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Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:49 pm

Leyaria Venerak
She wasn’t sure just what it was that the boy was asking of her. The entire concept seemed off, as though it were more a joke than anything else. However, the way in which he spoke, the confidence, or perhaps desperation that was being shown by the boy had her believing that it was hard to imagine it not being a serious gesture, one in which he genuinely was asking of her. Why though? That was a question that was keenly in her mind and thoughts as she listened to just what it was that this boy was asking. She was to participate in a contest of strength, a wrestling match, and for that matter, not even one that was of any actual value or talent. It was not like those of the circus that travelled throughout Fiore, the ones in which asked that whomever might have thought themselves strong to compete against whichever individual they might have had working for them at the given time. That was this boy was asking of her, to compete in a similar event like that of what she had heard stories about, and yet, this was one that was being done for the people of Magnolia. It was simply a game to them, an event to take away from the hardships that were admittedly facing the people. What was she to gain out of it? Very little if anything. However, if it meant that perhaps she would get a few extra jewels that could end up assisting her in reaching Oak Town, maybe it would have been worthwhile.

That she was engaging and agreeing to be involved in something like this, it was one that she could barely believe herself. The boy had proven to be one of some knowledge and value, working out whatever sort of challenges and nuisances that might have been associated with the workings and preparations regarding this “match” that she was to have. As she came to find out, there was actually quite a bit of buzz and excitement regarding this, even if it were just a random woman from the streets of Magnolia involved. Leyaria wondered what the sort of entertainment or how it spoke of the people who were set to watch this contest if that sort of amateurism was as great of a receptive nature as it was seeming to get. Further, the fact that this was such the state of things, that a woman could just simply be asked to join apart of an event like this, it must have meant that there was little motivation or excitement for it other than a desperate few. Listening though to the crowds of people that appeared to have been gathering as she made her way to the area in which she was told was going to have been the arena, Leyaria quickly began to believe that perhaps it was not a case of things being as juvenile or foolish as she might have at first thought.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:49 pm

Leyaria Venerak
The sounds of the people cheering for her was far more than what she could have initially imagined it to be. At first, she believed it might have been a small group, maybe a dozen people at the very most, using this as an excuse to watch a woman like Leyaria move about for a little bit with little reason to think that there was going to be any real level of excitement other than what a typical male could have fantasized about. However, as it turne out, there were far more, something to the effect of shy of maybe a hundred people or so, which while small numbers compared to some of the more regarded circuses which seemed to have existed and patrolled throughout Fiore, this was still impressive for what was essentially a makeshift group. The people gathered around with great excitement as the man who stood opposite Leyaria in the ring, the man who appeared to have been quite a bit larger than that of her but at the same time being far heavier than what she was, even in her worst circumstances. There were no shortage of taunts that were being called out by the man in hopes of inspiring and causing Leyaria to try to strike out against him, but she was calmer than that. She knew that there was going to be a level of sportsmanship that this man was trying to achieve, to motivate the crowd, who needed no sort of motivation to encourage that they were not supposed to enjoy his company.

Leyaria however was getting the reception like that of a hero, as though there were nobody at all who the people would have rather had fighting for them essentially. She could not help but find the entire scenario amusing, especially given the fact that if they actually knew what she felt about the whole situation, it was far from something that was highly regarded. Rather, it was about as cold as it could have been. She only wante to be there for the sake of what was promised to her, the reward if she were to win, though she had been careful as to not reveal that she was also there for another reason, to embarrass this supposed champion, to make sure that not only di he lose his title, but that he be forced to suffer all the embarrassment possible in the process. Leyaria did not suspect that this was going to be a serious challenge, at least as far as accomplishing this was concerned. Rather, it was just a matter of determining what she was going to do to do such a thing. The man did not hide how confident in himself he was, boasting that he would be able to win in less than a minute against Leyaria. She determined that this was perfect, a way to not only make him eat his words, but also drain him physically enough that he wouldn’t possibly last against her.


#3Leyaria Venerak 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:49 pm

Leyaria Venerak
The bell tolled and was heard throughout the arena, even in spite of how loud the crowd was going on and on, making it impossible for even Leyaria to hear herself think, let alone wonder how it was that the bell could have been heard so easily and clearly. It shocked her to a degree, but her attention returned again towards the battle before her, realizing that the man would have been able to close quite a bit of distance between the two of them with the time that Leyaria had focused on the bell. Turning back towards him, she saw that he was moving very slowly, to such a degree that she was all but confident and certain that she coul have run to him and run back before he would have even made a single amount of the distance. With a smile, Leyaria couldn’t help but believe that this was as easy as it could have possibly been. What effort was she going to have put into this? None really. All she had to do essentially was walk around for about a minute or so and this guy was going to end up tiring himself out from all of this. Though, she could not help but believe that this was a bit cheap, a bit like the people were being denied what could have been a great encounter, an enjoyable fight. Though, it was not likely that that was going to be the case any way.

Leyaria barely had to take a step before the man started to worry about something, which Leyaria knew must have been the effect of her being a demon now, or at the very least, having the corruption that was associated with being a demon. The movement of the champion, already slow due to his large size, were now even further impeded, to the point where anyone who might not have been close at all towards him would have believed that he was not moving in the least bit. But instead that rather he looked to almost have been standing still, with which Leyaria could not help but admire slightly, given that it was as pathetic and sad as one could have believed it to have been. She decied to walk a bit around, allowing herself to get a better view of the man’s dimensions, while he continued to suffer the combined effects of not only his own weight proving to be an anchor in itself, but also that Lyearia’s demonic presence was ever in effect, to the point where it was impossible for the man, and perhaps even those who might have been close enough to the outside of the arena, to be under the effect. It made for a period series of events, with every step that Leyaria took, as much moving her closer and closer towards the inevitable victory but also ensuring that even in his best efforts that this man would not be able to beat her anytime soon.


#4Leyaria Venerak 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:49 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Time began to drag on and on, and while Leyaria knew that tere was not going to be any serious or real challenge with moving around and ensuring that nothing was going to happen to her, even if there were a time limit set or at least conceived of, it wasn’t enough for her to just be doing this as she very quickly came to realize and quickly began to become bored of this game. There was only so much tolerance and excitement that one could garner out of this play between the two. Rather than circling about at a pace no faster than that of a walk, Leyaria stopped in her track, hoping that the man, even in spite of the affliction of speed that he was suffering from, would be able to at least recognize an get an idea that there was going to be no way he could win. She waited, hoping that this would get through, but after a few moments, when the man finally moved towards her, it looked as though he was rushing for something, yelling out something as though he were charing some ability. Leyaria tensed up, preparing herself to move out of the way, but with the distance between the two, even while the man moved very slow, his attack, likely something that would have been dangerous for someone close to them, it was nothing at all to Leyaria. After the attack failed to connect, Leyaria chuckled, moving slowly towards the man as he looked on with fatigue and sadness. She whispered something to the man which caused him to blush, after which she delivered a massive knee against the man’s head, causing him to drop right there. While he might have been exhausted, whatever threshold of pain he could have withstood, there was no doubt that it was out with that hit.

The roar from the crowd was audible throughout and no dubt even in parts of Magnolia well beyond the area. Leyaria herself even found it tough to hear, far worse than that of the area when she ha first joined the arena. The boy whom she had spoken with at first was also pleased, seeming to have jumped for joy at the sight of Leyaria winning. As she walked out fo the arena, there were roses and other things being thrown into the area as trophies for her victory, the man said something or another, the words being lost amongst the cheers. There was a belt that she notied someone approaching towars her with though the man interefered, getting the belt first and then saying something or another which shocked Leyaria that the person coul even hear there. In the end, Leyaria simply allowed an guess what it might have been that they were talking about, but shortly there after the man had returned and the man with the belt was walking away. Rather than further ask questions, Leyaria simply accepted the money that she was promised and left.


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