, even his nights at the bar ended up being more interesting than what he did out here. Occasionally he had a bright moment in the day when Jerr would join up to do things with him, but other than that, he always ended up just making a fool of himself. He wanted to fight something properly! Beat them into the ground and smash them! But no, once again, it was a mundane day of going to pick up pieces of sticks and rocks.

However, today ended up being a rather special day. Not because it was him visiting a market, that he did whenever he wanted to grab a snack. But instead he saw a familiar form in the crowd... a stubby figure, a long grey horse tail behind her head, a toned body trained to almost perfection, and a glorious necklace glimmering in the sunlight. "...Sylvia?" Kurdran was stunned at the sight... the pride of his tribe here? in the middle of oaks markets? He had been listening to her stories about her own adventurers since he was a wee boy! Admittedly, he was relatively young by dwarven standards, but as years went by, she had not aged a bit...

And before his mind even registered it, he was running towards her with his arms held high. "Sylvia! It`s me! Kurdran!" There was clear shock in her face, as this bodily clearly heavier dwarf charged at her... however, instead of falling over from sudden extra weight around her waist, she swung him around with ease, almost smacking some poor bystanders with the round fellows fat posture. "Oh! Kurdie! You are alive!?" Kurdran commenced laughing at the question, as Sylvia joined in, grabbing a few awkward gazes from other people.

After moving to a bit less awkward spot, it was time for proper discussion. "Heh, I should have known you didn`t leave too far from the nest." Kurdran shrugged. "Well, you know... Big city, big possibilities, big rumours..." "It was the only place you knew for sure where it was wasn`t it?" Kurdrans blushing face was enough of an answer to her, as she chuckled. "W-Well...! I gotta start my legacy somewhere! And whats better place than this!?"

"I dunno. Has there been a lot happening here?" There was this small glimmer in Kurdrans eyes. A person he saw as someone legendary wanted to know what he had been doing! He could squee if it wasn`t so unmanly and unlike his looks! "Oh believe me, there is a ton! Just sit back and enjoy the stories of..." He moved his hand in front of his face like unveiling something legendary. "Kurdran the bold!" Sylvia couldn`t help but blurt out laughing. "Wow, what a name you`ve chosen for yourself!" "Look! It`s still in planning phase, okay!"

For a moment, Kurdran put on a small explanation of what he had seen, and what he had done. Sylvias answer for a most part was this gentle, almost motherly laughter. She didn`t seem too impressed about most of the things he had actually done (perhaps she realized some of them were "fancied up"), but didn`t want to crush his spirit, since he seemed so proud. However, the facts that he had seen an army march on a guilds headquarters, and met an apparent demonlord AND a dragon had her mouth agape. "Demonlord!? Are ye certain? Ye must be bullying me!" "Nope, I went and talked the dang succubus down from bullying me! And her little brattish form was such a scrub, you should have seen her!" For once, there was the kind of genuine feeling to his words, that it was hard to rebuke em. "Well uh... thats certainly epic, thats for sure..." What the heck was up with this city?

However, as Kurdrans stories came to a close, he asked a question himself: "So uh... leader still mad about the treasures?" "Of course." There wasnt even a break in between the sentences. "Though its clear people are wondering about you. Your parents especially are wondering if you are even alive." "Pfeh. They underestimate me! Their boys got way more guts then some old guy with a stick!" Sylvia seemingly sighed.

"I don`t really think you get it do you?" Kurdran shrugged. "What I can say about getting kicked out is that it has taught me quite a few things..." he scratched his stomach casually, as Sylvia stood up. "Hey, as long as you are fine with that, you are on your way to become a proper adventurer... Though I want you to know... They miss you greatly. They want you back home." Kurdran mood visibly deflated, as he tried to process what was being said to him.

"Well anyways... Time for me to go. Gotta get these tools there. One of the oxen broke a tire because a kid painted it the wrong color." With a slight wave of hands, the two dwarves separated, leaving the hairier one sitting down with stuff in his hands...

They actually missed him? The boss most definitely didn`t but... the others? he just was not sure at all... His hands scratched through his hair, as he himself stood up, and started walking in the direction of where he was supposed to return these items... but for some reason, he was not as whiny about it as before. For the first time in a while, he felt homesick...

Atleast, until he would find out about what his client had to say about him being successful in her task. After that, he was again furious.

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