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Dahlia to Baska[Foot Travel]

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#1Kanya Vi Britannia 

Dahlia to Baska[Foot Travel] Empty on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:44 pm

Kanya Vi Britannia


Stories Always Have A Beginning,But How They End Is Up To You

The sun had begun to peek of the horizon as the rose, It was early morning now at the time as the small light was like a graceful period of Dahlia. As the sun was rising and the world seem at peace even as the body count was increased, the sound of clanking would have echoed through the area behind the inn, It was Kanya the woman who has been doing the dirty work for most of the locals. She was hitting a wooden stomp with thick branches sticking from it. As she hit it her hand would move to lock with one of the branches, which led to her using her elbow to hit the center of the stump that was in front of her. She knew it was better to leave this place and expand her out look on the world it was what Shizuma would have wanted at the very least. Her hands colliding with the wooden dummy it was a way for her to sharpen up her martial arts even when she didn’t have a partner. To thick these hands and feet that she had was responsible for so much damage in such a short time. Deep down kanya probably regretted her actions but she couldn’t take them back now did she want to.

As she would come to a stop she smiled looking towards the sky with her eyes closed, the wind picking up as it flowed through her hair. A sigh leaving her lips, as deep down she knew she was relieved to leave this place for once. She took her hand as it rubs the back of her head as she kept her eyes shut for that moment. Reaching down to grab the bag next to the stump before swinging over her shoulder as she smiled at this outcome, she guesses her journey had really begun now starting here a path had made itself clear, but what she did for it was completely up to her. Stretching her arms out as she would let a yawn leave her lips. She had a few questions but chose to just save all that extra shit for later, it really wasn’t needed now. Tugging her bag as she begun to walk to the road, the road she would be walking would be a long one that was for sure. As she walked the roads of Dahlia heading to the outskirts as she had a long way to travel to begin with she just hoped she could make it without starving. It was then it snapped, she had some sweets that owner gave her for her trip.

As her body moved she would tug at her bag as it was over her shoulder, The sun wasn’t completely out yet so it wasn’t burning her like it would have been if it was out. Even as Dahlia was in the distance behind her she was happy she could help some people, but she was losing her mind the more she killed people. This was the way she survived if she liked it or not, surviving was all that mattered to her. As she walked the roads traveling towards the direction that lead to Baska, which she was only going for her sweets which she enjoyed more than life itself. After losing everything when she was younger it has been hard for her to get close to anyone, How could you? When you feel everyone you approached died someway or another? This was the life Kanya lived even if she rather had a normal life. As she brought a cookie up to her lips making her way to Baska in deep thought, she really hope they had a sweet store because by time she got there she would have no more sweets. As she walked and walked, she made a few stops to get some water along the way. But this was the life she lived traveling from town to town in search of a reason to live the life she did. As she paced herself knowing she’ll be reaching Baska shortly as she tried to pace herself. This town would be the first lively one that she would find.

“Well Shizuma,if you hear me just watch as I make my name known, as I survive longer than anyone”



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