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Eyes Wider Open [Odin]

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Again, for the third time in the same week, Odin was making his way towards the Mag Drug Magic Shop, owned by Khalash Saton: a rather frail old man who definitely acted like he had more authority than he could actually have. He'd shout at someone half his age and twice his build and expect them to do whatever he asked, simply because he was their 'elder'. He was a strange character, but his attempts at asserting dominance didn't work on Odin or, he expected, any other mage that had even a modicum of self respect. But, regardless of that, it was a valiant attempt on his part, futile as it may be.

Just like the previous time, Odin had received a letter, from the same poor delivery boy, who had to have been a nephew oh Khalash or something. This time, the boy at least knew what to expect, and even greeted Odin in a friendly enough manner, something that the Lich hadn't expected in the slightest. They had a brief talk about the previous time, with the delivery boy, who's name turned out to be Damian, getting a bit embarrassed about screaming at the sight of the Lich. Laughing about the entire thing, Odin told him not to worry, as it happened and it was just pleasant to talk to him now, which wasn't a lie. Damian had had the same reaction as the majority of people that met Odin for the first time: sudden fear, Odin couldn't blame him for that, but he was a better man because he moved past it now to actually have a decent conversation with him, despite his appearance.

Due to their conversation being pleasant with no real end in sight, as Damian ended up being an interesting enough character after all, Odin didn't realise how much time had passed, and neither had his new acquaintance. With Damian checking the time, they both simultaneously swore as they began making their way out of the inn, going their separate ways for today: Odin to the shop, Damian back to his home, where his parents would no doubt be wondering where he was. Odin had luckily convinced him not to go into too much detail as to who he had met, as they likely would send an angry mob on a witch hunt to find and kill Odin, which was more of a mild annoyance than a life threatening problem, but still worth avoiding. Once they parted ways, Odin made his way to the shop, wondering what it was the Khalash wished of him this time. Last time, the old man had simply wanted Odin to stand guard of his shop, and scare off a couple of rowdy ne'er-do-wells, which had been easy enough, with Odin only having to summon a single skeleton reaver, his most powerful summon, to intimidate them. How odd, that a three meter tall skeleton with a two meter tall sword was terrifying for a group of boys. The sword had, in fact, been bigger than them.



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Odin was in for disappointment, and he knew this the moment he entered the shop and locked eyes with Khalash, who called him out for being late. Nodding and ignoring the man's attempts at making Odin feel inferior, the Lich simply asked to know what it was that he'd be doing today, "I'm here now, let's just move on, what am I doing here?" Odin had entered the shop with hope that it would be something different from the previous time, literally anything that wasn't as dull as it had been last time, but he knew that he wasn't going to be so lucky. Khalash had the look of an impatient man about him, he had that look normally, but today it was the same look as he had held before: the look of an impatient man that has somewhere to be, and that's what worried the Lich.

"Yes yes, it's all quite simple really. I paid for this item, and it turns out that whoever sold it to me tried to cheat me, it's faulty and doesn't bloody work. The man who sold it to me, lovely bloke most of the time, is coming here to give me the refund and take the item back, but I need to be somewhere else and can't pick it up. Don't ask me where I'm going, all that matter is that I need you to be here to collect the refund, and make sure I get it all, and then to close up the shop afterwards. I know he's coming, but he only gave me a four hour window, which is why you arrived. Between then and now, watch the shop."

Without another word, Khalash left the shop, going to wherever it was that he disappeared to at these times and leaving Odin in charge once more, something that the Lich was anything but thrilled about. He had no idea when the seller was going to arrive, and he knew that, between then and now, he'd be lucky to sell one or two items. Not that the shop wasn't busy, but not many people felt comfortable purchasing from a dead man, quite literally in fact. One woman, a rude, posh lady needing a potion to make her look younger, even asked if there was someone else, someone 'normal' that she could speak to, to which Odin had to refrain from sending a bone spear straight through her skull and ending her life instantly.

After around two hours, the seller finally arrived, and made himself known to Odin. He had entered the shop looking life he was planning on fighting, bartering even, for a better price, but that had been because he was looking for Khalash. Upon realising that his business would be completed with Odin present, instead of the feeble old man, the seller's demeanor quickly changed, and he was more than happy to give Odin the full amount of the original price, constantly thanking the Lich and getting very scared the moment Odin made any sudden movement, or at any point expressed his displeasure at being where he was, or at the price of the item. Surely enough, Odin got the money he was owed, and activated the lacrima that Khalash had provided for him, which would inform the shop owner that the transaction had been completed. Odin followed the man's instructions for once, mostly as it was because Khalash told him to take his payment from the refund and close up shop. Odin was tempted, but he did not take any more money than that he was owed, having to maintain the person of being a 'nice guy'. Closing up the shop was easy enough, and the Lich left, having gained a decent amount of money for doing effectively nothing, once again.


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