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Here Comes A Thought [Teiho|Open]

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Here Comes A Thought [Teiho|Open] Empty Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:05 am

The bright sun warmed the earth down below with it's glowing rays. The world around Ianthe burst  beautifully with green plains and hills dotted with flora that peppered the landscape with the colors of the rainbow, a glistening river that reflected the Azure skies above her, and the trees with either Emerald leaves that provided cool shade or the trees that rained dancing Pink petals floating in the wind. The sweet scent of the air was refreshing to a degree and even dulling to the sleepy soul of another.

Ianthe took it all in as she stood in the cool waters of the river, her spring green dress whipping around her upper thighs in the wind. She had been traveling for five days just to end up on the outskirts of Baska, and instead of heading straight to the town she thought it to be a better idea to stay the night out here in the beauty of nature. She heard of bandits in these parts but she paid no heed to the warnings, it was such a clear area that even if they did show up she would have time to hide away. Sea green orbs took in the world around her and she decided like she always did that she would see it all. To some that was a small goal and she didn't mind it. For most of her life she was confined to one place and she wouldn't live like that anymore.

Ianthe was enjoying her newfound freedom but there was this gnawing in the back of her mind that she would be alone. She wasn't the best at interacting with others, it was the hardest thing to do for her. Up until recently she was fine with just staying to herself but the need for companionship was starting to eat away at her. With the thought her face took on a saddened appearance, sorrow in her sea green orbs were apparent but since there was no one around she didn't care. It was something Ianthe would have to work on, her approach towards others. Another thing to learn in this world that would build her up as an individual. Bending over slightly, Ianthe splashed some of the cool water of the river onto her face. Her smooth cocoa skin was a nice contrast to the colors of the area. For a moment she thought how nice it would be to stop time.

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Constantine Librorum


Disgraced Survivor

Life for Teiho had slowly begun to return to normal. A life of solitude and progression had become all that he had known in his last waking weeks. He had grown accustomed to the fact that his guild had abandoned him, the dull throb of his fading guild mark proof that he no longer cared for their ideals of virtue and free will and family and what have you. Such lofty ideals didn’t matter much to the young man anymore as he lived his life. It was hard to see their impact truthfully, well at least all of them aside from the free will. What was virtue in a world full of liars and thieves. What was the use of family if at a moments notice they could abandon you for dead without nay a word nor postcard. He had no use for such ideals if they didn’t service him better and the knowledge of his abandonment had clearly done more damage to his psyche than any true villain so really who were the evildoers but those who went back on their words.

But alas such philosophical thoughts were only possible because of the beauty of today. The bright, warm sun brought life to the forests surrounding Baska, a place that he had slowly began to call home as he recovered from his ordeals. The beauty of the land and the simplicity of the people allowed him to slowly ease himself back into society, if only to understand what he had truly lost that fateful day a year ago. His arm itched over the skin of his fading guild mark as his thoughts turned sour before a soft sound of splashing alerted him to the existence of something else nearby. As he stood there listening, old habits die hard as the adventurer inside of the young man yearned to discover the source of the sound, if only to see if it were something worth knowing about. However the cynic that had slowly grown within doubted if it were anything special and warned against mindless exploration as it clearly had lead to the state he was in today.

Making up his mind quickly, the young man turned to his left and approached the foliage blocking the sight of the Baska river from view and began to peel the veil away to reveal a sight for sore eyes. Dark chocolate skin wrapped in a soft airy green skin greeted his hazel orbs as he laid his eyes on the young woman. Not immediately smitten by her beauty, he could at least appreciate the astounding naturalness of her form. Definitely a woman of the Savannah from his memories of his travels. Only they and the people of Seven maintained such dark complexions from his recollection, though Seven’s were more due to the people of the Savannah settling and intermingling with the population, which explained his lighter complexion compared to the young woman. He’d contemplate his situation if only for a moment before deciding to reveal himself, not wanting to be seen as some sort of a pervert or peeping tom. He would step out from behind the trees to the right of her from the direction of the village in clear view as not to startle her.

The young man revealed his older frame, having grown about two inches during his coma, he now stood at five foot ten. Still short for a twenty year old, but respectable in most circles as it was slightly above average. His unkempt gray hair, had grown out even more since he had awaken, another sign of his mixed genes. Bits of white actually began to mix with the gray and black giving his hair a more smokey sheen to it giving his whole tribally marked face a bit of a edge of mysteriousness. He wore a simple black vest over a white dress shirt with black slacks. His shoes were simple walking shoes as he didn’t wish to get his dress shoes dirty. His ensemble seemed a bit off on his frame, as if he weren’t used to wearing such clothing, and he wasn’t. He preferred more adventure type clothing that he had normally worn, sadly the church did not have the style he preferred to use, and his own clothes had been destroyed a year ago. His vest and dress shirt had a few of the buttons loosened, if only because of the heat due to the sun being unnecessarily warm that day, which would also explain the young woman standing in the river.

He’d grace her with a small polite smile, not wanting to appear rude nor agnostic. Like the narrator said earlier, old habits die hard, and a beautiful woman was always one of Teiho’s vices. Attraction may not always be guaranteed, but Teiho was never one to shy away from the female form nor company, and as such he would approach this situation like any other. Bowing if only slightly in a customary form of greeting from Fiore, he’d address her in her own native tongue, “Good afternoon. My name is Constantine, but you may call me Teiho”. It was a simple greeting, and the language flowed out of his mouth as if it were natural which it had to be considering he had spent some time in his father’s homeland while searching for a few artifacts of importance.

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The cool water of the river was something she was enjoying far too much as she found herself walking deeper into it, the water reaching her upper thighs before a figure caught the corner of her eye. Quickly Ianthe shifted her body in the direction of the figure who was a male now that she got a clear look at him. She was silent at first not sure what to say to the male but his smile and bow caused her to return her own smile until she heard him speak. The language was familiar because it was her own but she could feel a cold shudder run down her back and she visibly flinched at the words. It wasn't what he said to cause her such discomfort it was the way he said it, in a language she was forbidden to speak for so long, a language that came with consequences if she uttered a word of it. Breathing deeply she had to remind herself that everything was OK, and that even if she was forbidden to use the language there was no one around to stop her or hurt her anymore for it. Reasoning with herself that if this man spoke it than she could too, it wasn't like he said anything wrong he was introducing himself to her, and he couldn't have too many bad intentions if he was doing that. Taking in a deep breath she went back to smiling there was nothing to fear at the moment.

" h-hello. " It had been so long since she used the language it sounded strange coming from her mouth and for a moment she began to think if she had forgotten it. Mentally she shook the thought off, something like that couldn't be forgotten she just needed a little time for it to come back to her and with each moment passing the words she needed piled into her head like stacking bricks. " I... I like Constantine better. Ianthe. I am Ianthe. " Her words sounded pre thought like she was having trouble getting them out. They were slow, careful with a almost question like tone to them as if she didn't know if what she was saying was correct. The wind whipped her long dark brown locks around causing her to quickly place it in a bun. Her sea green orbs wandered over the Constantine and she took note of his appearance.  He reminded her of N'Umoya in a few ways but mostly he stood out in a lot of other ways. He was handsome that was something she couldn't ignore but he was something else altogether. Now she was more curious than ever seeing as he knew the language from her homeland. This put her even more at ease in his presence but she had to know truly and fully. " You from Savannah? "   She was really trying to get the taste of her words and she knew they weren't coming out as neatly as they could. She was slowly grasping it with each word she spoke of the language but she still sounded foolish to herself.

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Kanya Vi Britannia


How You Suppose To Start A Journey If You Get Lost?

The sun was beaming down as if trying to kill ants, the brightness was something you would have thought of if it was something god was trying to punish us about. The roads of dirt that many traveled by foot was so impacted that a path was formed because of it. As the feet of the young woman would be coming from Dahlia where the sun hardly ever shined, well it damn well didn't shine when she was there a lot. That place was like the center of darkness was your next-door neighbor, her feet dragging along the dirt path groggily as her body was so heavy that it felt like she would crash at a moment notice. Her feet moving step by step as if even doing that was something hard to do even at that moment. She would come to a stop digging her hand into her bag, this allowing her to go through the different objects that was stored in the bag. She didn’t even care as she did this, she sat directly in the middle of the road just because she could do it. Digging and digging in the bag as she ended up grabbing another bag which she pulled from the bigger bag.

This bag was a tad smaller in size, being a nice little brown bag, which was given to her by the owner of the sweet shop in Dahlia it was the best thing to ever happen. Opening the bag as the sweet aroma filled her nose it was just perfect the way she could smell it as soon as she opened the bag. Normal people would have been aiming for the water bottle if they just hiked miles from a previous destination. As she sat there on her ass with her legs folded below her she wasn't even bother by the sheer dirt she was accumulating by even sitting where she was. As those pink lips would part a soft sigh leaving the gap between them, her hand dug into the bag to pull out a perfectly golden rounded cookie. Bringing the cookie to her lips she would bite into it, her face flushing as her cheeks turned a shade of pink. The sheer joy she displayed by just biting into the cookie was like it was love at first sight all over again. "This is sooo goood"she exclaimed so excitedly as the rich taste exploded in her mouth.

She continued to embrace herself in the cookie as she was eating it, even the sound of the cookie breaking with each bite was satisfying. Hopping to her feet as if she was now just peppered with boundless energy, hopping on one leg than hopping on the other. After a few seconds she would just stop moving her bag over her shoulder, holding it there by the white string. Her silver hair long hair flowing with the gentle as her sights finally took in the surroundings. The area was covered in grass and even had patches of flora that decorated the plains, petals of the flowers blew with the wind itself creating probably the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.  Using a hand to push strands of her silver hair behind her ear as a smile spread on her face, which was rare since she ever only smiled when sweets was involved. But even what she was looking at kept her amazed at the sight alone, it was something new especially to her in this day and age. Those blue eyes looking over the area even if she wasn't alone at the time, she wasn't really one to talk to people at random

The bag of treats was still in her hand as her grip didn’t even let it go or even put it back. Kanya wasn't always this cheerful woman, she suffered so much coming into the world as a orphan and even so much of losing the support of the village that particularly raised her on their own. But it seems the gods just wanted to punish her even more for the time being, as she even ended up losing her teacher before the village was burnt to the ground. She was so weak unable to hurt or protect anyone. As these thoughts pondered through her she couldn't help but sigh under her breathe, her fist clutching as she simply threw caution to the wind at that point.  As Kanya head moved to one side to the other, it was then she noticed.....she didn't realize where she was or rather where Baska was. It would be at the point she noticed there was two other people in the area she was in. Though looking at the river was quite beautiful to begin with she felt it hard to take her eyes off the sparkling mass of water. She shook her head as she breathes slightly getting her nerves under check at the very least. Closing her eye as she would approach the two with a slight smile on her face, her body leaning forward at the waist as she gave a wave of her hand. "Excuse me, not trying to intrude or anything. But would anyone of you two know which way is Baska? I have a lousy sense direction sadly" She said rubbing the back of her head.

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Constantine Librorum


Disgraced Survivor

The young woman’s voice was noticeable soft if not a bit unsure. He could tell that she at least understood him, but with the way her words came out it was almost as if she were shy or startled. Uncertain now that he may have caused her discomfort, he took a minute step backwards, giving the illusion of granting her space so that he did not come off as threatening. Her reply was calm and to the point, even going as far as to compliment his name, something he didn’t get often. He’d chuckle heartily, his previous woes and insecurities washing away as he got into a bit more of a upbeat character, if only to maintain his nonthreatening outlook to the young woman. Her inquiry about his origins were understandable, he did approach and speak to her in her own tongue, but sadly that was about as deep as their connection went. It would probably hurt her just a small bit to know they lacked a similar background or upbringing, but at least she didn’t seem to shy away from him. It was nice... especially after all that he had been through.

“Unfortunately no, but I have travelled through the beautiful country. My father did not lie in his grand stories of its rich culture and exotic women”. He mentally berated himself for that last bit. Damn his ways, if only he could speak to women without trying to subconsciously sleep with them. It had been awhile since he had done that however, the last time such a thing had happened was with Galaxy, but who knew where she had gone. Likely disappeared with the rest if he were honest with himself. These thoughts dampened his mood just a tad but he refused to let them show on his face as another young woman brought herself into the glade. She looked more like a Fiorian than either of the two mocha colored inhabitants. She quickly inquired about directions to Baska, something he was readily able to give since he had just came from the small village. Nodding quietly, he’d gesture to the path that he had taken to reach the river before opening his mouth, “The main road is up through this small way in the forest. Once you see the cobblestone, turn to your left and it should take you straight to Baska”.

Just as easily as he had spoken in the natural dialect of Savannah, he had swapped back to the Fioran tongue to give the directions. His words came out smooth and confident as if he had been speaking in either tongue for his entire life. Truth be told, he didn’t remember how many dialects he had mastered over his travels but he knew he was quite proficient and most of the continents languages. He’d return his attention back to the young woman he had been previously conversing with, confident that the newcomer would find her way with no issue as it truly was a straight shot to the village from where they were and decided to continue the conversation they had been having. “I have seen many temples and cities of the Savannah, but the jewelry you wear seems a bit unfamiliar, what part of the country are you from? I did not know that different tribes created different styles of jewelry”. He returned to the tongue of the Savannah, uncertain if the young woman understood Fiorian, but confident that once she had gotten over her initial shyness she would be able to converse in her natural tongue. He did not know if the other woman would stay long, but he was confident that he could maintain a conversation with her as well if need be.

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Ianthe wouldn't blush at the compliments that Constantine threw, mostly because she didn't understand them. Disappointment showed in her face as he explained that he was in fact not from Savannah, but in that same moment he explained he traveled the land which was good enough for Ianthe. Pushing a rebel strange of her hair back into the bun, she didn't notice the pale woman come into view until she heard her voice. Ianthe found herself turning towards the woman as she heard her question and was going to answer until she heard Constantine speak. "I didn't know you spoke the language of this land ?"

Ianthe turned her attention back to Constantine, not switching back to Firoean tongue as she continued to dive deep in her self to pull up her Savannah tongue in it's entirety. It felt so much more real, so much easier to speak, even easier than Fiore's own language which she was forced to speak for most of her life until recently. She didn't want to stop speaking it but she understood well enough that it was rude to do so in the presence of another who most likely did not speak it. Her surprise came mostly from the fact that anyone she met spoke fiorean and so she assumed everyone in this land spoke that language. But now it also dawned on her that he knew where Savannah was, which meant that he could take her. The gears in her mind turned but she remembered that was also in the presence of another.

"Oh no need to say sorry, although he is correct about where Baska is.. I wouldn't travel alone out here, I heard bandits roam in packs ready to attack and take from people. " Switching to Fiorean Ianthe directed her words at the silver haired woman, who was quite something to look at. It seemed a lot of people that Ianthe ran into had an astoundingly high amount of eye pleasing qualities. "B-but that's just me of course." Smiling weakly Ianthe felt as if she said something stupid. She wasn't all that great with people to begin with and now there were two here in her presence. Just a moment ago she was thinking about how alone she was and look where it landed her, with more people than she can handle properly. Moving out of the water and onto land, Ianthe kept her attention towards the woman not really knowing what to say but waiting for a follow up response if any.

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Kanya Vi Britannia


Curse MY Lousy Sense Of Direction

Being the kind of woman she was, she enjoyed that she could at least get directions to her destination. As she stood there the slight winds feeling good against her pale like skin. This feeling that had over come her was different than when she was in Dahlia, maybe because it didn't seem she had to watch her back all the time like she did in the last town she was in. Though she was mighty curious of these tan like people, though it was more so her being intrigued if anything more was to be said about it. Both seeming to have fair perfect skin, she was a tad jealous yet she looked as pale as snow in comparison. She was thankful they weren't disturbed by her intrusion, as the man was at least kind enough to give her directions as she asked. She tried to make mental note of it, her eyes following the gesture of the man. Trying to at least make a mental note of where he was pointing it wasn't everyday she was lost like this, Nah that would be a lie she was always lost when it came down to it. Then she felt it that surging pain in her head again, ever since that mission in Dahlia something seemed to trapped itself in the midst of her thoughts.

"This makes me want to vomit, this whole goody goody facade you are putting up. To think we share a body, no reason i am here little girl" the voice echoed through her head, she tried to keep her composure in front of the two at the very least it was the least she could do. "What would they think if they knew of the sins you committed, the blood on your hands. What of those two kids you choked out for your measly excitement" the voice continued to torture her within. She wanted to grab her echoing head but it was better off not showing she was losing her mind or rather that she had already lost it. This all happening the moment she was given directions it didn't take to much time. As Kanya stood there with that same smile plastered on her face, not giving off the raging voice echoing through her head. Her lips would part as she would finally speak up" i was so lost, you see i was coming from a town miles away. But thank you for your kindness" she would bow her head out of respect.

Her azure eyes looking toward the woman, this even causing her to blink a few times. Kanya had actually got a good look of her company. Taking note of her warning she was thankful, though she had dealt with a few bandits of her own back in Dahlia."Look at this, you got the girl worried about your safety. well isn't she a nice soul to be around, Cant say she much of a fighter though" the voice continued to echo within as each time it opened it's mouth the pain surged. "I appreciate your concern, i'm not use to this part of the world just yet, where i'm from even plants refused to grow" Kanya even allowed her eyes to wonder as she said those things. But as the woman who name she didn't even know rose from the water, it was as if the entire complexion had changed, Even so much to causing Kanya to stammer just a bit. Now she was in a state of confusion, there was new languages and people in a world that seemed so bland to begin with....who would of thought. But here she was in the company of two people who she didn't know, but what would the future actually hold for someone like her here."How rude of me, I am Kanya Vi Britannia" she would bow slightly at the waist as she introduced herself to the two.

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Constantine Librorum


Disgraced Survivor

The young woman seemed to have accepted his directions but maintained her position in the clearing to continue conversing, even going as far as to introduce herself in the tongue of the country they were in. This made the situation they were in all the more interesting for Teiho as he had been expecting the woman to leave but didn’t let it throw him off guard since the conversation he was having beforehand didn’t seem to be going far in the first place. He directed attention back to the young woman as she offered her thanks on the matter, not really ignoring the darker skinned woman inquiry on his ability to switch languages, but rather leafing that for a later conversation point. He’d give the lost woman a small smile, accepting her thanks before responding in kind.

“No issue, I wouldn’t want anyone to be lost in these woods truthfully, as this young woman as said, there are more than a few bandits in these woods and it wouldn’t be good if something should happen to you if I didn’t offer you proper directions”. Old habits. He had such a sick weakness for women that it made a lot of things hard for him, like maintaining conversations for example. One day that politeness would shoot him in the foot, but for now he was going to struggle with maintaining what felt like three separate conversations. Luckily, since the young woman had introduced herself that would give everyone a bit of a reset and create a whole new track for things to progress down.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you Ms. Britannia”, he replied in Fiorian. Now that he knew that the young dark skinned woman also spoke the language due to her replying to Kanya, he wouldn’t have to swap back and forth between languages to keep her in the loop of the conversation. “My name is Constantine, Constantine Liborum, but you may call me Teiho if that fits your tongue better”. He returned her bow with one of his own, sweeping his right arm across the front of his body in performance of the customary gesture. He’d return back to form and address the point that the young dark skinned woman had made earlier, “As for my ability to speak the language of this land, I speak many many languages having traveled far and wide in my rather short life. No matter the country, no matter the people, I can pick up and use the language just as easily as if it were my own native tongue”. And it wasn’t a lie either, just another trait of being a librarian he guessed.

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Well this was turning into... Something. Instead of leaving the female must have taken Ianthe's advice on not traveling alone but now she was staying here and even introduced herself. Not one to have a problem with anything Ianthe smiled in Kanya's direction and followed her bowing motion since she had seen it done twice now. Figuring this was just some kind of greeting Ianthe didn't want to be the only one rude about it. "My name is Ianthe... If you aren't from Fiore, where are you from Kanya? And does that mean you aren't from here either Constantine? " Walking towards the trees she sat under one of them and sat down on the soft grass as she spoke. The question was simple enough and she was genuinely curious as she herself was not a born native of Fiore. These two individuals seemed very interesting enough even if they spoke only a few words, it was enough for Ianthe to become interested. In the case of Kanya and the land where "  even plants refused to grow ", Ianthe wondered to herself about how Kanya got to Fiore. A pace like that sounded like a far off land, a land where one couldn't easily survive, if at all.

The atmosphere seemed peaceful to say the least. Introductions between the three were out of the way and the sun sat in the sky, slowly falling into mid-day. Ianthe didn't notice the sound at first, the sound of men talking in rowdy voices saying obscene things. She was trying her best to figure out the company around her but it wouldn't be long before she turned her head towards the voices. They got closer and louder and it made her uncomfortable as she began to hear the words more clearly. From where she was sitting she could really only see the other side of the river and the two people on both sides of her. The trees behind her of course obscured her view since she was one not looking in that direction, and two sitting with her back towards the trees. A part of her hopped that those voices didn't come from bandits and if they did she hoped that they went in a different direction.

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Kanya Vi Britannia
Kanya was all but thankful for the guidance that she was given, but there was a few things she needed and that was actually befriending people. She never was a people person ever since she lost the woman who raised her after she was abandoned. Thoughts flooding her mind as it even had her think back on her sensei even had her select friends. These two here were kind enough to even stop what they were doing to help her. She definitely wasn’t use to the city life, i mean she was raised on the countryside. Everyone was family then, well before they chose to abandon her as a little girl and let her rot on the street. Something she admired about the male is how fluently he switched between languages, it was weird at first on what she was use to. Deep down she was lost not even realizing there was a different language that she couldn’t understand to begin with it was obviously weird.

Kanya could only blink a few times after her bow, the kindness she was showed was hitting her deeper than she ever felt before. She wasn’t use to it at all which was obvious as her eyes begin to wander, taking in sight of their surroundings.” Bandits couldn’t handle me even if they wanted to” she teased slightly , or more like her pride showing itself finally. The way she was pulling at strings, it was obvious she wasn’t use to being around people. Even her hand unknowingly was reached over grabbing hold of her arm, taking it in her grip. “Teiho……”she spoke under her breathe, learning the name of the man first. She wasn’t even going to try to say his full name, she already knew it would be butchered coming from her lips.Her azure eyes locked onto the woman who had also returned her bow.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both, I’m from a small town out of Fiore district. You could say it was rather the countryside of the world” she chuckled knowing she didn’t even know what she was saying at this point her home was gone. She reached up rubbing the back of her head with her left hand as she would sigh. As even though she didn’t pay much mind to the voices as she just took it as being in a city life or something similar.

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Constantine Librorum


Disgraced Survivor

A girl from Savannah and another from the countryside. An interesting mix of individuals had gathered from varying backgrounds into this small clearing and it was very much intriguing to Teiho. Not so much that he’d pry into their backstories. He wasn’t that interested, nor was he that sort of person to pry, but he would accept any small nuggets of information that they happened to let out during the conversation. He’d acknowledge that Ianthe had asked him a question, the location of his origin to be exact. A few quick flashes of his past crossed his eyes before he returned to the present. He indeed understood what it meant to be pried into, and he would not do that to other people.

Instead he took Ianthe’s initiative and sat down on the mossy earth, the smell of spring filling his nose as he did. He was careful not to ruffle the clothes given to him by the church, the small gesture of kindness could only be repaid by one of consideration. Smiling, he’d look to the side, taking in the sounds of passing caravans and far off bandits before responding calmly, “You’re correct in your assumption. My land is quite far from here actually. Though like you, some of my elder origins come from the Savannah, hence the similar skin tones”. Well similar as in they were both dark. His had a more palish look to it as if he hadn’t been in the sun for quite some time. Truly being in a coma for a year had ruined just about everything about him except his wit.

Considering the other woman as well, he glanced over at her and took in her more conserved position. Oddly out of place and definitely reserved and a bit withdrawn, he could tell that while she wanted to maintain a bit of her current sociable personality, it wasn’t something she was used to, rather a part of her fought against it. Interesting. He wouldn’t comment on his thoughts, for they could be wrong and would instead continue his statement since not much time had passed since he started. “I come from the nation of Seven. Unknown of where exactly in Seven I come from, but I do know I started there.” And from there he traveled all of the nations around the continent before coming here. But that was a story for another time.

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It was nice for people to come together and connect like this, it was the first time Ianthe experienced it and although it felt odd it also felt very nice. Constantine and Kanya were both not from Fiore, something the three of them shared. Being in a land that not one of them would personally call home was a comfort to Ianthe as she felt less alone in the world. The day was still very long and as much as she liked to sit around this place she was too hungry and didn't really plan on staying out in the outskirts too much longer. Standing up she brushed the back of her dress off from any dirt or stray grass strands. "It sounds like none of us really came from Fiore. What a pleasant thing to have in common. Makes this land a little less lonely.. Don't mind me but I will have to excuse myself. I'm feeling really hungry and I know a nice spot for food in Baska, so I'm going head there now... I can guide you directly if you want Kanya, I know you asked for directions earlier but really the best way is to show someone rather than tell them. If you two want, you can even join me for lunch.. That's only if you want." Smiling sweetly to both of them she tidied herself up and began walking in the direction of Baska. Weather they followed or not was really up to them, she left the choice as open as she could as to not sound pushy. A growling from her stomach caused her to pick up her pace as the thought of food watered her mouth.

- exit -

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Kanya Vi Britannia
Even as the sun shined down upon them, the shade of the tree covering their figures. Kanya was glad to meet such nice people on her journey, knowing eventually she would have to part. But deep down it didn't bother her as she was having a hard time understanding, a woman who lost everything in a split second and even her own mind could be seen as being lost. She had to find her purpose in life, maybe she could find it here hopefully. Her eyes looking towards the sky, she was so use to seeing darkness, the light was a change of pace for her as she stood there.

She turned her attention to the woman who spoke to her so kindly. "Thank you for the kindness you both showed me, hopefully one day i can pay you back properly, I'll follow you. It would be better if i dont end up lost to begin with" she turned her attention to them both. This facade she wore was disgusting, she never know these feelings ...the feelings she felt as a child was lost. But maybe they would return one day and be genuine more so than the mask she was wearing now. Kanya would follow the woman, or rather a new associate towards Baska...she had to find herself a purpose.


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Constantine Librorum


Disgraced Survivor

He accepted the thanks graciously before getting up and dusting his clothing off. The small sit and talk had been a nice change of pace to what he had originally came out to do that morning. Hearing the offer for food, he politely declined, stating that he had already had food earlier that day. Walking away from the women, he would wish them a well day before disappearing back into the brush he had come from. Entering back onto the beat path he’d take a deep whiff, breathing in the fresh Baskan air before sighing and releasing with a smile on his face. Man he loved a beautiful woman. It was a shame that he would most likely not see them ever again.

Shaking his head a this, he’d begin to walk down the path away from them returning to his walk that he had started earlier. It had only been a few days since he had awoke from the almost neverending slumber, yet his body still felt tense and rough in some areas. Looking down at the clothing he was wearing, he knew he couldn’t go jogging in them, let alone fighting, and thus thought against attacking the bandits that had been near the clearing. Instead he’d complete his loop before heading back to Baska, figuring that some quests would accomplish the same thing as a fight.

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