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Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel]

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#1Ariel Myatzuki 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:46 pm

Ariel Myatzuki

"Get ready for what comes next"

Today was just another day for Ariel in the town of Baska. Of course she had been getting bored with a few things around her hometown now that her dad wasn't around, and things just seemed really dull. She was still going to have to carry on with her life, and she wouldn't be able to dwell in the past for as long as she really did want to. Today she would have to go back to the dreaded quest board, and she would have to end up doing more dirty work for more people who couldn't do simple things for themselves. Every single time she was going to do things like this, she has always wondered why people payed mages for simple tasks such as this, but it really wasn't something that she was supposed to wonder about. She assumed that some people just needed money, and they would be willing to take a job like that. Ariel, though, would rather not take such pointless jobs and would much rather go out and do something actually productive, such as running or training or something that would benefit her in the long run instead of earning credits to waste on things that would only support her for a short period of time. The world needed a new system, and she wanted to be the one to implement it.

She pulled the first quest off the quest board that she saw and she turned her head, hearing someone walk up behind her. Was this person coming to fight her? Maybe they were coming up for a simple quest? She didn't know, but she was prepared for whatever was to come next.


#2Kanya Vi Britannia 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:48 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia

It's been a long road for a special little hot head, even after she departed from Dahlia it was chaos after chaos. But Kanya being who she was didn't care for the minor blood on her hands it honestly didn't bother her. But part of her regreted every bit of it, maybe the silver haired woman had a heart after all. If people understood the crimes she comitted and didn't look back, maybe she would be listed as a spawn of satan. Because it wasn't a damn chance she was some angel sent from above. The day was young as that orange star shined from above, the town was beautiful beyond belief. Kanya's back rested against a nearby building with a bag in her left hand which obviously belong to the shop she was infront of. The aroma escaping the bag was sweet, Kanya wouldn't of been herself without something sweet to adore her mouth making it water with absolute delight. Her eyes was closed as her mouth would open taking a bite from the fresh baked cookie, the sheer taste traveling over her taste buds as if fireworks was going off within her mouth. She would squeel like a little girl the excitement traveling through her, she was truly in heaven even though her cheeks flaring up with a shade of pink as she would exhale. "You know it's really painful watching you eat" the voice spoke in the depths of her mind.

Kanya would simply roll her eyes, she hated hearing that woman voice it was totally ruining her sweetgasm modes. "You can ignore me all you want, but what will you do once you run out of jewels?" that was a solid point, she spent almost ten thousand jewels in a week span for sweets. Shaking her head side to side, her azure eyes catching sight of the quest board not to far from her. Removing herself from the wall she would make her way over there passing by the many people that flooded the streets. As she moved with that same cookie in her mouth, she would be standing right behind another person who was ahead of her. Her eyes looking over the many quest unamused by the results."Well these don't look like no fun....all i see is boredom," Kanya spoke out loud as it annoyed her,


#3Ariel Myatzuki 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:49 pm

Ariel Myatzuki

"Get ready for what comes next"

Ariel had heard a woman's voice. She didn't know exactly who it was, all she was hearing was complaints. Something about not having any fun quests. She only turned around with the paper in her hand saying, "Well then open your eyes and actually look and stop complaining." She really couldn't stand when people complained about the stupidest things, but it seemed that was just how life worked sometimes. She started walking off to the hospital, as that's where the paper said she was required to do. She really didn't care what the quest was about, all she needed was more money. She didn't care if the woman that was previously complaining followed her either, maybe she could change her attitude a bit if she actually ended up helping the red-haired mage out.

She walked down the city streets looking around at all of the people enjoying themselves, whether it be treating themselves or just enjoying time with family or friends. It was nice to see people enjoying life, and as she entered the hospital, she had felt a surge of happiness flow through. She wasn't sure what had caused it, but it happened, and it felt a bit strange. Ariel wasn't good at feeling happy, so it just felt like a bunch of tingles going down her spine. A doctor named Dr.Gerard came out and did some kind of examination. She stared blankly for a moment, then looked to her right to see that someone else was getting another examination at the same time she was.


#4Kanya Vi Britannia 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:11 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia
As Kanya stood there just wondering how all these good people could do these quest, It wasn’t everyday she found herself in the midst of this board. The bag of sweets still in the grip of her hand as a sigh would leave her lips. It was then her head would move slightly to face the woman who was there with her. Kanya eyes remained closed at that time, she never really used her actual sight to read or find her way through streets just as this. This was due to the fact how her senses were trained. “She sure did tell you, never thought someone had balls enough to talk to you like that” the voice spoke from deep within her, all Kanya did was smile not saying a word for the moment. All while doing this she took a look towards the paper which was being held up still at that moment. Her lips curled into that smile that plastered on her face, a sort of amusement coursing through her at that moment.It was weird for Kanya to be amused by someone like this, normally she’ll want to strangle someone like this in a dark alley. Her left hand being put in her pocket as she watched the woman simply walk off.

The way Kanya followed Ariel, it was honestly as silent without a word being made. The aura around her body leading the way with each step she made. She didn’t care for the whole happy scene, all she cared for was finding her next fight and winning. But to do that she needed to get money and this was the best way to do that. Not taking her long to reach the hospital, pushing through the double doors as she would step forward. This putting her right beside the woman she met earlier, not even speaking a word she stood there as her hand would dig in the brown bag she had. Then pulling a cookie from it, before bringing the circled object to her lips which would open and take a bite from it. She did all of this even as the examinations was being done, she was legit here just for the money, nothing else was on her mind especially her doing something nice like this.


#5Ariel Myatzuki 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:14 pm

Ariel Myatzuki

"Get ready for what comes next"

Ariel had just finished her examination and Dr.Gerard had seemed delighted with the results. She wasn't sure why she had needed an examination anyways, but it seemed that this was what was needed for her to be able to do the quest. The other girl which she had seen before seemed to be the other person who was getting the examination, and she had finished up her examination too, the doctor being happy about it as well. Did that mean that they were going to be working together? It was going to be an easy time if that was the case. She was sure that they wouldn't even have to deal with each other, and her taking some work off her load was a lot of help.

The two of them walked into Dr.Gerard's office to find a desk with to bags on top of it. They seemed to have addresses, and immediately Ariel had assumed that they would be delivering the bags to people. "Hello ladies, thank you for coming in. Today I need you to do a job for me. It's a simple one, but you coming in to help takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. There are 2 bags, one for each of you. I need you to deliver them to the addresses labeled, as we don't have anyone else to take them and they need their prescriptions today." Ariel looked around the room for a moment. How would she even be getting paid for such a simple job? Some things really just didn't make any sense at all to the red-haired girl, but really this was an easy job, and she wasn't going to have to deal with the other girl for much longer. "Alright then, I don't see why we couldn't do that," she said happily, trying to look as friendly as possible. She didn't want to make a bad impression, but she also didn't want to have to take longer than she had to.

She picked the bag that had the address which was closer to where she was and walked out, getting ready to make her delivery. She knew she was going to be running as she normally was, and she would be getting things done faster that way. She walked out of the hospital and started stretching outside the door, getting ready to start jogging. The faster she got this done the better, so she was going to try her hardest to get back fast so she could get her money and be done with it.

She had gone and delivered the baggie which wasn't too hard, and she was already almost back to the hospital. When she had arrived she had seen the girl already walking in the door, and she wasn't sure how that was possible. Did the woman take a shortcut? Did Ariel grab the wrong bag? She really didn't know, but then again she really didn't care. She ran in and grabbed her money and ran right back out, getting ready to get the rest of the day over with.


#6Kanya Vi Britannia 

Medicare [Quest|Kanya and Ariel] Empty on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:56 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia
As many parts of her body was being examined, The woman didn’t care much it was little she had to hide anyway. Well unless they tried to do a mental test on her then that would be a problem. Even so much as checking her pulse and her heartbeat which was normal for a human at the very least. Her eyes looking towards the woman from before it was a little bothersome to be working with a woman like that red head. But when it came down to it her mental stability was worse than her physical health that was for sure. She gave the other woman a smile, not really having much words to say at the least. Because deep down she was just here for the jewels and nothing else at the end of the day. The doctor seemed pleased with the results that they gave from the examinations, she didn’t understand why they needed a damn exam in the first damn place. But she wasn’t one to ask questions where the answers would be complicated more than they should be. She would follow the woman into the doctor's office, two bags on the desk filled which could only be prescriptions at most especially to put it in the care of them.

Listening to the explanation it didn’t take her long to understand, the doctor was just lazy like the rest of the people were, where she accepted a job from them. “That is simple enough, we will finish this job and return shortly then” soft voice leaving the lips of the tall woman. A mystery hovering behind the woman named Kanya was plenty obvious. She would step forward taking a hold of the bag the same time that Ariel did. It was as if they timed such a action, by just how in sync they were at that moment. Picking up the bag she would then walk towards the door where she would walk from the building. Her eyes looking on the label to where the address was as she still wasn’t use to Baska. So reaching a nearby building she climbed gripping the bricks to move herself upward. This allowed her to get a view of the town from a vantage point , allowing her to pinpoint the location she needed to go.

After a moment's notice she had spotted where she needed to go, even as people looked at her strangely.Kanya was taught how to live like a animal on the loose, so finding directions wasn’t to hard with her stellar sense of direction. Hopping from the roof she would land bending her knees bracing the impact,her foot inching forward as at that moment she took off dashing forward. Allowing her to use her speed the leaning of her body to fight the pressure of the wind as she ran, didn’t take her long to reach the home. Raising her hand to knock on the door as she stood in front of it, the door opening as she handed the woman the bag. With a slight wave she would proceed to head back. It didn’t take her no time as she did make it back announcing her success, now with her bag of jewels in hand she would head towards the nearest sweet shop….she ran out, plus she needed a cookie.


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