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Foot Travel to Baska [Oak]

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#1Aria Scylar 

Foot Travel to Baska [Oak] Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:37 am

Aria Scylar

A member of Hungry Tadpole, she was guildmember of Phantom Lord, and inadvertently working for the Manji, if only indirectly. She had made an offering almost religiously, and had come to learn the culture behind her actions. Bodak was someone to look up in these respects, and she would not dismiss them. While their conversations were short and to the point, she felt as if her connection to the deity that would protect her, was almost too good to be true.

She felt an urge to leave this town and head to the next. She would not question it, only understanding that it was outside of her own desires. If this god had called upon her to preform a rite, or an action, she would do so. And she would do so, happily.

Whatever the reason, what ever she was to do, to go, or who to meet, she would obey this greater power. If it would grant her the power and the knowledge to take over, then she would gladly serve until that time. She would usurp the failing guild and she would reign.

She would obey this nameless god, and one day she would learn how to properly address this deity.

Foot Travel to Baska [Oak] 1gg6ee

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