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Practical Uses [Quest | Arisa & Yasuki]

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Practical Uses [Quest | Arisa & Yasuki] Empty Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:47 am

Wandering around the town of Magnolia, the blue haired elf couldn't remember the last time she was here. Perhaps that was because the last time she was here was the very first time she entered this country. That was also the first time she had met her friend, or well perhaps sister, still to be a mystery that was left unsolved. Yasuki wandered around the town waiting for something, or really anything to do. Some job where she had to help someone perhaps. Yasuki looked forward towards a bench where she found a particular bench under a nice shade tree. The shade was just enough to keep the hot sun off out of her face, and also allowed for a cool breeze. Here she'll wait until she noticed something to be done, or someone to talk to. Who knows what can happen in the town of Magnolia, she for one didn't really know how big the town was as it was only a short stay when she was here the first time. Maybe this time would allow her to venture out a bit more. She made her way to the bench and finally sat upon it to relax, which was well needed. Yasuki would sat and just wait, giving a slight yawn here and there as she drifted off in a state of pure relaxation. The shade of the tree enough to keep her from getting too warm from under the sun, and allowed for just enough breeze to keep her cool. It was the perfect weather. She didn't know what she was waiting for exactly, but was that so much of a bad thing? Sometimes it's all just good to have time to relax and be alone, but if someone came along she wouldn't mind the company. After all she was trying to open up to people more instead of being closed off to the public. Maybe afterall she did want, friends.


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Arisa drank a cup of tea made of the finest leaves from some Country she couldn't pronounce or perhaps it was just that she didn't know anything about it. The name of it was forgettable like many other things. The spice was sweet, but it had some bitter taste to it. Thankfully, she had added a lemon to the tea to make it taste quite better in her opinion. There was a little bit of sweet cinnamon, teaspoon of honey and then a slice of lemon. The kind of tea itself was unknown to some, but she believed it was Orange blossom oolang tea. After some days after another, it indeed stopped raining. Thankfully, she didn't develop a cold from it as that would've been drastic. Being sick was rare for her and without anyone to properly take care of her could even turn up for the worse. She enjoyed every sip of her tea till it was time to go. When was it time to go? She wasn’t sure, but she had a feeling that it would be soon. Arisa continued to sit outside with her tea while her eyes wandered about. ‘’Wonder when it is the perfect time to do a mission on this day. I can’t give up yet…’’ she told herself out loud and waited for someone she knew to appear. It seemed to happen a lot.



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Yasuki waited on the bench for quite some time, or so it felt, wondering where to go and what to do. If it was up to her she could honestly stay sat on this bench all day. With the cool feel of the breeze under the shade of the tree. Across the street, though still in some distance, she saw a nice cafe. "The only thing that could make this bench better, would be a cup of tea." she said quietly to herself as she got up slowly from the bench making her way to the cafe. As she approached the cafe she saw a familiar figure, which would be Arisa. "Perfect timing again, huh..? We also seem to run into eachother one way or another." she called out in the direction. "Waiting for someone?" she asked as she chuckled. Yasuki waited patiently as she walked up to the counter and placed her order for a glass of sweet tea. Afterwards she headed towards where Arisa was sat. Who knows what the plan was, for one thing it probably was something less relaxing than sitting on that bench across the way. "So what do you think, anyone in need of some help relating to jobs needing to be done?" she asked as it seemed like Arisa always had something for the two of them to do when they were around eachother.


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Arisa gazed at everyone and started to wonder on how she felt about people in general. If she were to list people she cared about, it’d be a pretty small list, but she still wanted to help people in anyway she could. Her body leaned against the table she rested upon and closed her eyes for a second if not longer. ‘What should I do? Where is Alisa?’ she questioned in her thoughts as she felt like it has been forever since she saw her. A deep part of her couldn’t wait to see her again as she smiled at the thought. Their time together was precious to her, including the time at the hotel. They had fun; Drinking, eating food and throwing pillows at each other. She clenched her fist and pounded it softly against the table as her eyes opened wide. ‘’I must keep going for her sake, to see her again.’’ She spoke quietly once again to herself. Soon enough she then saw someone familiar as well as heard. ‘’Huh?’’ she questioned and positioned her head where her eyes were to then gaze – towards Yasuki. ‘’Oh hello, Yasuki. It’s been a bit.’’ She spoke with a motherly smile and scooted a bit.

She was questioned a little as to if anyone needed help, which sounded like it was just on time. ‘’Actually, I do have someone. Would you like to join?’’ she wondered. If so, she would get ready as she sat her tea aside and rang the bell in the middle of the table. After a few seconds she looked back at yasuki. ‘’Would you like some tea or something to drink before we go?’’ she wondered.

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For once it seemed like Arisa was quick to notice that Yasuki was near. She made her way to the table that Arisa was sitting at. Listening to Arisa answer the questions that Yasuki had given her all the blue haired elf girl had to do was sit there and slightly nod. "Well, if you've got someone in mind then let's go for it. Seems like we're becoming a dynamic duo or sorts when it comes to knocking out these jobs." Yasuki responded as she chuckled. The tea that she had ordered previously was already gone. 'Guess sitting on that bench under the tree, even though it was shady, made me thirstier than I thought.' she thought to herself as Arisa asked if she would like some tea or something before the two left. "Well as a matter of fact, I could use another glass." she responded briefly. "One glass, and then we'll go?" she questioned, never really knowing for sure when Arisa was planning on leaving to get this job done. It had always seemed like the two would do one job and then Arisa seemed to move on, to another destination.

Yasuki sat down at the table as she waited for the glass of tea to arrive. Hopefully this time the run in of these two would be a little longer than some of the other times. After all while on doing jobs, time does seem to fly by. "So what does this job entail?" Yasuki questioned as she waited patiently.


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Arisa looked at Yasuki in a curious thought of if rather or not she wanted something to drink. If so, Arisa would then wait to see the waiter and get herself something to drink to take with her and have yasuki order whatever it may be. Her mind was now on the matter of if she was even her sister. They surely were different and perhaps they weren’t blood related. In a way, it would not matter. Arisa will treat her the same either way. With that the waiter appeared, ‘’How can I help you Ma’am.’’ He said with a bow of his head. ‘’Good, err, I’ll get a bottle of water and my sister would like something else well.’’ She said, hinting for Yasuki to say what she wanted to drink. After she spoke of what she wanted, Arisa waited for the waiter to come back – it was silent between them for now.
Time went by with the sound of silence. The waiter arrived, gave Yasuki her drink and Arisa her bottle of water. ‘’Thank you. We’re done here.’’ Arisa spoke quite elegantly. Her hand grasped onto the bottle tightly and got up. ‘’Alright, let us go to the mission board. I know the info is there.’’ She told Yasuki as Arisa herself walked off to the location.




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Yasuki looked towards Arisa in silence after ordering her tea. Both of them seemingly to be waiting for the waiter to arrive back to the table. Finally the waiter arrived who would hand Yasuki her tea and she would begin sipping it down until she heard Arisa mention about heading to the mission board. "Sure thing, I'm right beside ya." she said as she started to follow beside Arisa. Though the walk seemed as if it was missing a companion, Yasuki looked towards her side and then back forward as if she was looking for Nami, which was her Vaporeon. 'Wherever that silly finned creature ran off too, hopefully she finds a good home.' Yasuki couldn't help but think to herself with a puzzled look on her face. It was believed that things appear in lifes when people most need them. For Yasuki, Nami already did wonders. Nami helped Yasuki believe more in herself rather than relying on others, and looking towards the future with a brighter attitude than staying hid away and shy for who knows how long. "Is that the board up there?" she questioned as she pointed towards a board in the near distance, that couldn't be any further than a couple, or three, feet away.


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‘’It should be.’’ Arisa replied towards Yasuki’s question about the mission and the board itself. With that they went up to the board and Arisa’s golden eyes traced the missions one by one. There was some thing about some cupcakes and a few more other ones. One specifically caught her eyes since she just saw that old man a day ago – where she got to also hang out with Grim. She saw a mission from Khalash and with that she put her finger on it to read it in her head.

‘Blah blah blah…. Need volunteers to help test me latest shield for the Magic Council, both as a test subject and to see if the durability isn’t crap.’ She read it in her mind and then turned to Yasuki. As she quickly then opened her water bottle she started to speak. ‘’We must go to the Mad Drug Magic Shop by the forest.’’ She said and then took a drink of her water. She gulped like a thirsty animal, but honestly, she was very thirsty. ‘’Let us go. ~’’ she spoke happily as she walked towards the shop. Once they got there, they saw the old man. ‘’Hey, old man. Looks like I’m your help today.’’ She spoke and patted Yasuki on the shoulder while giggling. ‘’Her as well.’’ She finished. With that the old man came to explain the exact thing she read, but now Yasuki will get to understand it more.



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She followed Arisa to the board which Yasuki pointed out. Indeed that was the board that had the available jobs on it. She looked towards the board and then back to Arisa, seeing if any of the jobs had caught her interest. There was silence while it seemed as if Arisa was studying the board with great detail, carefully examining each job listing thinking which would be a better fit. The job was explained by Arisa, but it seemed as if some of the details was being left out so Yasuki would just follow Arisa to find the man that they would be helping. This took Yasuki to a magic shop, she's never exactly been to one of these so this experience was something new to the curious, yet shy, elf. Arisa introduced herself to the older man as the help that he needed, and then turns to Yasuki doing the same. Yasuki gave a quick nod, and let out a sigh to look around the room. The man explained the job that he needed done to test some kind of shield. "Seems easy enough...? Right.." she said trying to reassure herself of the tasks. Whatever it was Yasuki just wanted to be seen as stronger than what she thought she was, maybe it would help her with building some kind of confidence or something. To prove to herself that she can do anything needed. With that she would follow the man and Arisa, as they headed for the back of the store seemingly more open area, observing and doing the same things as needed to help out the man.



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After he explained things to Yasuki, Arisa and she were being escorted to the back of the shop to a more isolated yet open area. ‘’Here’s the shield…’’ he said as he leaned over to grab it and give it to Arisa. ‘’alright, hold that and I will cast a spell for you to block. Simple as that for act one.’’ He said. Arisa simply nodded and held the shield mid-way, so it covered her chest and lower stomach area. ‘’Ready!’’ she yelled out and he nodded. ‘’Hah!’’ he said and threw a fireball at her. The shield did it and with that she showed him. ‘’Good… Good. Now I need you to attack it with your strongest spell. Have… myself hold it.’’ He said and then grabbed the shield. Arisa watched him walk off into place and with that Arisa wondered which spell to use. ‘I could just not really use an A rank spell… A B rank will be enough, right?’ she wondered and then shook her head as he yelled ready.

‘’Alright, old man.’’ She said and shot out a bullet-like spell. It went towards him quickly to end up not even suffering from a dent. She walked to him and chuckled. ‘’Haha, I was afraid for you for a moment.’’ She told him. ‘’So was I…’’ he said nervously. With that he gave them jewels and went their own way.




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