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New Town, Same Old Face [Arisa]

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New Town, Same Old Face [Arisa] Empty Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:22 pm

Mag Drug, a relatively boring old name for a shop that dealt with the magical and interesting. Odin had decided to visit it as it reminded him of a similar shop in Drannor, one owned by a Stephan Mabuz, a doctor (although Odin had never found out if that had been self-proclaimed or not). He was indeed an interesting man, who often had jobs for Odin to complete while he was in the town. He had been a steady source of income for the dark mage, and it was very likely that he would have more jobs for the Lich once Odin finally got back to his hometown. He was starting to miss his pub, it had been far too long since he had been there, and he knew he would have to get back soon enough. Mac probably thought he was dead, since it had been over a year since he had departed the town for a job, and he hadn't been back since.

As Odin entered the shop, a familiar smell made itself known to him, that of magic itself, a smell that proved that this shop was legitimate. It wasn't a smell that had a single aroma, rather it was the feeling it brought him. Potions, herbs, they all came with their own smells, and the culmination brought a smell that could only be described as magic. What a world he lived in

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Early in the morning she started walking through the forest. It was a normal walk in the park of nature with the simple breeze and the sun being out. Today she felt like being simple, enough to wear just a tank top, some white jogging shorts with black lines and carry a simple jogging jacket over her shoulder. There was no need to wear it since the weather was so nice. Her blonde soft hair bounced like a typical pony tail would upon each step she took. It shined and was beautiful like glimmering aquilegia chrysanthas. Her eyes could not be seen clearly as she was wearing sunglasses on this very day.

''I'm sure the old man will be happy to see me.'' she said and chuckled to herself with a smirk. Her arms dangled against her side as she went onto the trail towards the drug-like shop. Soon enough she knocked on the door, walking in to invite herself in. ''Hello?~ Old man?'' she spoke up in a questionable way. ''Errr... Just wanted to stop by to see if you needed help.'' she wondered. ''Huh?'' she heard and then some things fell. ''Hey!'' she said and walked towards behind the counter to help him up. ''Haha, silly man. Let me help out.'' she said to him.

Current time:

Arisa was in the back room cleaning up some supplies and organizing things in the correct order. ''Here you go, dear.'' he said as she tilted her head to look at him. ''Oh thanks! You go take care of the customers as I stay back here. Yell if you need anything.'' she said to him and climbed up the stairs to put the potion away. With that she heard a ding from the door's bell. Her eyes cornered to look towards the main room. ''Glad he put that up so he can hear his customers. Haha...'' she softly smile with a motherly smile going back to helping out.

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Entering the shop, Odin noticed that is was rather quiet, with him being the only one inside currently. This usually made it relatively easier for him than if it was busy. There were at least two other people in the shop with him, neither of whom customers. The first, an old gentleman wearing a pointed hat who Odin assumed to be the owner. The second person he couldn't see, as they were in the back, but the rustling and constant noises gave away their presence. Thankfully the owner, who introduced himself as Khalash Saton, looked more in awe than in fear at Odin's appearance.

''Well aren't you a rarity. Welcome to my shop, where I can provide any and all of your magical needs. What can I do for you?''

Straight into the shopkeeper spiel, Odin couldn't help but just chuckle, his hollow laugh echoing through the entire shop that everyone could hear as his voice followed, "Just browsing thanks. I know of a similar shop over in Oak that I've frequented, wanted to see how this one matched up is all. No offence intended of course, your shop seems equally equipped."

The last part Odin just said so as not to piss off the shopkeeper in their first meeting, he hadn't had a long enough look around to accurately tell if this shop was better or worse prepared than Mabuz's, but there was a lot of similar items dotting the area around the shop. Perhaps it would be worth having a look around after all.

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Differences Don't matter...
☬It's how you use them.☬

Fidgeting, organizing and studying as she looked at the magical wonders of the things in the shop. She saw many potions; love potions, elemental potions of many, potions that cured illness and more. Arisa sighed as she railed down the latter with her hands and landed on her two feet. 'I'm sure he won't mind me relaxing for a bit.' she thought and sat down on some boxes. Her right hand unscrewed the bottle cap of the watered bottle. Softly she yawned before taking a drink. Her head rested against the shelf in the back as she relaxed. 'This is so much better...' she thought and then opened her left eye a little to see someone coming in more. 'Mmm.. wonder who's there.' she thought and stood up, forgetting she was right next to the shelf. ''Crap!'' she yelled and as the shelf rocked, potions falling, Arisa caught the ones falling and chuckled nervously.

''That was close...'' she spoke and safely placed them back. After doing that simple task, she peeked out of the door, ''Need any hel-....'' she was about to ask and then saw Grim. Her eyes opened a little and tilted her head a little to see past the sunglasses she was wearing. ''Oh.. Hey Grim! Fancy seeing you here.'' she said before positioning herself in a straight manner and walked out. Being on the other side of the counter she rested her hand on the counter to stare at him. ''Whacha up to?~'' she teased with a smirk.

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Odin had to admit, he was extremely glad that Arisa had become a Seraph. Sure it meant that any time she touched him, or even came close, he felt a irritating sensation from her natural abundance of light, and Odin's natural averseness towards it. But the aura she emanated did have its uses, that was for sure. For one, it meant that he could always spot her in a crowd, and she could with him. But another thing that made it useful for Odin was something that was entirely unique to the girl, and the lich couldn't understand why. For some reason, literally every time he had met Arisa she had acquired a new face, and looked completely different. There were only two reasons that Odin knew for a fact that the girl greeting him was that same Seraphim. The first, of course, was the aura of light surrounding her, but the other was the name Grim that she called him, one that he hadn't actually used with anyone else, and it was something he was goin g to have to address before anything else.

The old man, Khalash, was clearly surprised that the two knew each other, as Arisa was someone who didn't obviously look like an all powerful mage, or an angel, and yet she was both. Smiling at both the greeting, although it didn't translate through the maniacal grin ever present on his face, Odin answered both of them with a calm, and rather happy, voice.

"Just browsing Arisa, also I've decided that Grim isn't really working out for me. I was Lucifer before, I'm still him now. As for why I'm here, I heard of a shop that dealt in magical items and had to come see for myself. What about you? You given up on everything and decided to work full time? If you'd told me that, I'd have given you work in my bar." A hollow laugh echoed throughout the shop, usually devoid of emotion but today it was uttered with mild amusement, as Odin of course didn't think for any moment that Arisa had ended her tale here.

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She gazed at her dear friend and for now, her customer. He's never going to age a day which is most likely good for him, but what about her? Will she age a day? Angel's usually do not age at all, but was she a full angel or was there such a thing as half? This subject was getting to her head with the silence that was happened, but Lucifer decided to speak up and tell her that his Grim name wasn't working out so he was going back to Lucifer, making her giggle with her right hand covering her mouth as she did so. Before she could talk, he continued on speaking.

Next, he told her that he heard somethings about this shop so he wanted to check it out. Finally, he then asked about her working here and how he would've gave her a job at his bar, making her chuckle this time. ''Well, aren't you a bag of jokes -- instead of bones.'' she joked with a sweet smile. ''How many names are you going to change to? As much as my appearance?'' she joked once more with another chuckle. Now with a serious facial expression she gazed at her friend. Arisa's arms crossed against her chest and her body leaned against the corner of the doorway she just came out of. ''I decided to visit him and saw he needed help, but I have my own business else where so I'm in no need of a job. I think my business is quite bombing if you ask me.'' she responded back and stood straight up to walk around the counter to the other side. Her head cocked towards the old man with a wave.

''All your stuff is organized in the back, old man. List is on the barrel beside the desk close to the potions of healing.'' she instructed. He nodded with a pleasing smile. ''Now then, 'Lucifer', what shall we do today? Anything else planned other than shopping?'' she wondered. She had to go soon anyways, but she might as well see what he was up to first.


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Another day, another person poking fun at Odin's new appearance, as Arisa called him a 'bag of jokes' playing on the original 'bag of bones' saying. Odin was amused, and his face kept its permanent smile while he chuckled lightly, thinking about the last time that had happened, and how poorly it had ended up for him. It had been a rather embarrassing ordeal, and Odin was glad he no longer possessed blood otherwise he'd be blushing at that moment, especially when Arisa mentioned him constantly changing names. Odin's face, if he had been human, would have been bright red, so he thanked whatever God existed, and whoever was listening, or his new form, the first time he had ever thanked anyone for it. "Grim was when I thought I needed a new name for who I was, but my mission is complete so I only need my true name. But at this point, Lucifer has become my true name, so it matters little which I use." It was true. As far as everyone knew, Odin was Lucifer. He had forged a new identity masterfully, erasing any trace of Odin to become the demon of Grimoire Heart. Even the signature on his pub was under the name 'Lucifer Morningstar', so it would only cause complications if he began to use Odin once more. After all, it had been so long since he had even uttered the word, he didn't know how it would sound in his own voice.

"Oh? And where is it you work? I'll need to visit sometime." The figurative raising of the eyebrow was obvious in Odin's voice, even if he couldn't physical do it. He had never known Arisa to be a businesswoman, and he liked to think he knew her rather well. Perhaps this was a new arrangement, or perhaps he simply didn't know this woman as much as thought he did.

She spoke about helping the old man, Khalash, and she had organised all his things before coming through to the front, but now she was finished and about to leave, asking Odin what his plans were beyond shopping, to which the Lich simply replied, "Didn't really have any plans, I'm free for the rest of the day, any preferences on what we do?"

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Her arms crossed against her pillow-like bosoms as her back arched forward due in a leaning position with her assets against the store's counter. Arisa's golden gaze was fixated on Lucifer as she listened to him speak up. In the end as she knew, Lucifer wasn't even his real name, but it might as well be after this long. Truthfully, his name never really mattered as his friendship and loyalty did the most. Slowly her right hand gripped onto the counter to push herself up and stood up straight. ''Alrighty then...'' she said as she yawned and stretched with both of her hands held together and back arched backwards for a second. ''Let's get the show on the road.~'' she spoke motherly and smiled.

''I'll tell you about it later, but for now do you want to go to some bar or perhaps the sto --'' she was about to continue, but the old man appeared with some bottles. ''Ohoho~ I have some special brew for you -- take it as payment for helping out or as you will. Enjoy the day, Arisa.'' spoke Khalash. ''Hah, thank you.~'' she nodded her head and took them without asking questions. Swiftly she stuck them in a carrying back and took the bag to end up looking at Lucifer now. ''Alright, want to camp out in the woods and drink then? I don't know... something different than a bar or some typical building.'' she tried to say nervously and unsure. She didn't want to sound stupid and was worried he'd judge her for the small choices she was playing out. In all truth, she has never been camping before... What did people do during camping? It was all drinking and the little fire pit thing, wasn't it?


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Arisa didn't react with any surprise when Odin said, for the first time explicitly, that his true name wasn't actually Lucifer. Odin wasn't surprised at her reaction, or lack thereof, considering how much time they had spent together over the years since that bar in Crocus. It was obvious, as much as it may not have been in directly correlation with the guild's rules, that Odin would've said, or did some things that would suggest that his name was not what he said it was. To this day, however, there was no one outside of the former guild that knew of Odin. Whether that would soon change, Odin had no idea.

As they were about to leave to do something with their day, although neither of them really knew what they were going to do, Khalash stopped and handed some 'special brew' to Arisa, calling it payment for her helping out. Whether special brew meant actual beer, or some strange magical concoction he had created, the old man didn't specify, but it seemed to give Arisa an idea as to how they could spend the evening.

Odin had never really been camping, not for recreation at least. He had had to hunt in the woods as training, and scout around for missions before, but he had never relaxed in the woods next to a fire. Honestly, it sounded great, "That sounds fantastic, let's see if we can find a nice location." With that, Odin offered his hand for Arisa and, whether to not she took it, he would begin walking out of the shop towards the forests. He knew of a clearing only about an hours walk from where they were, but that gave them time to talk as they made their way there.

"So how have you been? I haven't seen you since Baska, back before the whole business at Crocus occurred. Were you there? Did you see anything that happened?"

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Her eyes of gold gazed at his bony hands at first and then at those empty eye sockets. Once again she looked at his hand before she took it. She felt quite hesitant, but she felt some sort of push to grab the hand that was offered. After getting all the way up and walking out of the area of the shop, Arisa let go of his hand and skipped ahead with a twirl as she walked backwards. Her front body area towards him about four feet away. A cheerful smile appeared on her lips as she hand her hands behind her to stop her from running into a tree-- so she'd feel whatever she'd run into first before actually doing it.

''You'll be the first to take me camping. I feel like a child.~'' she joked and twirled back after a minute passed of skipping backwards and now she walked forward playfully. Her blonde hair that was up in a simple ponytail bounced upon each skip or hop within the walks. Arisa was trying to distract her mind, but the questionings started. Her eyes cornered and she stopped for a moment and now wondered the same, but if he was on the other side... would he lie to her about it? She coughed for a moment and continued to walk on. ''I was indeed fighting in Crocus, two people in fact... One was very tough and his words... mean a lot to me... upon what he said. The other one was defeated as soon as I got there -- or at least small moments after I got there.'' This was all she was going to detail as she was going to boast towards her defeating the second person... The other people there she didn't really know about. ''What about you, Lucifer?'' she playfully asked.


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Arisa took Odin's hand as they left the shop, but soon after let go and began walking in front with her back to where she was going, hands out to stop herself bumping into something. It was a playful and cheery tactic, although it wouldn't help if she tripped on a branch while walking. She was like an excited child, and Odin soon understood why: she had never been camping before in her life and Odin was about to take her for the first time. It felt good to be her friend, and Odin really enjoyed their time together, in that she was one of a small number that kept him sane. She soon turned back around and skipped forward, greatly amusing Odin as it was he who knew where they were going, unless Arisa herself had somewhere in mind.

As the topic grew more serious, so too did Arisa's expression and movements: trading the playful skipping for simply walking forwards after a moment of pause. She told Odin how she had fought two people in Crocus, one being extremely strong who spoke to her, and the other being defeated soon after she had even arrived at the scene. She gave no indication that would allow Odin to work out who it was that she had fought, and he wished to know, to work out the allegiance of his close friend, but first he had his own questions to answer.

"Yeah I was there too, fighting some people in the castle entrance were my orders, and I managed to succeed. Did you by chance catch the name of the strong guy? Sometimes names carry weight and I might have heard of him."

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'Orders' was something Arisa didn't really care for. There were options, missions, but being ordered to do something was something she felt iffy about. Depending on the person, she'd either follow or go rogue. When she 'followed' an order from a mission last time she fought someone that made her question everything. Were the people of royalty the bad people or at least past tense. The person who was made king was supposedly setting all slaves free and when putting two together... she was fighting on technically the bad side. It made her want to leave Lamia Scale for good and perhaps any guild that fought for the people of high class.

She felt, a feeling perhaps that he was on the other side. If he was, she wasn't going to judge, but she would wonder if they were still on opposite sides... as close as they were or so she believed. She tilted her head upwards and remembered the faces of the two men she fought. ''The strong one... was very buff, tall and had a lust for battle. Most importantly he had an eye patch. He... made be think that perhaps I've been fighting for the wrong people... I should seek out more knowledge about Fiore as I'm not from here... The second man -- assuming he's a guy, was invisible, but made people scared, but not me for some reason. Perhaps it was due to strength?'' she questioned it all and it was quite obvious on who's side she was in. Soon enough they'd find a shop on the way to the camping grounds. ''Should we stop here to grab some things? Perhaps food, sleeping bag and the other things?'' she spoke rather lost-like, but twisted to look straight at Lucifer with her pupil-less orbs of gold.

Her eyes gazed towards the building and saw a poster up about some Festival. ''Hey! Look!'' she spoke happily and jogged up to it happily. Her eyes read it as she spoke. ''Some flower festival in Orchidia...'' she quickly turned to look at him. ''We should go there and camp instead. I'm sure we could have more fun there.'' she insisted. ''I can meet up with you there, Lucifer.'' she nodded happily. She'd get to have a festival and a first-time camping trip in one -- there was the fact that she could show him her cafe as well. She waved bye to him in hopes that he too will show up in Orchidia or at least her child-like side was hopeful.



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Zade, a name that Odin knew well, was not one that Arisa uttered, but certainly was the man she was describing. One of the highest ranked generals in Grimoire Heart, who had played a part in the Crocus. Arisa described him perfectly, getting every physical detail as accurate as could be asked to determine that it was, in fact, Zade. Odin had known that Arisa was a fighter for the 'light' side, but apparently Zade's words had given her pause to work out who were the good guys, and if she was really fighting for them. Odin had never met the man personally, so he had nothing to comment on his words, except that Odin felt the same way. The church, the previous government, they had all hated him for his existence. One had been eradicated, and one remained, for now at least. Odin had become immortal, which gave him as many chances as he desired to eradicate them.

He had decided to tell Arisa about his former allegiance, but he wouldn't get the chance today, as a poster caught her eye, one detailing a flower festival happening in Orchidia that she wished to attend. They decided to postpone their camping trip until they reached the town, and she departed. Odin soon followed after, intending to get to the town as soon as he was able.


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