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Return to Reality {Solo}

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Return to Reality {Solo} Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:27 pm

Lee Nakamura
Silently, the peace of the wilderness calmed the spirit of her mind. Birds chirped that were only white noise to her concentrated mind. Sounds so graceful that almost went unnoticed. It was a state of mind she had been in for a few months now after being sent here by her father. Her last letter was sent late last year or something. Nothing much had happened after that. She pulled a Hikaru.

Disappeared off the face of the earth. Hans's spirit went inactive the past few months. All she had been doing was thinking in solitude. So much stress, so much noise in that busy mind of hers. It was time she took some time off for herself. The healthy thing to do. Azeral fended for herself and stuck close to her companion.

An image flashed in her mind. One of happiness and laughter. Her mother and father then her laughing. Her father had one hand and her mother had the other swinging her about.

"One...two...three and up-si-daisy"

"Higher, daddy, higher"

The memory faded as she opened her eyes to tears falling down. Wiping them, her mixed matched eyes just stared at the grass. Springs was finally here. Getting up from the stump, she put on her jacket and shoes. Azeral was already ready to go. Silently, she walked without saying a word. No thoughts. No anxiety. Her mind was empty. Just empty.

The only thing that she was thinking was Hans. She had not seen him in several days. He must of been worried sick. They walked out of the forest as LeeAnn sniffled remembering that one memory. She missed her family. Close. Happy. Flawless. Perhaps, things were getting better. Maybe. Just maybe. In time. She hoped at least. After fifteen minutes of walking, she arrived at the hotel room that Hans would be located at. The same one her father rented for her. Afterall, she was daddy's little girl. The door creaked open making the lonesome kitsune perk up and hug his fiance. "Lee! I have been so worried. Where were you" he asked.

The redhead said nothing only a shrug as she lied on the bed looking at the cieling. Contimplating on what to do with her life. She as almost matching to her brother's ranking, a head of the family now, and Fire gurdian to the Nakamura family. What else could she want? She did not know. Spending weeks in the wilderness alone and not talking to anyone for days or even weeks. Even to Hans, she has not spoken a word. What happened?

Hans's kitsune ears drooped. "Are you mad at me" he asked. Lee shook her head. At least enough to give him an answer. She honestly had no answer. Lee had it all. But she had nothing at the same time. What does that mean?

Emptiness. Hans could only sigh. "Are you even going to talk" he spoke. LeeAnn stayed silent in her own world. He sighed. "Guess not" he spoke with his ears drooped.

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