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A New Mine(Solo)

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

A New Mine(Solo) Empty Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:44 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia
Silent winds blew through the town of Baska,Not too strong for the new place that graced Kanya's eyes. If was beautiful if anything if she was left to describe it. The sight was absolutely breathtaking even for the young sweet loving woman that stood there. Her feet on the very hill over the town , those azure eyes glancing over the landscape. Raising her hand to push strands of her soft silver hair behind her ear as the sound of a whistle leaving her pink lips. The sun shining brightly over the town was something new, something the woman wasn't use to especially when it came to seeing the light and the beautiful side of things or maybe she just been in the darkness for too long. Kneeling down as her knee would touch the landscape reaching down to pluck one of the floors that was sprouted at her feet. Bringing the red like rose to her face, twirling between her finger tips. She was amazed to see ll of this, a town so peaceful it simply made her sick to her stomach, well at least that side of her at the very least. Loosing up her finger tips to let the flower fall to the ground as she would stand up, her left foot crushing the flower underneath her shoe.

"It's aggravating isn't it?" a voice suddenly rung in her head, her hand rising to hold the side of it. She was confused where the voice was coming from as it rung in her head like a drum."Such peace, not enough chaos is what you were thinking right?" the voice just continued to speak as if it knew deep down the kinda person Kanya was. A pain escalating on the side of her head as she listened to this voice, where did it come from? Why was it happening now of all times? she didn't have a single answer to the question she wanted so damn badly. As she held her head those azure eyes looking towards her feet, there was a note address to her. No one should of known her name at least not in these parts. The voice not saying a word as the pain was gone now as soon as the voice had shut it's mouth. Shake her head side to side,she would then lean down to take up the letter which she open to read to herself."Meet me in old shack south of the mineshaft" it read as she would close the letter and place it in her pocket. Bending her knees as she would then use her feet to push off the ground, this letting her use the pressure to jump even higher as she did so , her feet would land on the next roof as she was picking up momentum in the time being. Her body not slowing down as to even let her rest. The heart within her chest throbbing as if she was more excited if this mission would allow her to kill people in which deep down she so desired.


A New Mine(Solo) 2hokcit
#2Kanya Vi Britannia 

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Kanya Vi Britannia
It didn't take her long to arrive at the destination give, her feet touching the ground as her knees would bend bracing the impact of the large jump she made. Rising to her full height she would let a sigh out from between her lips. Then a sharp pain would surge from the left side of her head, her eyes closing to withstand it as she gritted her teeth to numb the pain even a little bit." It's just terrible just how bad you're trying to resist me, i admire that..but i am a part of you if you like it or not Kanya" the voice spoke on as if trying to push Kanya to the limit." Who are you?" was all that Kanya could muster to question. "Who i am is little concern right now so, i'll just say this we will be together for a long long time" the voice said before going silent and the pain going away just as it did the first time. Shaking her head slightly as this little game was becoming annoying more so than she would of enjoyed for it to be especially how she was when it came down to it. Pushing open the door to the abandoned shack she would come face to face with her client.

AS she entered the shack, it didn't take the man long to start explaining her mission. She could of went without the whole painful back story and how the world wasn't fair. She simple rolled her eyes as she paid attention to this the door behind her shut. AS her eyes look over the room, a peak of interest would follow. Her eyes catching sight of the explosives in a bag not to far from her, was those really the weapon of choice. She was happy well until the next part was explained, no one was suppose to be killed. Gritting her teeth slightly she would nod her head understanding the rules of the engagement. She would grab the small bag of explosives that was on the table placing them into her bigger bag in the process. With that she would turn around leaving the shack to go towards the mine where she was suppose to blow it up without killing anyone. As she arrived at the mine it didnt take her long to ponder what was the best plan of action."What fun is there when you can kill, I need understand you humans" Kanya winces in pain as the voice spoke again. She would go into the mine, their was two people at the entrance as she would grab their heads smashing them together knocking them both out at the same time. She would march into the Mine as the other miners wasn't alerted of her action which allowed her to start setting up. The mines was being placed at the exact locations she was given. She would place the final one at the back of the mine. With a nod of her head she would take her leave. Digging into her bag as she reached the exit,pressing a button as the countless explosions would be set off causing the mine to come crashing down luckily all the minders was on lunch at the time. As she used the riot of miners who were gathering around to escape she headed back to the client who threw a bag of jewels towards her. Reaching her hand up to catch it, here she go again taking orders from another scumbag...this one was just twice as ugly.


A New Mine(Solo) 2hokcit

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