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Dozing Kids [Vivianna]

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Dozing Kids [Vivianna] Live.wallpaper.rich.butterfly.luxury
The two woman sat down across each other, each of them holding a small white porcelain cup that released sweet aromas of many shades to the room. They seemed to be standing in silence, but the smiling faces told everything about the talks they had had, and that this was a simple pause. The woman on the right closed her eyes and lifted the cup to meet her lips. She gleefully took a sip out of the tea inside and savored the flavor by keeping it a little before swallowing. The other woman's hair was a bit messy, with strands of it covering her face, down her pointy chin and big eyes, her shoulders were stiff but she was smiling. Her young stance made her look very vulnerable and cute to the external eyes.

Vivianna was here for another easy job she had picked up. Sitting across her was the teacher of the kids that had just talked so much about her love for teaching that the job had turned out be something much more just teaching a few kids for Vivianna, while she was helping for this woman, she wanted to make sure that her spirit lived on here.

"Some of them are very prone to sleeping," the woman said, while twirling her hair with her very pale fingers. Vivianna could spot the beige nail polish. "So please make sure they listen to you well!" the woman exclaimed and leaned in closer, her legs were tightly closed, her hands on her knees, her face showed a tiny bit of concern and determination. Vivianna could understand what she meant and why she was standing the way she as. With a slight chuckle, she also leaned in closer and winked. "No worries, I'm sure I have some tricks up my sleeve,"

The teacher, who've must liked the confidence showed by the witch had a big smile on her face. The two women shared a laugh and even a small hug when the teacher was leaving. It was now just Vivianna inside the huge library with 3 hours before the class was starting. She cracked her fingers and with a smile took the first book out of the bookshelves to learn more about the subject on hand. Thankfully, the subject was decently interesting to her. While extremely basic, Vivianna's vivid imagination let her imagine the subjects in a wide array of ways. She had even taken some notes to a small piece of parchment.

Now that it was time for class, Vivianna quickly made her way there. Inside a few students were already sitting on their desks and when Vivianna walked in, they gave her very curious looks. Vivianna stood still for a few seconds before giving the kids a smile and started to hit up a conversation. As kids came in more and more, the conversation became more lively. Vivianna would ask them about what they like to do and listen to them as if there were adults. The kids appreciated the thoughtful conversation, as in with many kids, most of their words were not listened to by the older folk. The kids were also very curious about the fact that Vivianna was a mage, and wanted to learn if she had slain a dragon, or a manticore, and named some creatures Vivianna knew nothing about. With a flushed face, Vivianna would gently say no to the kids, who would be much more disappointed that Vivianna would think.

"But, if I ever do slay an, uh, Omega Tyrannical Rex, I will let you know Bobert."

The teacher came in and the two women exchanged nods filled with willpower. Vivianna took her seat that was at the back of the seat and didn't know what to feel about the fact that she could easily sit on a kids chair. She could really treat herself. She leaned back and started to watch the class. She understood Mrs. Sandine much better as she watched her. The woman loved her teaching and the students, the class would be filled with tongue twisters, slides of paper, music and cartoon drawings about the subject. She would personally listen to each worry of the students and try to teach them parts they couldn't understand.

About twenty minutes later, the kids started to lose interest with fatigue. Before Sandine needed to even give Vivianna a look, she had already got up and raised her hands. A magic circle appeared under her which gave Sandine a shocking expression. Vivianna's eyes were closed but she was smiling.

"Come try to remember,
The wonderful form you once had."

With the chantings done, Vivianna released plethora of colorful butterflies to the classroom. The kids in awe, all started to watch the butterfly. However, these little fellows weren't for the sake of just show, Vivianna had more plans about it. By easily manipulating the shape of the butterflies into relevant letters, numbers and shapes the teacher was talking about in her class, Vivianna made the class interacting and more fun than the teacher would've hoped. The kids seemed to love the butterfly show and were much more inclined to raise their hands. Vivianna sometimes would turn them into plain mid air text so that the teacher could still use the board for writing different things. One of the kids was playing with a butterfly. Noticing that he was actually getting side tracked, she made the butterfly go join the others. The kid didn't seem to mind, thankfully.

When the bell rang for the last class, Vivianna was more exhausted than she thought she would be. Sandine approached her, her eyes bright, and thanked her. Apparently the teacher had picked up a few hints from her. Vivianna smiled and told her that she was glad. The two woman shared a cup of tea again, but this time their conversation was more like a gossip. Their class adventure had brought them together apparently. Vivianna was then rewarded and went home for a well earned rest and sleep.

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