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Dozing Kids [Odin]

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First a cathedral, where Odin had been requested by the priest to come and assist in the healing of the sick: a location who's ownership were a group that openly despised anyone of Odin's kind, and insisted that he burn in hell without considering at all that he was actually a good person. That had, of course, been great fun for Odin, who had to go around and talk to so many of the sick and dying while they screamed in his face, shouting such nasty things at him as he went out of his way to help them. On more than on occasion he had been tempted to just strangle one of them, or suck out their weak, pathetic souls as they went quiet. He'd be able to claim that their illness had just taken them, and they were 'in better place' or whatever such bullshit the church of Illumin spouted about the afterlife, Odin didn't really pay attention.

His other request, which he had completed yesterday, had caused him to talk to many different people as he delivered cakes to the people of Magnolia. Most of them though, as expected, treated Odin as a monster and took their cakes instantly without talking. The only one that had stopped to talk to him had been the rude woman that had been rude to him before he had given her a fright with an army of undead. He hoped this mission would be different, after all he wouldn't be dealing with adult other than one, but he would be working with children.

This request would possibly go down as being one of the weirdest one's Odin would ever have to do, not out of the request itself but due to the situation it would place him in. Odin Morningstar, former dark mage of Grimoire Heart, evil Lich and necromancer, was about to enter into a classroom full of like twenty or so children and making sure none of them misbehave or fall asleep during the class. He almost couldn't believe it himself, it was something he'd never done before, and not likely something he'd be asked to do again, and yet here he was, standing outside 'Magnolia Elementary School', about to meet up with the teacher who had requested his aid: a Miss Sandine.

Odin himself had never actually attended a school, so he honestly had no idea what to expect. Being raised by his parents and constantly travelling, Odin had been schooled by them as he had learned magic. he had learned of many things during that time, such as history, writing, math, and of course the required teachings on Lucifer and demonic culture, as his parents had been two of Lucifer's biggest worshippers: that had been the only way they could've gotten the demon's attention to offer up Odin as a vessel for him. It was all thanks to Odin's parents, everything he had learned, and everything he had come. He wondered if this school was going to be anything like his own, but he doubted it.



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The teacher, upon Odin's arrival, was naturally surprised to see her 'saviour' being, in reality, a big bag of bones but, in an unexpected twist of fate and very surprisingly, she didn't scream or tell him to leave. She was either the kindest woman Odin had ever met, or too desparate to turn him away. Regardless of the situation, she was calm when she spoke to him, telling him all sorts of things about the children and how she felt about ehr job as they wandered through the seemingly endless corridors of the Magnolia Elementary school, a place that seemed so much bigger on the inside than the outside.

"Yes, so what I'd like you to do is to stand at the back of the class and keep an eye on the children, stop them misbehaving or falling asleep, things like that. Please avoid hurting them in any way, but a soft word, or even your er... presence could make sure they stay focussed for the duration of the lesson. One class is over, which should only take about an hour, I will give you your payment. Thanks again for doing this."

That was something new, Odin didn't think he'd heard the words thank you since becoming a Lich, at least not directed at him personally. This woman certainly was different, and Odin was almost glad he had gotten the opportunity to work for her during his grace period of being nice. He gave him name simply as 'Mr. Morningstar', but to his surprise much of the class actually knew of the tale of Lucifer Morningstar, the demon who had worked for the bad guys, likely from their parents or rumours. Whether they knew that Odin was formerly that man or not wouldn't change anything, he just had to make sure that they focussed in class.

"Boys and girls, this is Mr. Morningstar, he's here to make sure none of you fall asleep like last time."

There was silence in the room, as Odin entered and towered over everyone, even the teacher, who must have been around four or five inches smaller than the Lich. To everyone in the room, Odin seemed like a giant. Instantly, one girl screamed, but she quickly fainted afterwards so the piercing screech died down with her. Other than that, there was only a look of awe, terror, and a couple of mesmerised looks. These kids had never seen a Lich before, likely never would again, and yet here one was, willing to help out with their education.

Walking to the back of the classroom, Odin simply glanced at any of the children who looked at him, the perpetual smile on his skull and the piercing, ethereal fire of his eyes resulting in the children only looking at him once before turning back around. The class went by without a single hitch: whether by fear or otherwise no child was tired all of a sudden, and Miss Sandine was overjoyed, thanking Odin graciously by shaking his hand and giving him his payment. Her words of farewell also warmed Odin's insides, causing that warm and fuzzy feeling to finally take form.

"I should hire you more often, thank you Mr. Morningstar, I wish you a pleasant evening."



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