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A Mother's Dream [Solo]

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A Mother's Dream [Solo] Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:01 am

It was a beautiful day at Hargeon and Helios was enjoying the sun on a small hill near the beach. It was a good time to relax considering what occured the previous night at the bar with all the drunk people starting fights while he was dancing. Helios let out a sigh, some customers are such a pain, he thought while closing his eyes.

Strangely enough about half an hour later the sun disappeared. Helios opened his eyes and saw a girl standing over him, hiding the sun. "Mom I think this is him!", the girl exclaimed while turning her eyes away from Helios. Helios was confused and traced her stare leading to a woman and four other girls. "Oh by the gods that's him alright, he looks just like in the picture if a tiny bit older and more handsome!" the woman replied with enthusiasm. Helios stood up, still a bit dazed by the sun he couldn't make out the details of the woman's face, "I'm sorry have we..." "Oh darling don't be silly, don't you remember me?", the woman hastily replied, "You've turned into such a fine young man.". This voice, Helios thought..."Aunt Cela!" he exclaimed. The woman standing in front of him was his mother's sister and all five of the girls were her daughters.

After an hour of talking -about how she and her daughters were having issues with her husband and couldn't visit her sister for years- and strolling on the beach, the seven of them went to get an ice cream from one of the vendors. "I'm so happy to see you doing well, you joined a guild and you're a performer, but tell me how is your gift in magic going?". Helios explained how even though he could create music through his dance, his magic was still unstable and was scared to actually use it especially when strong emotions were involved. "The dance magic in our family isn't supposed to be able to do that dear, that's why some members of the family stay together with the ones that have song magic or rely on having partners that can sing or are musicians. Your mother and I are one of the few gifted with both song and dance magic in such a degree." the woman explained. But how is that possible, Helios thought to himself, "Aunt Cela, mother was never strong in song magic, what makes you say that?". The woman let out a heavy sigh and explained that her sister was actually even better at song magic than her, they were both gifted in song and dance but she was a prodigy.

As the woman was telling Helios stories of her and her sister when they were younger, she took a box out of her pocket and gave it to him. Helios opened the box and saw a metallic choker with a small sapphire stone in the middle. "Your mother had this made for you and wanted you to have it when it was time for you to journey on your own.", she said and proceeded to explain that the choker contained a big part of his mother's singing magic which she had sealed inside when she realised Helios possesed no song magic himself. "Her dream was to see you perform your magnificent dances and unleash the magic in them without relying on anyone else, she wanted you to be free. Unfortunately, it seems she never mentioned the existence of this item to you so you've been struggling with your magic.". Helios still had some questions as to how the choker would help him but his aunt assured him that he'd soon find out during nighttime.

Hours passed and the sky soon filled with stars, it was time for the singing contest that would take part at the beach. The woman reassured Helios that her daughters knew what they had to do and that she would be responsible for drawing the attention from them to her. As the woman left for the stage, the five ladies and Helios headed for the hill -it was a special place to Helios, he would often go there at night to dance and think of his mother-.

"It's simple, all five of us are going to sing and you are going to dance for your mother so that the magic within the choker can be unlocked." one of the girls said, "Mom said that unlocking it would have been easier if your mom was the one to give it to you." said another. Suddenly Helios heard cheers and clapping coming from where the competition was taking place. "Mother is about to begin, we don't have much time, take your positions and you Helios prepare to pour your heart into this.". Helios nodded in agreement, unlocking the power his mother left for him...would he be able to see her again? Just one more time that's all he asked for, things would become clear in a few minutes and he was ready.

The girls were singing with all their might around the choker, Helios knew there was no time to think of an appropriate dance, he had one chance to make this work...His emotions were guiding his arms, his legs, his whole body, his heart and soul were on fire aching for his mother's warm embrace, memories of them spending time together were pouring in his mind one after the other, I will see you again, he thought while hot tears were running on his cheeks.

When the song was over, Helios -panting- looked at the choker on the stone, did it work? In a matter of seconds a strong light was released from the sapphire and Helios saw his mother surrounded by a soft light, her eyes were calm and her smile as sweet as he remembered. Helios moved closer for a hug when his mother started talking, her voice serene as always. "My beloved son, for you to see me in this state means that I'm gone and I didn't manage to give you my most precious item." she continued explaining what this choker was just like how Helios' aunt informed him. "Now that the song is completed and my magic inside this item has been unlocked you can wear it and through our combined energy you will be able to perform your dance magic while also not being afraid of losing control. I'm with you now so let your emotions run wild through your dances." and with those words Helios' mother vanished once more.

Helios now in tears took the choker from atop the stone wearing it and the six of them headed towards the place of the competition with the woman waiting for them away from the crowd. The woman looked at them and approached. She was informed of what took place and kissing Helios on the forehead she told him that he won't be separated from his mother anymore, a part of her is now with him. Helios thanked her and the girls for all the trouble they went through for him and the next morning he waved goodbye at them as the ship was sailing away. It was a new beginning for Helios.


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