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Underwhelming Champion [Arisa]

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Why should I care...
☬When you're just a stranger to me?☬

Arisa started to swing on the swing at the park. Her legs were kicking upward and downward in rhythm as she was gripping the metal bars that were braided downwards towards the seating made of tar. The swing was made for an adult for sure as the seat was larger, the height was more off the ground than the other ones and the chains were thicker. Each swing she heard the screeching of metal that could be compared to a hanging with chains. Clink, clank against the nearest wooden barrier so one cannot strangle and wangle too much. Her mind remembered in the past, the first hanging as she started to remember things ever so slowly. Was she to really judge the person who was hanging or the person that was hanged? She didn't know the circumstances of this scene.

Her head shook the dramatic scene that was in her thoughts. 'I should not really be thinking of these kind of things...' she thought and tilted her head upwards to see the sky starting to get cloudy. Drip drop, drip drop it rained as it slowly ran down her smooth creamed colored face as if a tear formed. She wasn't crying at all so as she felt the drops of rain fall, Arisa got up and off the swing to go to her hotel room. People around here were scramming about to get out of this very rain. It was like the sky was crying. Arisa looked up high at the very sky feeling still warm to the bone as her skin felt clean. Finally, she was at the hotel all lit and bright as if she had all her life to give and live on this very day. She indeed did have a life to live -- not only for herself, but her family that she will have in the future.

The air felt dry when she walked into the door, her body twisted to turn halfway around. The rain was pouring faster and harder against the walls, ground and all. The nature will not survive this most likely due to the impact of the droplets falling against their delicate leaf’s. It wasn't only that, there was also the fact that the dirt will turn into mud and the plant will eventually drown.

Arisa went in the elevator and down it went as the suites were in the lower parts of the hotel. The hotel she was in a day or so ago was indeed on the top floor, so this was a little different. The area itself was elegant with crimson colored rugs, black and golden walls and the ceiling was well designed of thin plates of metal to secure the underground area. She didn't mind it being underground to be frank. If it did collapse though that would be bad, but at least she lived a decent happy life. She knew someone loves(d) her and she loved them. Her child(ren) were somewhere perhaps happy and so forth. Next Arisa turned to go into the room where she had an aquarium by the bed walls which was peaceful. The sounds of water falling was typically relaxing as she then walked towards the dresser that was filled with clothes. ''Let us see... What should I take?'' she wondered out-loud to herself. She didn't know...


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Why should I care...
☬When you're just a stranger to me?☬

There were so many clothes to choose from, but specifically she knew she was going to wear her bikini under it all. First, Arisa stripped to nothingness. Next, she put on her bikini and then grabbed some typical clothes to wear over it. Throwing clothes everywhere she started to choose one after another, but nothing looked quite as good to wear over the swim suit... Wait. Why did she even care about what she wore? 'I am dumb...' she thought and rolled her eyes while pushing the dresser closed. Quickly Arisa got up to put on a jacket over the bikini top and some pants to cover her legs till it was time to do whatever it was she needed to do. Next, she grabbed her rubber boots that were black and presto, she was done. Finally, she was ready and left the building.

She walked through the streets that were quite empty. The rain, cloudiness and the lack of light made people ' fear ' into their houses. Perhaps it was the lightening that may arrive that they feared. Arisa couldn't answer for anyone else, but she was not scared of lightening. In her mind, lightening harmed you like anything else could - including her own element. How could someone fear of something that felt as harmful as the next thing? Does that mean they were to fear everything that was harmful? She yawned, covered her mouth as she did so and walked more forward. Her other hand held up the umbrella to cover the rain. It was weird on how she was going to get wet anyways from either fighting or chasing something, but she decided to stay dry for now by hovering an umbrella, so she didn't get wet now.

Some people couldn't see the logic in that, but Arisa had her own reasons. Why would she get her main clothes wet when she can just go do a mission and be in her swim suit that was going to get wet anyways? She didn't really care on the logic of other's. She swayed her hips as she walked forward and passed the pool area to find out someone was there. ' Weird...' she thought and then she continued. She didn't know who, but what she did do was go in the changing room to change when she finds out what the mission was. She had her white and black bikini, clipped and tied tightly so there was no chance in it getting loose. She could not bare to think of her bikini floating away from her by strong winds. Perhaps the weather will change once she got to the client and the mission will turn out easier than it would in the rain. Arisa was not sure on the matter, but what she did know was that she had a mission to go to rather if it was raining or not. The thought of her made her feel flustered as she then started to slowly walk to where she was going to meet the client themselves.



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Why should I care...
☬When you're just a stranger to me?☬

The sounds of the droplets repeated themselves against the umbrella like sticks against a drum. Her eyes closed while she sniffed the rain scent from her nose that was surrounding her. ''Smells so fresh...'' she spoke and breathed out the air from her mouth. Small puffs of visible air escaped her lips as she did so. Rather or not this meant that it wasn’t going to get warmer was in question yet a probability. The weather was weird now and then again because of most likely the pollution that is going around from who knows what. Arisa didn’t keep track of everything that was happening because it had nothing to do with her. It was quite simple because it was less dramatic and less dramatic means less problems for herself.

Slowly she entered the area where she was told the client was going to be. Who was it to be exactly? It happened to be that Tyler kid that she helped once before. ‘I wonder if it has to do with a little fighting again like last time…’ she thought to herself as she gazed at him and walked towards him slowly to engage into a conversation. ‘’Hey! Tyler…’’ she started to speak softer, but he didn’t seem to hear her at all. Slowly she got up closer, so she would be now standing beside him. ‘’Hey… I heard you need help?’’ she spoke quietly and stood there casually so it didn’t look like they were up to something.

His eyes cornered to look at who it was and with that he was set aback. She easily could tell by the step back he did while having a surprised look on his face. ‘’Hey! Yea… Let me explain simply.’’ He said and stood back where he first was and gazed at the fighting that was going on. ‘’What I need you to do is sign up like you did last time to fight. But! I need you to win this time. The new person that won is a real douche bag and he needs to learn his lesson. So first you sign up, right? And then next I need you to fight against him embarrass him as much as you can by not getting his by his stupid technique that he made up. After that I need you to last more than a few minutes with him to do all this as well. He has this technique where he’ll he puts all his strength into one punch which involves a lot of force.’’ He started and explained in a mouthful.
This kid was wasting no time in explaining which was fine, but soon enough the rain did indeed stop and the clouds moved off. ‘’Weird, the rain stopped… That’s even better…’’ he said and then looked at her. ‘’So you got all that, Arisa?’’ he spoke and said her name. She chuckled at the fact that she was already going to wear a bikini to do whatever mission it was. ‘’Yea… I got this. Even better, I’ll do this with wearing just a bikini.’’ She said bluntly and chuckled.



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Why should I care...
☬When you're just a stranger to me?☬

With that she slowly walked towards the board and grabbed it. ‘’Give me that. I’ll go next or whenever it’s my turn.’’ She said and sighed off her name. After that she slammed down the board with the paper on the table. Afterwards, Arisa crossed her arms and waited for her turn. Her eyes watched fighter after fighter and some weren’t half bad, but what did that make the champion that she was to face? Her mind day dreamed off as she remembered going against people at the tournament, even against Noel. They weren’t really on a good start during that time, but things turned around for the better – for herself at least. She hoped that things will settle and stay good between them.

The thought of him and the things that have happened between the two lovers made her stomach and body feel warm. ‘I hope you’re doing good, Noel – my love.’ She thought and tilted her head to look up at the sky. Quickly she looked forward towards the battle area which was just on the streets where no one really goes. The area had boxes surrounding it, against the buildings which were half abandoned and boxes acting like some type of gate. It was as if some kids were making some fort out of boxes – this was it. She chuckled as she wondered what it would be like to have kids, to have them create something as silly as this, but not for fighting.

They will create a castle or an underground type of hide out. Perhaps play house like she did as a little girl… A little girl… What was her life like before Sin? This was up for questions, but as she was day dreaming she next heard her name being called. ‘’Arisa! You’re next. Vs. The champion.’’ A person said as she then walked up to the middle of some invisible ring – once again made by a kid. The boy looked at her while chewing on some bamboo shoot. ‘’Are you the one I’m supposed to fight?’’ he said in disbelief. ‘’Yea, let us do this. ~’’ she teased with a smile. Suddenly, she tore off her jacket and slid off her shorts to reveal her black and white bikini. Some men whistled, and the champion’s eyes scanned her womanly body. ‘’Mm, not bad. Too bad I’m going to beat the crap out of you.’’ He said really cocky. ‘’Oh yea? Let’s see how that turns out.’’ Arisa said darkly as her golden eyes pierces into the boy’s pretty one’s.
He came forward towards her as he tries to one-two punch towards her. Her upper body leaned back and away from each one – left and right her body leaned back and away from where his fist would go.

This kid wasn’t even curving a punch, just straight. Her eyes concentrated on him, nothing more, nothing less. Out of no where he stopped for a moment to bring back his own left arm, elbow going outward – ’This must be the technique Tyler was talking about.’ She thought quickly. With a one-two step, Arisa twisted her upper body, curving towards her right, her balance complete and then leg stuck out to end up tripping him as he came for her. He ended up tripping on his face being against the cement. ‘’You done?’’ she wondered and cocked her eyebrow. He started to cry and ran off. People laughed and with that she shook her head towards the person with the belt. ‘’I forfeit that to the former champion before that boy joined.’’ She said and then went off after getting her reward.




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