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Fantastic Fabrics[Request]

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Travelling along the roads of Baska, Uchida was keeping his eyes peeled for the next potential odd job he could take on to kill some time and earn some pocket money. Taking his time, he decided he'd have a look at the mission board to see what's up. Despite spending a copious amount of time in the town, he didn't even bother to look for work. Well, he was about to changed all of that now. He walked a bit longer through longer through town, taking the scenic route, even though he's already seen most of what Baska has to offer. Finally, he made it to his destination of the mission board. While searching through it, he felt odd about one request. It was bright pink and it was sticking out like a fish out of water. He wasn't really too keen on plucking it but for some reason it just called out to him. He gave out a sigh of disappointment and took the frilly, pink paper. He began to read through to find out what the task was. He was sure he might regret this but a job is a job after all. Besides, this was a first for him where he'd find a decorated request like this on the mission board. Making his way to his client's abode, Uchida did something out of character and began to whistle. He wasn't sure why he was in the mood to whistle but he just was. Maybe it was to hide the embarrassment of holding a piece of pink paper. Just holding it felt like a threat to his masculinity. Making it to his client's place, he eyed the structure up and down before moving forward to ring the bell.

Not long after ringing the bell, a rather flamboyant man had answered the door coquettishly, which made Uchida lean back a bit in slight panic. The man stared at him with a smile and Uchida stared at him before remembering what he came for. "Oh, right. I came to take this...request... I guess. Here's the flyer for it." Uchida had said while handing him the flyer. He was still freaked out by the greeting but it didn't bother him that much anymore now that he decided to get straight to business. The man took the flyer and looked over it before grinning wider and ushering Uchida inside. Hastily, the man introduced himself as Fernando Milano and was the owner of this little fabric shop. Uchida honestly thought it was just a flashy abode but to each their own he assumed. Fernando had taken Uchida's hand and dragged him around the shop showing him the kinds of fabrics that he needed. Most of the items he wanted were either rare or high quality and would cost most people a small fortune. Fortunately for Uchida, the client seems to be quite rich since he gave him a lot of jewels in order to go buy as many fabrics as he could. This should prove a simple task enough, despite not knowing the first thing about fabrics. He guessed he could get some shifty merchant to tell him.

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Making his way out of the shop, Uchida wondered how he was even going to go about looking for the fabric this man wanted. Well, he decided he'd cross that bridge when he arrived. He finally arrived at the town square where there was all kind of shops and travelling merchants peddling their wares. Fidgeting with his pockets he wondered where he'd go to look for those fabrics his client sent him for. Momentarily after arriving at his destination, he gazed around to look at all the merchants that were potentially selling fabric. Uchida started to walk towards the nearest fabric stalls to see if they were selling what his client needed. A lot of them looked nice to him but they were mostly common, some were uncommon but it was hard to find elsewhere if you knew where to look. Uchida was there for what seemed like hours. It was no secret that Uchida was new to this sort of thing. Eventually, after what seemed like an hour of searching, Uchida saw a familiar face. "Oi, Well, if it isn't Gaud. How're you doing..? Uchida remarked in a taunting and dangerous tone, slowly walking up towards the man he had done business with previously. If he remembered correctly, he wasn't on the best of terms with this man but the man knew Uchida wouldn't hurt him directly so he casually greeted him as a hired mage. Both of them didn't weren't crazy about talking to each other so Uchida kept it short. He asked the man where he could find find the rare fabrics his client was looking for.

Gaud had scoffed and was almost tempted to tell Uchida he was on his own but Uchida did help his situation and Fernado was close business partner of his so he decided to help him out. Gaud himself was the one selling the fabrics and decided he'd let them go  for a little bit less than usual so that Uchida could buy a lot more. Not to mention it makes both of them look good and make sure he didn't get into any future trouble. Uchida thanked the man and took as many fabrics as he could hold to take them back to Fernado. He bought a lot so he had to make two additional trips back and forth to collect the rest of them. Eventually, the sun went down and the area had grown dark. The stall owners were packing up and getting ready to move to either their homes or on to the next town. When Uchida arrived back at his client's shop, he was greeted with a hard pat on the back and a hearty laughter. Uchida stumbled forward from the force of the slap and frowned but he sucked it up and straightened up. For a giant fairy, his strength surely matched his physique. Shortly after that incident, Uchida received his payment for a job well done and he was off to fulfill his next request. He then exited the client's house off to find another task to complete.


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