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Catching up [Open/Jiao-Long]

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#1Jian Feng 

Catching up [Open/Jiao-Long] Empty Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:35 pm

Jian Feng
It hadn't been long between the time that Jiao returned from the mushroom quest, and the time in which they were now making their way to a nearby cafe. Jian had intended to accompany Jiao in his search for the mushroom, however, like always, Jiao found it necessary to accomplish this feat on his own. He'd always been someone that preferred to to work along, and Jian could do nothing but allow his brother to continue living life of his own volition.

Jiao continued to lead the way until they now stood in front of a cafe that seemed to be rather empty in comparison to many of the other locales in the area. The place they were now standing in front of was called "Las Noches", and it appeared to take on the theme of a country that he couldn't exactly recognize, but it was obvious that it was foreign to Fiore.

Jian could only assume that Jiao had been to this place before, or maybe he was simply deciding on this place because of how empty it appeared to be. Either way, the pair made their way inside and both were instructed that they could take a seat anywhere. Remaining true to his now secretive persona, Jiao made his way inside of the cafe and took a seat at one of the tables in the back - Jian quickly followed suit.

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#2Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Upon returning from the forest and turning in the mushroom, Jiao-long immediately beckoned to his brother to follow him. It appeared to be inescapable that they would need to speak with each other after the impromptu reunion in a sketchy shop. Again, Jiao-long took the lead and began to briskly walk through the streets of Oak until he could find an appropriate place to spend the reward he had just earned on a nice hearty meal. As much as he did enjoy living off of the land, everyone once in a while he did long for a nice warm meal to warm his belly.

After a few more minutes of walking, Jiao-long came to a small cafe in an extremely quiet part of town. There were few passersby, which meant fewer possible ears to listen or eyes to watch where they were not meant to do so. Jiao-long continued to walk and took a seat at the very back of the cafe, nestled quietly in a shadow. He signaled to one of the wait staff to bring over a menu before lowering the hood of his cloak, exposing his hair which had once been long and flowing, now shaved down to the point of almost being bald.

This time he spoke in the tongue of his people

"Who told you where I am, who sent you to find me, and why?"

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#3Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Upon taking a seat at one of the back tables, Jian found himself taken aback by his brother's new appearance as he removed the hood of his cloak while the waitress dropped off two menus. For years, the image of a brother he'd last seen in their homeland had remained in his mind. For some reason, he'd always envisioned he'd see that same man again, virtually unchanged. It was naive, sure, but he couldn't imagine that his brother would have changed this drastically. His cheeks appeared to have sunken in a bit, while the long hair he once had was now shaved down. In many ways, his appearance reminded him much of the monks that used the populate the temples in Sin.

Almost immediately after removing the hood of his cloak, his brother followed up with a question in their mother tongue. Jian could do nothing but chuckle, yet, this chuckle wasn't meant to come off as disrespectful. His brother had a right to be as suspicious as he was, especially given the circumstances in which he'd departed from their country. However, Jian simply felt happy to finally be in the presence of his brother once again. Though the current context of their conversation was serious, he merely appreciated the fact that they were having any sort of interaction at all. Because Jiao initiated the conversation in Sinese, Jian decided he'd continue the trend.

"Why? Do I really need that much reason to seek out my brother?"

He smiled after saying this, and his response was genuine, however he decided to purposefully remain elusive in his answers. There were things that Jian didn't want to tell his older brother, for fear of how he'd react. While the Sinian government promised there would be no retaliation against his brother for his desertion as a result of the deal that their father brokered, he couldn't be sure that his brother, would trust it. Furthermore, he couldn't predict how his brother would react to the knowledge that their father had acted in his behalf.

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#4Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long briefly considered lifting his hood back up over his head. Every time his whole face and features were out there for the world to see, he was met with a strong sense of unease and suspicion. He knew that it wasnt likely that he government of his home country would send someone to arrest him or execute him -his noble father would never allow such a thing to happen to his "legacy"- but there was always a chance that someone would be dispatched to take him back home in secrecy, confine him to the house until he was ready to assume whatever role was in mind. Jiao-long figured that this was what his brother was sent here for, to take him back home, and judging by the smile after Jiao-long's question, this appeared to be even more likely.

The response Jian gave was also one that aroused great suspicion within Jiao-long,he was clearly dodging the question. Jiao-long felt a little bit of disappointment in the response, he figured his brother would be a much better liar by now.

"You and I both know that isn't why youre here. If you've come to take me back I will not go without a fight. I'm happy now, I'm free. I do not intend to just leave all of that behind. Besides, I wasn't born yesterday, Jian. Before I left you were more than competent, but lets not pretend like you are capable of finding me by yourself. I'll ask again: who told you where I am?"

Just as Jiao-long had finished his sentence, he noticed a waiter walking over to the table, with a pair of menus in his hand. The waiter placed a menu in front of both Jiao-long and his brother, before curtly turning his back and walking to do whatever it was that he had to do. Jiao-long lifted his opium pipe from his robe, taking a long and hard toke, before placing it back in his pocket and lifting the hood of his robe over his head once again.

#5Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian couldn't help but frown as he listened to his brother's response. It was obvious that this conversation was beginning to escalate to a level that Jian had hoped it wouldn't reach. Maybe things would have been different now if he'd merely told the truth from the beginning. Had wanting to have a simple conversation with his brother akin to the "good 'ol days" so naive? Apparently, from the manner in which his brother spoke, it had been. Jian couldn't exactly blame him for any of the suspicions that he held, and that was one thing that furthered Jian's disappointment with how this entire interaction was beginning to pan out.

In more than a few words, Jian began to realize that the storybook manner in which he thought this meeting would go wouldn't be the reality of the situation. With a rather brief sigh, Jian began to think of what to say in order to move the conversation into a mood that wasn't as hostile. He knew his brother, and he knew his brother was serious when he mentioned the possibility of a fight. This wasn't why Jian was here, and needing to battle his brother, especially over something like this, wasn't what he wanted at all. Yet, before Jian could respond to his brother, a male waiter made his way over to the table and sat down a couple of menus before leaving the table. After this was done, Jian watched intently as his brother pulled out what appeared to be some sort of pipe before taking a rather large pull from it. His brow furrowed a bit as he watched the action, but he decided not to question it - after all, he had no right to.

"I'm not here to do anything of the sort. Though I may have attempted to deflect, I would never lie to you, Jiao, and you should know this better than anyone else. There are things that I don't wish to discuss, just as there are things that you'd rather not speak on.

As he said this, his eyes briefly darted in the direction of the pocket in which Jiao had placed his pipe before continuing with his response.

There are also things that are inconsequential, and how I found you is one of those things. If it was something that was actually pertinent to any concerns you may have, I would tell you. You have absolutely nothing to worry about; your way of life is safe and will continue to be. That's something that I personally promise you."

Throughput his words, Jian's facial features would continue to illustrate exactly how genuine his words were. This was a serious discussion, more serious than Jian had wanted things to be. Deciding that it was time to add a bit of levity to the situation, he reached for the menu and began to act as if he was deeply considering each and every food item as he began to scan the menu.

"Since we're in a restaurant, how about we actually order some food?"

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#6Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long grabbed the menu which the waiter had previously placed in front of him and momentarily considered looking over the different items. Though coming into the derelict cafe was a way of getting out of the sight of any onlooking eyes or sensitive ears, he actually was very hungry and did need a bite to eat. Just as he was lifting the menu to take a quick look, his attention was grabbed by his brothers response to the question he had previously asked. As Jian spoke, Jiao-long began to rub his brow with an air of frustration. A very big part of being able to maintain this life of secrecy, was being able to effectively gather information and use it to his advantage. The fact that his brother wouldnt give him the full details of the manner in which he was able to track him down left a little bit of a niggling suspicion in the back of Jiao-long's mind.

Even though Jian was not telling Jiao-long the full truth of the situation, he had always been the closest sibling to Jiao-long growing up. With this is mind, and also the lack of facial "tells" that Jian was displaying while explaining to Jiao-long, he was able to trust that his brother was being very sincere in the words which he spoke. With this in mind, Jiao-long was finally able to recline in his chair and for the first time in a little while relax.

"Why else would I bring you to a cafe if we weren't going to eat? You've got the tab right?"

As Jiao-long spoke, he was unable to contain the grin that was rapidly making it's way across his face. Now that the initial tension of the situation was over and done with, and he was no longer forced to be on edge, he was in fact very happy to see his brother again after so long. Jian had been one of the few members of his family that he had been reluctant about leaving behind.

"I believe you that you're not here to try and take me home. It is very good to see you again, Jian. How have you been faring since i've been away on my little adventure?"

Jiao-long didnt lift his eyes from the menu as he spoke to his brother, but the grin that had previously made it's home on his face remained the whole time. For the first time in quite a while, Jiao-long was very happy to see another human being. It was a great feeling to be reunited with his not so long lost twin brother.

#7Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian couldn't help but smile at his brother's reply. His mood seemed to become a bit lighter, and the grin that now formed on his lips was one he hadn't seen in years. His second reply, however, really allowed Jian to see that Jiao was ready to move past the tension they'd previously been facing as a result of their reunion. It was readily apparent to Jian that Jiao still held some reservations about the information that he was withholding, and it was understandable. There was nothing else that Jian could do but be gracious of the fact that his older brother trusted him enough to leave the topic alone, at least for the time being.

Taking a cue from his brother, Jian continued to look through the menu while he began to think of a few ways to verbalize how his life had panned out while Jiao had been away. In all honesty, he knew it likely wasn't anything when compared to what Jiao had gone through during these years, but he figured since his brother asked he'd answer.

"After you left, I started to regret not leaving with you. With you gone, Father tightened his grip on all of us. I suppose he didn't want us to leave in the same manner that you did...outside of that, there was really nothing of any import that occurred to me. Just living the same old privileged life we've always been living, right?"

Jian meant to say this last part with a bit of humor, but he found himself being a bit more saddened talking about this than he thought he would be. Instead of dwelling on it, Jian decided to quickly press on with the conversation.

"How about you? I'm much more curious about how you've been faring all these years. How has life in Fiore been treating you?"

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#8Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long's eyes lit up as he saw his brother return the smile which he wore on his face. The spontaneous and unexpected reunion had started off with extreme tension. Rightly so, Jiao-long had been worried that his father had finally found him and dispatched his own twin to return him home. However, after exchanging just a few brief words, he was reassured that his brother was just here to see him. The thought of this made Jiao-long feel warm inside. It had been a long while since he had felt the love from one of his family members.

Jiao-long felt the genine concern in the question which his brother had asked him. He could tell that he really did care about what had been happening to him over the years. Come to think of it, Jiao-long hadnt actually thought too hard on the events of his life since his separation from his family. Life from that point onward had been a day to day kind of ordeal. For the first time in the conversation, he was forced to actually think hard about his response to the question. It was a difficult one to articulate properly.

"You know. It's difficult to explain to you brother. It's a life. That's the only way I can put it. Before I left my life didn't belong to me. I was leading the life that father chose for me. It might not be as comfortable or luxurious as the life I left behind, but it is my life and it belongs to me. I love father, but I need to live my life, not his."

Jiao-long felt his stomach rumble. He really did need to eat. He began to scan the menu very briefly, paying more attention to the conversation at hand.

"How has father and everyone else been, by the way? I imagine they have all cut me out completely at this point. I hope one day they can accept that I needed control over my own destiny."

#9Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
It was funny, a majority of the people in the world likely would have killed to have the "problems" that Jiao and Jian had in regards to their upbringing. Despite this, Jian could fully understand every point that his brother brought up, and he sympathized completely. Living a life of their own volition, not fettered with the idea of having to live for the sake of tradition was something that both he and his brother wanted. However, his brother had been the only one with enough courage to give up everything for it. While Jian wanted the same thing, he recognized within himself that he hadn't been to muster the courage to go against their family in the same way. It was something Jian admired about his brother, and something he wished he himself could have done.

When his brother brought up how the others in the family felt about him, Jian wasn't exactly sure how he should respond. It wasn't as if he felt he'd hurt Jiao's feelings, or that everyone hated him. In fact, he wasn't exactly sure how most of them felt in regards to Jiao. Their family wasn't exactly structured in the same manner that a normal family would have been, thus, Jian didn't exactly have a very close relationship with many of their other siblings. Those closer in age tended to stick together, which is why Jian and Jiao were so close; which was then coupled with the fact that they were literally twins.

"Honestly, little has changed since you left. Father is the same as he's always been. Everyone else...it's hard to determine where they stand when it comes to you. If I had to assume, I'd say they stand where you'd likely assume they would. The eldest of us have always stood firmly in Father's corner...I doubt they agree with what you've done. When it comes to younger of us, I'd imagine they understand your decision better than most. I feel as though that's how it's always been...the age gap between us all truly created a difference in outlook. Despite whether or not they agree with your decision, I think all of us sympathize. At the end of the day, we're all family. I don't think anyone wants you cut out...Father is just too prideful to come out and admit that."  

Jian hoped this didn't come off as if he were attempting to convince Jiao of anything. He merely wanted his brother to know that no matter what happened, he'd still have family that continued to care for him unconditionally. With that out of the way, Jian continued to peruse through the menu. There were so many items on the menu that he simply couldn't decide.

"I have no idea what to order...I haven't heard of any of these dishes..."

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#10Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long pondered on the answer that his brother gave him to his previous question. He couldn't help but feel disappointed. On one hand, deep down he really knew how most of the family would feel about his abandoning of his noble duty. His whole upbringing it was hammered into him that he was destined to take on a great role in Sinese society. Honor and the family name was everything to them. It would never go down well having a son leave like that. On the other hand, he had hoped, however unrealistically, that his father and the elder of his siblings would be able to look past the act, and accept him for who he was. Jiao-long smirked and shook his head at the notion of it. Wishful thinking.

At least he did have his closest brother with him now. It was something to be happy about. For the moment all that Jiao-long could think about was enjoying the time, while he had it, to relax and catch up with his brother. It seemed that Jian was trying to move the conversation on from the topic of the family. Besides, they were in a cafe after all. It was time to eat.

"Yeah, this menu is pretty long. We should look over it for a while. It's been a little bit since I last had an actual meal that didnt consist of plants that I grew or animals that I reared. While we look over though, what are you doing in Fiore? You here on any specific business?"

#11Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian continued to read through the menu as he listened to his brother's response. He found it interesting to hear just how Jiao had been surviving all these years. If someone were to have told him years ago that this is how his brother would be living, he wouldn't have believed it. Living in the lap of luxury as they had for so long, it simply sounded unreal that his brother would be sitting here speaking on the fact that he was rearing any sort of animal. As surreal as it was, it wasn't something that Jian was judging Jiao for. Rather, he was impressed with just how determined his brother was to live life on his own terms, no matter how hard of a struggle he had to go through in order to do just that.

The second part of Jiao's response caught Jian by surprise, yet, he made sure not to allow this to show on his face as he continued to peruse through the menu. It wasn't as if he could tell his brother what his assignment was, and he didn't want to. It was better that way. If things went south he didn't want his brother to have any details that would put him in harm's way. Being his brother was enough of a connection to put him in danger, and Jian didn't want to risk anything more than that. After all, it'd intrude on his way of life.

"No business in particular. After much whining and complaining, Father allowed me to travel here. I think he was aware of the fact that I wanted to see you again, which is probably why he allowed me to leave in the first place. I must say, it costed a bit more than I expected in order to reach this place. It's been quite worth it though. Fiore is far nicer than I initially thought it would be. Maybe a 6/10."

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#12Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
It appeared that yet again, Jiao-longs brother, Jian, was not telling him the full truth of the situation. It was unlike his father to simply allow a son to travel just for the reason of traveling. That being said, Jiao-long knew that there would be a good reason that the information was being withheld from him. He had spent many years on the run from his father and perhaps the whole country of Sin. He knew the value of information in the right and wrong hands, and even in the hands of one that doesnt even wish to use the information.

Jiao-long looked over the first item on the menu, and considered if it was something that was actually worth getting. Pancakes in a light syrup, with any choice of topping. It sounded tasty when he read it in his head, but Jiao-long felt that he need a meal with a little bit more substance, something that would fill his belly with warmth and give him a satisfied feeling. He skipped over the pancakes and once again looked up at his brother. It was crazy how much they had both grown since they last saw each other. Jian and Jiao-long were children the last time they were together. They met again as men.

"So are you here for long then? It's a pretty nice country, I feel much closer to the spirits when I'm here."

Once again, Jiao-long lifted his pipe from his robe to his mouth, inhaling deeply before setting it back where it came from.

#13Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian nodded as he listened to the second half of his brother's response. He'd noted that he'd felt quite the same, in regards to his connection with the other side. Though he hadn't meditated in quite a while, he was still able to feel the presence of those same ancestors that he'd formed a connection with so long ago. He'd wondered if it was because this place was that more in-tune with the other side, or if it was because Jian was carrying out acts that greatly appeased the spirits of his ancestors, thus bolstering their influence. If it was the latter, it would make much more sense to Jian. After all, there was nothing that family loved more than reconciliation between family members, He could only surmise that being able to reestablish a relationship with his brother was something that they approved of greatly.

"I don't plan on living here, if that's what you mean. However, I do plan to stay here for a while longer. As you know, it's not often that we're able to roam outside of Father's influence. I plan on seeing much more of Fiore before I return home. I'd like to learn as much about this place as possible."

While he spoke, his eyes continued to move back and forth through the menu. He still wasn't sure what he should order. There were far too many foreign names that he couldn't decide which dish was better, having to relegate himself to reading each description thoroughly. Even while doing this, there were many ingredients that he'd never heard of it, making his task that much harder.

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#14Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long again had to hide his small amount of disappointment in his brother's answer to his previous question. It was not that he had hoped that his brother would follow him in permanently residing in the country of Fiore, it was that he longed for some form of company. Jiao-long felt that he had no choice but to leave his noble life, but that did not mean that it was an easy decision to make. Every day that went by he missed his siblings, at least those that he was close to, more and more. He missed the love of his family, but he had to trade that for a life that belonged to him. He had naively hoped that his brother would be with him forever, but this was just childish wishful thinking.

That being said, the other alternative was some form of reconciliation with the leaders of the Feng family. Jiao-long for the time being would not even consider going back to live out the destiny that was set in front of him, but he hoped to be able to make his father, and the elder siblings, accept his new lifestyle. Perhaps some day there would be reconciliation with the family. One could hope. He scanned the menu briefly for a bit longer before looking up at his brother.

"Well, whenever you do go back, just remember that I will always be here. Don't be shy to come visit, I can let you know where I am, I trust you with that information. I've never felt any closer to the spirits than I am right now. I feel like they want me to be here for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day they might will me back home, but for now Fiore is my adopted home."

#15Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian could do nothing but nod and smile as he listened to his brother's reply. It was great that they'd now reached a level of understanding between each other. At this point, it was almost hilarious to think that things could have gone in a horrible direction which could have resulted in a fight. Now though, it seemed they were both on the same page. Jian now understood the life that his brother had sacrificed so much to obtain, and hopefully, Jiao now saw that Jian was in full acceptance of it and didn't intend to intrude in any way. The fact that Jiao would have even volunteered the information of where to find him was proof enough of this.

Information such as this would have meant life or death for Jiao, if the Sinian government was still pursuing him, and Jian was fully aware of the perceived risks that Jiao would have been taking on in supplying it. He fully appreciated the fact that his brother trusted him to this extent, and would make sure that no harm came to him as a result of supplying it. It was the very least that he could do.

"If the spirits have called you here, then "here" is where you should be. Luckily, I feel as though the spirits have also called me here for the moment, so you don't have to worry about me leaving anytime soon. We'll have a lot more time to catch up on the years we've missed...It makes me happy to see that you've found such purpose in your life. If i'm being honest, i'd have to say I feel a bit jealous. I can only hope I'm able to find that same sort of purpose in the future."

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#16Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
Purpose. One word which Jiao-long's brother, Jian, had spoken continued to ring on and on in Jiao-long's head like a church bell. Purpose. Jiao-long had almost completely phased out the rest of the words that his brother had spoken. It was interesting. Jiao-long had left his home because he felt that he should be able to choose his own path in life. Even though there were those that would sacrifice almost anything to live the life of privilege that he was blessed with, it felt closer to a curse to Jiao-long. He could not sleep well knowing that his life had already been chosen for him.

He had come to Fiore to seek out his own destiny, but since he had been gone it didnt seem like he had found it yet. Life was just going on, and he was just living, speaking to the spirits whenever her could. But they hadn't revealed to him what his true purpose in life was yet. It was funny to Jiao-long that his brother was under the impression that he had found a purpose, when in fact he was living a lilfe that was even more void of purpose than the one he left behind. Jiao-long was patient though, he knew that one day his life's meaning would be revealed to him.

"Honestly brother I haven't found purpose yet. But that is what I am here for. I know that one day I will find a calling and when it is revealed to me I will pursue it like a lion pursues it's prey. I hope that the spirits will do the same for you. I have a feeling that both us are meant to do great things in the near future brother"

#17Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian nodded and smiled at the reponse that his brother gave. When he'd mentioned that his brother had found purpose, it seemed they'd been considering two separate things. To Jian, he'd always wanted to live a life of his own volition. So to him, the concept of being able to live that sort of life was "purpose" enough. However, it seemed there was much more to what Jiao wanted out of life. Not only did he want to live a life that he could call his own, there was also more that he was searching for out of a life such as that one. Whenever Jian truly felt that he'd understood his brother, it seemed there were far more layers underneath that needed to be examined - not unlike an onion, of which he also smelled.

"I agree, brother."

Jian held many dreams and aspirations, and like Jiao, he felt that the spirits would will him forward into fufilling each and every one of them. The faith he held in this belief that kept him moving forward despite whatever hardship seemed to come his way. With these thoughts now coming to an end, Jian began to realize he'd stopped skimming through the menu and almost completely forgotten they were here to eat. He could only imagine how annoyed the waiter was at this point.

"Have you decided on a meal?"

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#18Jiao-Long Feng 

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Jiao-Long Feng
The waiter which Jiao-long had previously called over to the table was standing around awkwardly, peeking at Jiao-long and his brother's table every now and then to see if they had actually made their minds up yet. The original intention of this impromptu meeting had been for Jiao-long to weed out his brother's intentions, of which he previously believed were against Jiao-long's best wishes. However after discovering that Jian meant well, the sudden meeting had turned into a family reunion of sorts. Such was the nature of the discussion that they had almost completely forgotten that this was in fact a cafe.

Jiao-long called the waiter over again once more and prepared to make an order. They had been sat at their table for only the great spirits know how long, it would seem rude if they didnt order anything to eat. He briefly scanned over the menu before quickly deciding on the beef stew. It was a little bit early, but it had been far too long since he had eating such a hearty and filling meal. For a drink he settled on some fruit juice and finally handed his menu back to the waiter before watching so see what his brother would order

#19Jian Feng 

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Jian Feng
Jian could feel the social pressure mounting as, instead of merely discussing what he was considering to order with his brother, Jiao had instead opted to motion the waiter to approach the table. Jian still wasn't sure at all what he wanted, as he'd been so wrapped up in their conversation that the menu and what he wanted to eat had continually become an after thought. With it now becoming a do or die moment, Jian watched intently as his older brother awaited the server with his eyes still on the menu. How would he handle this situation? Jian could feel his nerves beginning to get the better of him.

With the waiter now in range of the table, Jiao quickly scanned the menu before settling on a meal in almost record time. He ordered the beef stew, which was then followed by an order of fruit juice. The waiter nodded graciously,  glad that such a long wait had culminated in an order. The waiter's eyes then expectantly fell upon Jian, who still had no idea what he'd been asking for in this establishment. With a nervous tone, he simply gave up and decided to mirror his brother's order.

"I'll take the beef stew as well..."

"And what to drink?"

Jian hadn't thought that far ahead, even if he was mirroring his brother. There was nothing wrong with fruit juice, but he felt the need to switch things up so it didn't really seem that he'd copied his brother, more that they had the same tastes when it came to food.

"Ummmmmmmmm....oolong tea!"

He said this in an almost victorious tone, as if he'd solved some sort of vexing puzzle. The waiter responded to the order with a confused look, which was then followed by a simple nod as he took the menu and left the table.

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Jiao-Long Feng
Jiao-long chuckled internally at the worried and anxious look which had formed itself on his brother's face. He figured that when Jian asked him if he had decided on a meal, that Jian was ready to order. Judging by his response, this was not the case. The sight of his brother rapidly scanning over the menu as the waiter looked to him for an order caused Jiao-long to have to cover his mouth to prevent himself from laughing. It felt like he and his brother were just kids again, however as children they never would have eaten at a place like this. Their father's personal cooks took care of them well.

Jian ordered the beef stew, probably because he couldnt decide on a meal from the menu fast enough. Jiao-long figured that he would order the fruit juice as well, but to his surprise Jian opted for the oolong tea. Honestly, Jiao-long wished to himself that he had ordered that too, but the waiter was already turned around and headed away, no time to change the order. Feeling light headed from all the opium he had smoked, Jiao-long figured it was time to switch substances. This time he lifted a cigarette from his robe, lighting it and holding out a cigarette for brother.

"You smoke?"

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Jian Feng
Jian watched intently as his brother pulled out what appeared to be a cigarette. Any assumption that it "could have been" a cigarette were dashed when he proceeded to light it, confirming that it was one. As Jiao proceeded to hold it out in Jian's direction he could only assume that his brother hoped he'd partake in it with him.

"Come now. Do you still take me for a child? Of course I smoke."

As he said this, he feigned a look of annoyance. Pretending to be something he wasn't was something that was completely out of the norm for Jian; however, when it came to his brother he found himself wanting to impress him. Given the long years they'd spent apart, he wanted his brother to now see him as an adult and not the "baby" brother that he felt he'd need to protect. In Jian's mind, taking part in something Jiao took part in was a way for them to bond. Though it would have been easier to just say no, peer pressure was a hell of a drug.

Reaching forward, Jian took the cigarette in hand and promptly placed it to his lips. He knew enough about smoking through watching others that he was aware of how to handle it. Once to his lips, he began to inhale, dragging the smoke into his lungs. Almost immediately after he could feel himself needing to cough, but he attempted to hold it back, but to no avail.

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