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Pirate, Thief & Princess [Auberon, Keryth & Zyra]

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#1Keryth Torvan 

Pirate, Thief & Princess [Auberon, Keryth & Zyra] Empty Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:17 pm

Keryth Torvan
The elven duo’s escape from Marigold was rather dramatic, to put it mildly. Keryth didn’t wish to create such a huge ruckus or attract much attention to himself, but this wasn’t something he could help. In fact, the black-haired elf actually enjoyed their exit. Of course, after that, the two couldn’t stay in that town for long; what with the righteous Knights on their tail. So, here they were, in the next beautiful port town: Hargeon.

Hargeon was a busy city. Traders hustling around quite early in the morning, and unlike normal folks, these people seemed to be very adept at keeping their goods safe. Keryth figured it was all the practice they had from dealing with the pirates out at the sea. The thief had his challenge sneaking into stalls and snatching some of the wonderful fresh fish they had for sale without getting caught. But, thankfully, he had his trusted partner by his side to cause enough of a distraction to pull it off.

With two large sticks of fried fish in his hand, Keryth walked up to Zyra and offered one to her. No matter how many times the elven princess rejects his offer of non-vegetarian food, he never stops offering it to her, hoping that one day she will give in and indulge in the pleasures of the world. Biting into the crispy fish, he let out an audible groan. “Oh! So good… This is the best,” he said. For a moment there, he felt a slight tinge of guilt for stealing such good food. “You know what? I’m paying for this,” he said, before running off towards the stall from where he stole the fish sticks.

“Ma'am! I’d like two more please,” he said, hollering at the shop keeper. The naïve and innocent woman behind the counter didn’t notice that the elf never bought the first two from her and gave him two more. “There you go!” she said, grinning at him. Keryth paid double the jewels covering up for what he stole. “Keep the change!” he said, smiling back.

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#2Auberon O'Leary 

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Auberon O'Leary
Auberon's muscles ached upon re-entering the port town of Hargeon. A long day of exploring was sure to have worn down his muscles, but it had been worth it. Early-morning sunlight tingled his pale skin, reminding him that he would need to obtain some sunscreen. The last smidgen of it had been consumed during the last stretch of his expedition into the neighboring forest. It was primarily the reason for his return, the young pirate much rather desiring to stay within forest's veiled-by-branches escape. Though, he couldn't deny that the food was arguably better than anything he'd be able to cook up on his own. Stomach grumbling, his pace quickened as he continued past crowds of slow-walkers.

"Sorry, 'scuse me d'ere." He mumbled somewhat after passing around a group of elderly women.

From the looks of it, how various people were holding foods and snacks, Auberon assumed himself to be in the food market or something of that sort. The enticing smell of caramelizing sugars and spices increased his appetite along with saliva production. He smiled somewhat, knowing he'd soon get to chow down on some good food. Water trickling through the canals calmed him, he paused and admired the scene.

A booth to the left was selling sweet nuts and popcorn, while another nearby held various fruits and vegetables. It wasn't what he wanted though, desiring something with a bit more substance. Eyes scanning past the crowds of citizens, he came to see a booth selling what appeared to be some sort of fried fish meal. Auberon absolutely needed some of that food, and so naturally his pace quickened towards the stall.

Upon nearing, he caught sight of a slightly smaller dark-haired youth. The youth's features were elven but uncommon. Pale skin, knife-eared, but also dark-eyed with a similar hair color. Auberon scratched his head, having never really seen an elf before outside of the limited knowledge he had from his courses. He patted his pocket, ensuring the presence of his wallet. Glancing somewhat at what the elf was holding, Auberon wondered before approaching. A woman was with the man, but he was more interested in the fish.

"Hey there, man! Where'd ya get that fish? Look's pretty good t'be honest. 'Gut-founded after  a nice hike, so I'm needin a bit of nourishment, y'know?"

Given that this was a port-town, Auberon really made no effort in quelling his maritime dialect, likely to the chagrin of whoever he would speak with.

#3Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Zyra was a little glum. She felt like they'd already attracted too much negative attention in Marigold, plus the way that the actress had treated Keryth had lingered in the mind of the elven princess. Perhaps things would not have felt as rotten, if there wasn't such an acute disparity between the treatment the dark haired boy had received in comparison to the lavender loving female. She tried to shrug it off though, new town meant new experiences. Plus, Keryth had more than made up for it with their little talk over lunch. Zyra had enough to seek solace from, should she choose not to dwell upon the unpleasant.

The most attractive locations that the elf wanted to visit, was the beach. She'd never really visited one before... At least she had no memories of it, but she knew the azure water lapping at the golden sands was going to be a sight to take in. Maybe she'd get to dip her feet in the cool water... Maybe she'd brave the waves and wade in a little deeper, from what she knew, the sea was not too rough near the shore...

Zyra drew in the long breath, tinted with the scent of salt and also with the stench of dead fish that hung from the stalls. Her nose crinkled as she swiftly kept her eyes forward... Not wanting to see the cruelty. Yet there was a certain curiosity though, with so much rampant murdering of animals, she wondered if the elves were doing it all wrong. This sense of wonder intensified especially when the waft of the spices that coated the fried fish sticks permeated her lung... She paused, noticing that her partner had already gone on to fetch some for himself. When he returned to the vendor again, she eyed him warily amidst the crowd to see if he was getting seconds, maybe... just maybe she'd take a small bite? Maybe just the layer that covered the meat? She shook her head violently, almost physically struggling against the mental temptations.

The food market had many stalls to attract a variety of people. Zyra forced herself to not get to experimental and buy herself a fruit salad. By the time that she returned to Keryth, he had been approached by a.. man with a very strange accent. Zyra stared at him, sizing him up to try and deduce who he was and what might his intentions be, but she had no answers. She waited for Keryth to share the location of the apparently delectable fish sticks before shiftily introducing herself to the man who had found her friend. 'I'm Zyra, he's Keryth and you are?' she asked.

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#4Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
The dark-haired elf had made a terrible decision in his over-enthusiastic appreciation of the fish sticks. He got way too many than he could handle, and Zyra refused his offer; as always. Scrunching up his face at her, he shook his head and muttered something about how she still needs to learn to loosen up a bit. So, there he stood, nibbling at the last fish of the first batch, which he stole, while holding the ones he bought on the other hand, wondering what to do with them.

A lovely opportunity presented itself.

A curly-haired young man, just a little taller than him, approached him asking the right question. A large grin cracked on the dark-haired elf’s face. He smiled up at the orange-haired guy like he would at an old friend he had not met for a while. Keryth was particular about being super friendly towards those he planned on scamming; it helped when they believed he was nice and genuine. Pointing at the fish sticks he was holding, he began his sales-pitch.

“Oh! You mean these? These are special, my friend. It’s not made from the fishes that were caught a week ago and kept in a freezer box for eternity. These… were caught this morning. Fresh! But, unfortunately, the man who sells these has closed up his stall and is gone already because he sold everything. For all we know, these are the last remaining pieces for the day,” he said, dangling the sticks in front of Auberon.

“You know what? I like you and I wouldn't let a man miss something so good as this. Since Miss Vegetarian here won’t budge for even a bite and I’ve already had my share, I’ll let you have these for half the price. Just hundred Jewels a piece,” he said, acting as though he was doing the man a favour when in fact he was asking for double the price he paid.

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#5Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
She watched her partner snack on the fish, surprised at her instinct to want to eat them after all. She curbed her curiosity and nibbled on the fruit in her bowl instead. Then along came the man who seemed to be interested in the fish-sticks too. What was it about these sticks that was so special? Zyra thought, slightly bitterly. As her partner decided this was a good opportunity to do a little business. She saw nothing wrong with it, he'd paid for the sticks, clearly he'd gotten more than he could eat, maybe it made sense to resell it? She was also rather happy with the approach he had. Zyra knew that a lot of what he said was a bit of a lie, but she was ok playing this little prank, she wondered how far her dark-haired elf could take things. Would the man really settle for almost double the prize. She scowled when he teased her, but she decided to play along. 'I would if I could, I can't so I won't...' she said, but she let slip the slight whine in her tone, so that it could be added as a selling point. It would sell better if even a vegan wanted to try it right?

'It is called being a vegan, by the way.' she corrected, more to show off her own knowledge about people, since that wasn't a term that the elves needed to use when with each other. She couldn't help but snicker, since not only was he selling it at double the prize, he was passing it off as half... What if this guy was from here? She controlled the urge to nudge Keryth and transfer that possibility into his mind, just to get him to reconsider. But before any of that could happen, a younger boy walked up to them and tugged at her friend's robes. 'Mister! Mister! My mom has given me just about enough to take the lot, but because you're being so kind and sharing, I'll throw in a little bit of the pocket money I saved too!' he exclaimed, making grabby hands at the sticks that Keryth held. Zyra widened her eyes, and her lips pressed into a line, to stop her from grinning... Looks like they were about to get richer. She waited for Keryth to make his decision... Unable to keep up the pretense, she slowly backed away from the group and then swiftly walked away, only to make a sharp turn and burst into a fit of giggles, she peeked to see how Keryth was doing.


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#6Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
Just as he finished his sales pitch, he wondered if he overdid it. Zyra seemed to find it extremely difficult to keep her giggling under check. The dark-haired elf was scared she was going to blow it. Luckily, before orange-haired man could come to a decision, a young boy approached Keryth and was eager to take the offer. “Oh look! Someone who knows to grab a great deal without hesitating,” he said, appreciating the naivety of the kid. By now, Zyra had already left the scene; he assumed she couldn’t help it anymore.

Before the kid could change his mind, Keryth handed the two fish sticks to him and practically snatched the money he held. “Well! Enjoy the delicacy,” he said, ruffling the boy’s hair before bolting from there towards his partner. So, in all, it was a wonderful start of the day. He stole the first two fish sticks, bought the next two and sold them for double the price. Not only did he get to taste something delicious, he also managed to see undue profit. It was the perfect underlying recipe of any successful business and the thieving elf had got it down.

Grinning at his partner, he dangled the pouch of Jewels in front of her like it was a trophy. “Now, let’s get out of here before the kid realizes it is no special fish stick,” he whispered, picking up the pace.


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