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Eyes Wide Open [Odin]

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Two days after Odin had met Arisa in the Mag Drug Magic Shop in, obviously, Magnolia, he had received a letter, one sent directly to the 'Lich known as Lucifer'. As there obviously weren't many Liches in the world currently, with Odin being the only one he knew of, and with even fewer naming themselves after the demonic incarnation of chaos and pride, it wasn't all that difficult for the mage to be tracked to a room in a hidden away inn in the town: the only place that was actually willing to put him up for the week or so that he was planning on staying in the area. All the others, most of them of a higher standard than the one he currently found himself in, had decided that they would lose more money than they would gain from Odin living with them for a time, and so had rejected his request for lodgings. The one place that did accept him made it clear that they were just happy to have customers, as usually they lost out to the more flamboyant competition on the main streets. Although the location of his current bed did come with a few perks of its own: the breakfast in the morning however was most certainly not one of them.

The letter reached Odin rather quickly after it had been sent, a courier arriving at his room and, having obviously not been told who the recipient was, instantly screamed in terror when he saw Odin. He had been told that he was looking for a Lich named Lucifer, but obviously it hadn't stuck in his head as to what that actually meant. Regardless, Odin was amused by the entire ordeal, and took the letter without any words. Reading it rather quickly, he grabbed his things: putting on his ring, and made his way towards the shop that had requested his services. The owner, an old man by the name of Khalash Saton, had not actually stated for what purpose he was hiring Odin for, but only that it was urgent that the Lich arrive as soon as he received the letter. Luckily the inn itself, being located far away from the main streets, and by extension the hustle and bustle of every day life, wasn't actually that far away from the shop itself, and it only took Odin a few minutes to reach the location of his newest job. He was starting to get rather annoyed at himself, as it had now been three days since he had done any work, but finally someone had reached out to him about job prospects, which meant more money for the Lich. Perhaps his 'fame' was starting to get him known, and more and more people would soon request his help. Or perhaps, as it would turn out, Khalash just needed someone that looked scary to help out, and what better person to instill fear than the creature that many stories told over campfires were about.



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Upon arriving in the shop, Odin could almost taste the feeling of unease that spread across the people already browsing the items. It was a magical shop, and Odin had started getting a name for himself, despite it being as 'the scary skeleton monster that helped people', so at least there was an improvement over the screaming that had been present beforehand. It was a lot easier to deal with people if they weren't constantly screaming 'monster' in his face, but that wouldn't stop them from getting uncomfortable at Odin being remotely nearby. In a close space like the shop, as well, they clearly weren't overly keen on staying for long.

That was until Khalash came out from the back room and, upon seeing Odin, exclaimed that he was right on time and thanked the Lich for appearing, "Ah perfect, right on time, thank you for coming on such short notice, you're the perfect man for the job, first one that came to mind." At hearing that he was not only known to the owner, but had been requested here, the entire shop breathed an inaudible sigh of relief, everyone relaxing slightly as Odin just rolled his eyes at the scene. He didn't care, but dear goodness the novelty had worn off. Khalash then went on to explain exactly what it was that Odin had been asked for: the terms of the request. "Right yes, you see I need to leave the shop for the day, got important business to attend to in the forest, but I need someone to watch the shop while I'm away, and you are the best person. Occasionally, some rowdy magic teenagers, common riff-raff really, come in and disrupt the shop, sometimes they even try to steal things. If I'm away, they'll surely succeed, which is where you come in. Do not go into the back room, but just stand here and stop anyone from going there, or messing up the shop in any way." With that said, Khalash simply nodded a few times before walking straight out of the shop, leaving Odin alone with the current customers, who once again became uneasy. It was clearly going to be a long day for the Lich.

For the first hour, nothing actually happened: people came and went about their business. Some stopped by and actually bought some things, others turned and walked back outside the moment they saw Odin. Being a bartender, he had a lot of retail experience, and it wasn't too difficult to work his way around the payment machine and give everyone what they wanted. However, eventually, the three teenagers Khalash had spoken of appeared. They came in acting like big men until they saw Odin, at which point their demeanor changed somewhat, and they became much less boisterous. Unfortunately, for them, they still had the nerve to try and steal something, but they didn't make it to the door. Luckily for Odin, no one else was in the shop at this time, only the Lich and the three teenagers, who thought they were cool because one of them could generate a rather pathetic fireball. The moment they slipped a potion into one of their bags and made their way to the door, they were blocked by a skeleton reaver: the three meter warrior with a two meter broadsword placed in the ground in front of it, its hands resting gently atop the hilt. In an instant, the room filled with undead, causing the boys to scream in terror as darkness filled the room. One of them even fainted, but in another instant they were gone, and Odin watched the two conscious boys drag their friend out the shop, running away as fast as they could.

A few minutes after that, Khalash returned, and asked Odin how his day had gone. Simply stating that the teenagers likely wouldn't bother him for a long time now, Odin took his payment and left, another mission complete.



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