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Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng]

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#1Jiao-Long Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:19 pm

Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long and his brother had only recently reunited after a long period of separation. Leaving home and his family behind was something that Jiao-long felt that he had to do but this didnt mean that he did not miss a few select members of the family which he abandoned. There were many questions still left unanswered about the circumstance of their reunion, and there were a few sneaking suspicions that Jiao-long still harbored about the way in which his brother was able to find him. That being said, he was happy deep down to see his brother again. And he could think of no better way to catch up than what he was used to: working hard.

He had arranged to meet his brother outside of a shop which had recently put out a request for help. Apparently there was a small child terrorizing the general area. The thought of a small child causing so much damage made Jiao-long laugh on the inside, but money was money. No matter how menial the task might seem he was ready to put everything he had towards completing it. Jiao-long sat cross legged on the ground outside of the shop, waiting for his brother Jian to show up so that they could begin the task at hand.


#2Jian Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:06 pm

Jian Feng
The previous day had been a very eventful one indeed, more so than Jian had envisioned it would be. He'd been able to reestablish contact with his once estranged brother, and they'd been able to actually converse almost amicably with one another. Of course, there had been some tension within the first few moments but Jian felt things were beginning to even out now. This feeling was backed up by the fact that Jiao had invited Jian to continue working a few other requests with him.

Sure, there were plenty of other ways that Jian could have imagined to catch up with family, but given that he wanted to try his best to reestablish the brotherly relationship that they once had, he decided not to complain too much. After all, Jiao appeared to have almost entirely become a new person, and maybe this was something that he regularly did not only for monetary gain, but something he found enjoyable. Complaining about it would have only been seen as disrespectful, if this were the case.

While thinking about this, Jian had already begun to make his way towards their determined meeting place in front of a nearby shop. As expected, Jiao was already present. He was seated in a cross-legged manner. Jian could only assume that Jiao had been here for quite a while.


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#3Jiao-Long Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:57 pm

Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long's ears began to briefly hear the faint sound of light footsteps on the ground. At last his brother had shown up to the spot which they had arranged to meet at. He wasn't sure if he had shown up early, or if his brother had shown up late, but either way he had been sat outside of the shop for quite a while. He was just beginning to get lost in his train of thought before he saw his twin walking towards him with quite a brisk pace. He waited until Jian was within speaking distance before dusting himself off and standing up.

The first meeting of the two brothers had been a little bit awkward. The best way that Jiao-long knew to get things back to normal was simple. Act like things are normal. The rest will come in time. Growing up, Jian and Jiao-long had done almost everything together, so it felt right that they would get a job done together. Just like old times. Jiao-long looked around to make sure any passersby wouldnt be privy to him speaking the tongue of his homeland, after all he still harbored suspicion that his father was trying to bring him back home.

"I assume you know the task that we have to complete today. Should be a piece of cake right?"


#4Jian Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:16 am

Jian Feng
"I'm aware of the task, and it sounds simple enough. Though, I'm not sure if I agree with it..."

Despite the fact that Jian didn't want to question the idea of taking on requests as a way to catch up with his older brother, he did have to question the current task at hand. He was quite aware of the fact that stealing was wrong, and it wasn't the norm for him to sympathize with thieves. However, he also had a soft-spot when it came to children, and the perpetrator of these crimes happened to be a child. Though there were many things that were different here than they were in Sin, poverty and it's impact on people was something that seemed to remain a constant everywhere. Children were the hardest hit when it came to this, and seeing children steal in order to survive was something Jian had grown accustomed to seeing. It was easy to sit on his high horse and wag his finger at a child, telling them how wrong it was to do what they were doing...but it also felt no different than telling that same child that they had no right to fight for survival.

Irregardless of his feelings on the matter, Jian was willing to participate in the endeavor. He wasn't exactly sure how his brother felt on a moral level when it came to this request, but given the new manner in which he lived his life, he could only assume that picking on a child was something he looked forward to. A job was a job, at the end of the day. Hopefully, Jian could try and turn this situation into a positive for the child.


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#5Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long couldnt help but audibly laugh at his brother's moral thoughts on the task at hand. It was very indicative of the different lives they had lead since Jiao-long had decided to abandon his life of great privilege. On one hand he could totally understand why his brother would be reluctant to discipline a child for stealing, when the likely scenario was that he was only trying to survive. On the other hand, Jiao-long was aware of the fact that this world is dog eat dog, even more so after coming from a country with a higher rate of poverty. It was tough to accept, but whatever the whatever happened in the world was the will of the spirits, and there is nobody who may question that.

Judging by the apprehensive response of Jian, Jiao-long knew he would actually have to be the one to discipline the young orphan. It was nasty business, and he would take no pleasure or enjoyment out of the act, but it needed to be done. That being said, the information provided by the shopkeeper who gave out the assignment specifically mention the orphan being extremely fleet footed for someone of his size and age. Jiao-long doubted the task would be easy as it seemed on the surface, they would need to approach this tactically.

"I understand your feelings, dont worry, I'll take care of it. That being said we need a plan of action to catch this kid. Do you have any ideas?"


#6Jian Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:22 pm

Jian Feng
Jian frowned slightly as he listened to the reply of his brother. It reminded him of the times before his brother had left the country of Sin. Jiao had always been the one that didn't seem to mind shouldering the burden of every situation, making it easier for everyone else to deal with things. Jian hadn't meant to come off as if he were complaining, yet, it seemed he managed to do so; leaving Jiao with the thought that he'd need to pick up Jian's slack. That wasn't what Jian had intended by his words, but he could understand why Jiao could come to this conclusion. Things had been this way even when they were younger. Both Jiao and Jian agreed on most things, however, when it came to actually standing up and doubling down on those beliefs, Jiao was always the one that act. Though Jian was no coward, he still always felt jealous of the strength of character that Jiao held - able to act when most wouldn't.

Jian had worked hard all these years to become the same sort of person, and he couldn't allow his brother to think that he simply hadn't changed after all these years. No, Jian was willing to make the hard decisions when they counted, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to show this.

"I have certain spells that specialize in capturing highly mobile targets. I doubt a child would classify as a target with the ability to evade them."

Jian spoke with a certain arrogance when mentioning his magic and his abilities, mostly because he did feel pride in the abilities he'd honed over the years, but also because he wanted his brother to know that he was no longer the child he once knew - he could handle himself now.


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#7Jiao-Long Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:13 pm

Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long noticed a slight change in the facial expression of his brother as he spoke. The light in his eyes began to dim ever so slightly and a small, but noticeable to one who was paying attention, frown began to form on his face. Jiao-long figured that Jian had taken his last statement the wrong kind of way. It had sort of been in his nature when they were growing up to assume the worst nuances of somebody's speech, especially when it came to his pride. Jiao-long knew this because he was guilty of the same thing. Younger child syndrome at it's finest.

It was good to hear though that Jian did possess the necessary tools to take down, so to speak, the child which they were both after. While Jiao-long did possess his own form of Earth Magic, his more simple life had lead to him being rather out of practice with the whole thing. He made a mental note to train his magic a little bit more in the future. It was a rather careless thing to do, especially being on the run. One could never be too safe, so it was always a good idea to have the right tools at ones disposal. Jiao-long spotted the target, a small child, right at the end of his chain of thought. He nudged his brother, pointing him out. He only needed Jian to restrain the child, Jiao-long would do the rest.


#8Jian Feng 

Scold The Brat [Quest: Jiao-long Feng & Jian Feng] Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:19 pm

Jian Feng
Not too long after Jian's response, he began to feel as though he'd let old emotions get the best of him. He'd spent a long time attempting to rid himself of such juvenile ways of thinking that he couldn't help but feel embarrassed about his little "outburst", however, it wasn't something that he was going to allow to show on his face. If anything, he'd have to double down on his words and show his older brother that he was indeed a capable individual now.

As luck would have it, he'd soon have his chance to do just that. Jian had noticed his brother slightly turn his head before nudging him, pointing out what appeared to be a small child not too far away from their position - about three or four meters, at the most. The child hadn't yet spotted the duo, and he appeared to be preoccupied with something else. If this was the child in question, then luck truly was on their side as they didn't have to do much at all to find their target.

Not wanting to give the child a chance to notice them or realize that he was being watched, Jian decided to promptly take action. Taking the "step" necessary in order to activate his ability, Jian would now make use of his "Netsumegusa" spell. The root would silently snake its way through the ground before quickly sprouting from underneath the child. The shock of seeing something of this nature spring up from beneath his position was enough to cause the child to hesitate instead of immediately running, adding to the spells ability to capture him as it ultimately did; tangling both of his legs up in roots.


Name: Netsumegusa (Claw-Root Herb)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Nature Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Nature
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Upon taking a step, a root is discreetly dispersed from the heel of Jian's foot/shoe and into the ground below him. The root burrows deep enough so that it isn't perceived by the target as it travels towards them via disturbing the ground above. The durability of the Claw-Root Herb is such that it can burrow through almost any type of earthen or rock-like material. As it travels, the thorned vine-like root splits into two, and once within range of the target, these two appendages surface from below the ground with the intent of binding the opponent - usually targeting the lower body independently from one another. Target needs strength equal to the level of the spell to escape.

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#9Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long watched as his brother swiftly got to work on the task at hand. Surprisingly it was very difficult to keep up with what was actually going on. One second Jiao-long was pointing out the location of the child which they were tasked with scolding, the next there were roots springing out of the ground, ensnaring the young boy swiftly. Jiao-long looked as the child seemed to be completely frozen in fear. They were told that the young boy was extraordinarily quick and agile for his size and age, however the shock of the roots suddenly appearing out of nowhere seemed to have gotten the better of him. His eyes grew wide and he didnt even attempt to struggle against the strong grasp of the roots.

Jiao-long took a few steps over to the boy, before squatting down so that his eyes were level with those of the young child. With his left hand he grabbed the young child's shirt around the neck area and moved his face within inches of the boy's. He spoke in the Fioran tongue.

"I have no quarrel with you, but someone else does. If I hear of anymore nonsense from you, it will be worse next time"

Discreetly, Jiao-long slipped a gold coin into the boy's pocket. Before smiling and whispering a few tips on pickpocketting into his ear.

"If you're going to do it, then dont get caught. Now get out of here"


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