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The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:03 am

Nastasya Crowe
Right.. today would be the day of answers. She had been here so many times, they should almost offer her a room here, which made her look strange it gave her a feeling as if someone had done that before. But she shook her head violently, no one. No one had spoke to her about this pub but Thorn, someone she should aks about a possible curse.

Lilja took a deep breath, but this barkeep knew things and he didn't talk. Perhaps today, depending on the amount of people, she would hold him at his collar and pull him over the bar to demand answers from him. Or she would be that dumb stuck up thing that would demand to see the owner. It would be troublesome if he was the owner. But she would figure something out, she didn't care how or what the consequences would be because how could you not answer someone with questions, one that carried amnesia or however people would say it.

Lilja was furious the more she thought about it and that wasn't a good thing. She shook her head lightly this time and stepped inside. There weren't many people and that brought a small smile on her face, so she walked to the bar, didn't sit down on a chair, she would grab this man and make a fake attempt hit him.. "Oi... me again. Time for answers my friend." the last part was said very sarcasticly and she leaned on the bar to extend her right hand to grab the collar if not someone would interupt her, she would pull the man towards her over the bar counter. She wouldn't hit him really, that would never give her answers anyway.

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The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o

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Waiting often was the worst type of torture one had to endure. Although Esperia had found a certain means to relax and enjoy some peace in a certain establishment known as the 'Swineherd Pub' it still didn't erase her worried thoughts about Fia's participation in the siege upon Phantom Lord's lair. It was for that reason the girl had been seated at a small table, enjoying the large goblet that was filled to the brim not with booze, but cold milk! Taking a long sip from it the girl turned her gaze sideways at the butler who was quietly observing their surroundings, yet at the same time the two of them noticed a somewhat familiar figure enter the pub, approaching the bar with determination in her eyes, yet to her surprise she didn't order a drink, far from it.

Rather, she clenched her hand into a fist and threatened the poor bartender, seemingly demanding answers, and it was at that moment the two of them recognized the stranger. Although she looked somewhat different, something instinctively told her it was the very same assassin that they had met during the siege on Crocus. "Uwaah, the pervy vampire is getting pretty violent..."

Esperia proclaimed in disbelief while Sebastian took a step forward and gazed at the lass' direction. "How peculiar, last time we met you were much more refined Miss Lilja. I wonder what has left you in such an agitated state."

Esperia gently swayed her legs back and forth beneath the table while she took another sip from the goblet and shook her head lightly. "That's not how you ask questions~ At least not if you want to discover answers." The girl mused softly, her mismatched eyes observing Lilja.

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#3Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
She turned to look at the old man that spoke to her and only stared in anger, "You would feel the same." she muttered, turning back to the barkeep as she wanted to force him to say things, almost shaking him as she opened her mouth to say that he should at least tell her something. That's when she froze and simply stare at the barkeep, a bulky guy, surely able to stop her if he wanted to but he didn't and she let go. She didn't say anything, nor mutter an apology, she simply turned around as the second voice had spoken. She was very surprised, he had said her name.. the man had called her miss Lilja.

"It's been the fifth time I asked politely, that didn't work." But she waved away the barkeep and walked towards the duo, "But that doesn't matter anymore, you said my name." She stared from the girl to the old geezer and looked at the girl again. As she normally got senses and feelings, the girl didn't give her one and she was sure her horrid memory would remember two different eye colours. The old man though, gave her shivers down her spine, some bad senses, the only thing that Lilja could think about, it reminded her of the memory of the Rune Knight, which had only been one fragmence of a memory, which had confused her a lot. "Who are you?"

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"Esperia~ Esperia Von Eisenberg, a pleasure to meet you again." Esperia mused playfully, a little raise of her goblet following as she finished her drink. Meanwhile, Sebastian made a light polite bow with his upper-body, a hand before his chest as he gave a greeting typical of a butler. "And I am Sebastian, a humble butler in service of the Demon Lord of Lust and her successor."

Her eyes cast upon Lilja's face Esperia's lips curved into a smile while she hummed playfully. "Speaking of the former~ Asmodeus says hi, and she finds the change you did quite cute. Although red fits you better." Esperia explained with a little grin as she gestured with her free hand at her own hair as if to make it clear what she was talking about.

"Hmm~ but I'm surprised you have forgotten us already... Then again, the events after the siege on Crocus were rather... chaotic. But I'm sure Asmodeus will be quite disappointed to hear you forgot about that passionate time you both shared. Even if one half of it pretty much was her doing lewd things to you while you were asleep."

The last thing being added with a little snicker the girl looked sideways at the barkeeper and hummed softly. "How about ordering something Lilja? It might make the conversation more pleasant when you have something to keep your throat from going dry."

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#5Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Esperia? She was a hundred percent sure that since this accidental memory removal, she didn't meet an Esperia. No matter what fancy surname she had, so Lilja shook her head lightly and turned to look at the other guy because he gave her more feelings of recognition than the girl with two eye colours and even again she was sure she would have surely got a feeling with that. The butler or whatever his function was still gave her the creeps even though he seemed to be very polite. She only raised her right eyebrow up as the butler mentioned; Demon of Lust.. the demon of what now? Did she meet demons before.. for some reason she got the feeling she met more than one?

Which was a very nice thing to have done and she wondered if she really couldn't get anyone to simply answer what was going on. Apart from that.. this girl knew her name so she had to get to this point of getting more answers. As.. Asmodeus? She said hi, how? But there was no one here and.. now she realized there had been a point that she had met another demon having a body sharing moment and she stared at the nothing because there had been a guy right.. that looked like that.

She frowned and it did start to hurt in her right eyebrow again and that had been like a sign that there was a trigger in her mind. What happened.. passionate what now and when and asleep and.. Even before Esperia could finish the sentence of letting her order a drink she sat down and as close to Esperia as she could, the old man after all gave her creeps so for now she ignored him. "You are.. the only one that remembers me." Which was a very strange way to start anything like a conversation, she simply moved her hand up and waved at the barman because well.. if he wasn't going to give her answers, he should do his job of giving her a drink and she had been coming here every single day, he might remember by now what she ordered. "Because I can't even remember me."

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Amnesia? Now that was an unexpected plot twist to be hit by, although it left Esperia slightly bewildered. Especially seeing Lilja shifting as close to her as possible briefly made the girl's cheeks flush up brightly as she praised Illumin for the fact her lover wasn't around to grasp a misunderstanding. "Hmm you don't remember your own identity?" The girl inquired with a hint of curiosity as she raised a hand to her cheek, tapping a finger against it as she seemingly started to think for a moment. "Although I know you, the truth is that most of your interactions with me happened while Asmodeus was in control."

However, as she waited for Lilja to get her drink Esperia's gaze shifted to the lady's mouth and after a moment mused softly. "The fact you need food and drinks is peculiar by itself already. Back when we met you umm... there was only one type of substance you needed."

Oh gods, this sounded all sorts of wrong, but it was rather awkward to properly explain it. "Then again, I guess it might be more helpful if you were to meet Asmodeus again, maybe interacting with her might loosen some memories or make you recall something."

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] MHKs2Uu
#7Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
She nodded shortly but firmly when Esperia mentioned that she didn't know her own identity. "All I knew was that my name was Lilja Oswald, which was a pretty guess but once I arrived here in Oak I figured out it was true. But that's the only thing I know. I come here regulary because that guy." she pointed at Mac, "Knows me but doesn't say a single thing." Which made her glare at him with the evil eye that she could muster up before turning back to Esperia. Who.. no wait she understood that it must be something like Take Over and that she had seen it before or well known it before, there was this guy and.. or wasn't he a take over mage anymore.. some vague feeling told her that as well.

As she looked at the barkeep shortly again, she turned to look back at Esperia as the girl with two eye colours spoke, "What do you mean?" She said not really understanding what was happening. Did that had anything to do with that Demon of lust or was it something else? Who would only need one substance to su.. to survive.. nah.. that was ridiculous, she was a human. She was a human with not even one single drop of magic, even though Mia had said she must have something as she had the potential. But she couldn't even use magic, "I'm human as far as I know." she muttered, filling in the dots with a possible assumption. Perhaps it was indeed best to speak to Asm.. Asmo.. jeez the name wasn't that difficult!

"And where will I find her?" It felt like a dumb question because she wasn't sure if they were either siblings or if it was indeed a possibility of Take-over magic. But she kept her eyes on Esperia, still ignoring Sebastian, with a bit of luck, she could just summon the ability of that Demon and let her talk.

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o

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It was clear that Lilja truly had no memories of her former self, or this had been one expertly done performance. However, she couldn't help but find herself a bit curious about the fact the young lady seemed to have lost her touch with her vampiric self. What in the world could have happened there? "Well~ meeting her wouldn't be a problem, if I recall right this pub also offers some rooms for weary travelers to rest at. Also offers the bit of privacy you could use when talking to her."

Finishing the goblet of milk she let out a happy sigh and rose onto her feet. "Ah well~ time to get to work I guess~" Giving a playful little wave of her hand she beckoned for Lilja to follow her, seemingly toward the area the guest rooms were at and after ensuring there was one for them to borrow she nodded at Sebastian who remained standing guard outside while she and Lilja were able to enjoy some privacy inside the room.

"Like I mentioned before I am the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust~ so all it requires for me is a little phrase and 'poof' we change places." Taking a deep breath the girl smiled briefly before she hummed a single phrase. "Luxuria". The transformation might had looked nostalgic, at least if Lilja still had her memories, the sight of the black energy wrapping around the girl like a cocoon, and after a moment burst free to reveal the obsidian-haired beauty that came from within. Her amber-colored eyes softened in the gaze she send Lilja's way as she greet her with that typical honey-laced voice of hers.

"To think you'd forgotten me after the things we did together~ Whoever gave you that amnesia must have used quite a powerful spell or curse~ Nonetheless, even amnesia has its means of being dealt with. But first things first~ Tell me every detail you still remember of your former life Lilja~"

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] MHKs2Uu
#9Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
"Yes it does." Lilja answered as Esperia mentioned that the pub also offered rooms, but she didn't actually knew how she knew that. She was very certain about it, a bed if you are ever in oak. She let out a sarcastic chuckle for herself, perhaps she did know the owner and perhaps this barkeep was in every right not to tell her anything as it might harm either of them. She had to let go of that and wait for him to return and in the mean time this demon might be able to inform her about more. She took her glass that was just planted on the table by the barkeep and watched him through her eyelashes, wondering if he was annoyed by her or curious to what might have happened and thus forgiving her for it. She took one gulp of the glass, putting down the burning sensation of the liquor in her mouth and throat before putting the glass down at the same time as Esperia finished her pint of.. she had no idea what it was as it looked like milk. But she said no word and stood up to immediately follow.

Glad to know that the old man stayed outside, she shortly looked around the room before turning her bright red eyes back on Esperia, She couldn't stop looking after the sort of transformation happened and the girl disappeared and made place for a woman, she vaguely recognized but if she wasn't informed couldn't place in her mind from where. This was Asmodeus. "I don't know anything, all I knew is that my name was Lilja Oswald and I had my doubts about that until the hotel owner called me that and there are some vague memories triggering towards this place but nothing shows up. I didn't know I was a vampire and I still can't believe it, I don't have any idea how to use magic or which guild I am from, I vaguely remember I had a title but I can't even remember that one. All I know is this." and the now human being pulled down the higher neckline, the turtle neck of the shirt she was wearing to show a runic looking line of a pattern from her jawline, disappearing lower towards her left breast. "All I know is that originally I shouldn't have it and that it has something to do with magic."

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o

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A soft hum followed as Asmodeus listened carefully to the words spoken by Lilja. It appeared there was indeed some form of magical spell corroding her mind. "Although I don't know the owner of this establishment, I can assure you that you are, or perhaps 'were' a vampire. How do I know this?"

She slowly and sensually encroached upon Lilja till her body was mere inches away from her, leaning in to whisper seductively into her ear. "In the end, I allowed you to feed upon my blood in the past." She hummed softly as she leaned back a little and smiled warmly before she resumed her explanation. "You used to belong to a guild called Grimoire Heart, they used to serve the agenda of the current king, but disbanded after his coup d'etat succeeded."

As she watched Lilja lover the turtle neck of her shirt Asmodeus's gaze sharpened slightly, a finger raised toward the runic markings on the young woman's neck. "Hmm, that could explain it. I believe those runes are divine in nature, perhaps even closer to celestial. Although their method of use is awfully familiar to me~"

As her finger trailed along the markings she mused softly. "Those markings are the work of a practitioner of holy magic. The type of which only the Church of Illumin has at their disposal. Makes me wonder if you got into a tussle with one of their Holy Knights."

A short pause followed as she thought deeper on the matter. "While restoring your memory would take time, considering we'd need to loosen the chains they bind around them, I can give you a little 'push' in the right direction. A chance to relive one of your memories, should you desire so~"

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] MHKs2Uu
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Nastasya Crowe
Lilja didn't know really what happened, at first there was not much of a remembering of Asmodeus, her face looked familiar but her body instinctively reacted when the Demon of Lust came closer and she felt a pull somewhere in the lower pit of her stomach. and she simply stared at Asmodeus her shoulder to not pinch herself into another reaction, she only nodded shortly. A vampire, but how did a vampire turn back to human, wouldn't they just simply die? There were only more questions, what the heck happened. Grimoire Heart? She frowned now that Asmodeus wasn't whispering in her ear, her heated mind tried to come up with an answer. She stared at the ground, looking left and right to see if there was an answer. She remembered a heated conversation and a pain in her heart when her best friend didn't agree with her thinking and she had to leave him behind. Him.. again for sure, it was probably the same guy as the sillhoutte that she couldn't place. She took a deep braeth, that damn barkeep knew more.

Lilja spoke more to Asmodeus showing what she knew and also showing the runic line of magic on her skin. It was hopeful that the demon lord knew an answer. She listened to her and froze a little, a holy knight? She turned her head away from Asmodeus as she tried to recall, as if it was better to not at the woman before her, did she? Didn't she talk to her friend about it? Did someone curse he- yes someone did and she looked back with her big red scared eyes towards the demon lord, "I think I did and that person.. I think he cursed me."

There was a short silence as Lilja considered what she could do and she frowned and looked up at Asmodeus her offer and her cheeks blushed very brightly red, something that couldn't happen when she had been a vampire and she shortly nodded. Memories back was a nice thing right?

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So her assumption was correct, someone did curse Lilja. A soft hum escaped her lips as she watched Lilja's eyes return their focus onto her, and with a gentle pull of her hand she tried to draw Lilja a bit closer. "Just relax Lilja~ Take a deep breath, close your eyes and leave everything else to me." As she whispered those words, and if Lilja would head her advice the young woman would likely feel a sensation similar to the ones she felt when falling asleep. Indeed, it was almost as if the comforting embrace Asmodeus was giving her would soon lead her into a world of dreams, but not just any dream, a dream of Lilja's past.

Who knew how long her experience would be, but by the time she'd wake up she would find that the Demon Lord of Lust had already departed, instead leaving a small piece of paper on the desk next to the bed.

Dear Lilja,
I hope your little trip into the world of dreams and memories proved to be useful.
Remember: Only those who long for something, and chase their desires can state they are truly alive.
So keep chasing your memories my dear~
I'll claim my compensation later.



The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] MHKs2Uu
#13Nastasya Crowe 

The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:08 pm

Nastasya Crowe
She sat up straight, as if awoken from a nightmare and she had to take a few seconds before realizing where she was, what happened and why she had a massive headache. She was surprised to see that the room that was in the Swineherd pub was empty, perhaps Asmodeus was downstairs? She frowned but found the paper  on the desk and she quickly jumped out of bed, taking the blankets around her for she felt cold and alone while being naked. She read the paper and cursed a little, well at least there were some memories. Something she would be able to chase but right now that owuldn't work in that way. She grabbed her clothing and left some jewels for the room. She would leave and not return to the pub for a while, that much was clear.

She wouldn't get answers, she got some answers, she could vaguely remember the issues in Crocus, not how it lead to there, she could remember her hurt body, something with a fight, something about Grimoire Heart and that lingering to find the person who she said goodbye and she felt tears, but Lilja Oswald didn't cry. No matter how much it hurt and how much she longed for something that wasn't there. At least she had found someone back in the months of solitude. It was something and it was worthy.


The anti-vampire story [Esperia & Lilja] KTbQ0X3N_o

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