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BASKA TO DRANNOR [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:43 pm

It had been an interested train ride for Chad as he had been passed out for the vast majority of the journey. During the time that he had been awake, he had been able to see lots of pretty sights like large mountains or wide open plains, but he had decided to ride the train to the farthest destination he could to see what he could find. During the trip he also consumed more alcohol on the train and attempted to socialize with the other passengers, who like always, were surprised to see a monk both using public transportation, and drinking alcohol. He continued to socialize with these people for a few days and nights until he finally reached his destination of Baska.

After wandering around the town for a little while, he found that he was not interested in anything that Baska had to offer, so he set off in search of another nearby town to see if it would be more interesting for him. He still remembered the unpleasant experience of killing a wandering vagrant back in Dahlia town, and he was hoping that he would be able to run into more competent individuals in the next town that he visited. He eventually found his way to Oak.

BASKA TO DRANNOR [Foot Travel] S76lngR

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