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No Stone Unturned(Solo)

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

No Stone Unturned(Solo) Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:24 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia
Annoyance, Aggravation and Frustration. The very feelings that coiled around inside of Kanya. Since she stepped foot into this mage business, she only been a lap dog for all these pathetic scum. It was obviously making her sick to her stomach, why was she forced to do these trashed as quest just to get by, All she couldn't do was shake her head at the very disappointment she felt when these quest she was taking was becoming a thing. The searing pain hitting the side of her head once more as the voice echoed from the depth within. "You seem unexcited , what is the lack of blood spill really that much of a disappointment? I mean you are this good girl right?". Kanya simply rolled her eyes at the comment as she couldn't believe the voice in her head was even attempting to mock her at this moment. "Do you ever shut up? all you do is give me a headache literally, like you just keep talking as if i know you" the words came out as a bit harsh on Kanya's part as she just rolled her eyes again. This was so damn stupid, as she stood there and her hands over her chest. She was waiting for someone it seemed, her client from before was suppose to send for her. Well that at least what the note she received was saying at the very least.

It didn't take long for her escort to arrive who was a young man, he couldn't have been much older than her. It was sad really even people this young was being driven in by the chaos of this land. She listened closely trying to ignore the pain searing from the side of her head as she couldn't help but feel somewhat bad for the whole situation in general, After the information was passed on Kanya would allow the boy to lead the way. She had to meet her client again elsewhere, this was becoming annoying if anything at that moment. "I dont understand, for someone that seem to want revenge he doing alot to avoid you from killing them, maybe he just a pussy to begin with" the darker female voice spoke as it was at this point she could tell. As she followed the young man, she was in her own thoughts. "This is strange, why send me all the way out here to meet with me personally, thats a brave thing to do especially when you hired a killer to do your dirty work"

It didn't take long for them to reach the little hide away, Kanya would come to a stop as a sigh left her lips."I know you hope he allows you to kill someone, am i right?" the voice teased from within. " Again can you shut up, i dont know who you are or do i care, so shut up and mind your own damn business" the anger in her tone was so evident as she stood there before sighing pushing the door open as she walked inside.


No Stone Unturned(Solo) 2hokcit
#2Kanya Vi Britannia 

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Kanya Vi Britannia
As Kanya would enter into the little hideout, it wasn't really all that appealing well not to her anyway. Her azure eyes looking around the place as if trying to find something that could catch her eye. Well their was nothing here so much for that idea. The only thing here was that young boy and the ugly ass client of hers. Rubbing the back of her head a sigh again leaving her full pink lips. She would allow her client to begin to explain the points of the quest. She gave it a listen picking up different points along the way at the very least. As she listened she seemed to dig in her pocket to take out a small notebook, jolting down all the viable info She wasn't one to go into a mission half hearted, she believed in being at least prepared along the way of things. She maybe didn't like the missions like these, but in her eyes didn't mean she could just blow them off. Putting her notebook back into her pocket as the client would finish speaking. She would give a nod of her head to acknowledge she understood the quest and was going to see it through to the end.

She would leave the little hideout as soon as she would take all the information she needed. This allowing her to take in what she had to do. So her mission was to find three people, but dont engage just jolt down their appearance and shit. "Well that sound like a complete bore, why do you take missions like this it's a waste of time" the voice spoke coursing through her head from the sudden pain that she felt. " This job would help me understand a way not to just kill people as i have been doing, you of all people should understand that" Kanya wasted no time to give a smart answer back to the female voice giving her searing pain every time it spoke. rising her hand to place to the left side of her head she would sigh within. She would then take off as she had a few days to do what she needed, Within the first day she remained stationed on the roof near the entrance of the town. This allowed her to scope out who came and gone within that time limit. As she waited she seen the person she needed to explain in her notes, jolting down Kalaus appearance that would leave two more for her to look out for. Staying on the same roof even as she was there over night, her azure eyes looking towards the moon. The darkness was her home something she was use to due to Dahlia. As the next day approached still being stationed where she was at the entrance, this was when the next arrival would come which she then jolted down Giroud appearance in the little book she was given. She was able to pin point these people due to their attire alone, they sure didnt look like mine workers. As the last night progressed she was nearing the conclusion of this damn mission. As the sun would rise after a few pleasant hours she would rise up to look at the last newcomer. Writing down Frankan appearance she would close her book. Moving towards the other side of the roof she will slide off landing on her feet, It didnt take her long to reach the hide out again as she would hand the client the notebook amd then she would be tossed a bag which she caught in her hand and left them to their own scheming she did what she could and that was it.


No Stone Unturned(Solo) 2hokcit

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