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Don't let go [Closed/ Fia]

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Finally, she had arrived at her destination, stormy clouds had gathered to deliver a rainy downpour, and just as she had anticipated the denizen of Drannor were restless. No doubt it was a result of the ongoing conflict between Phantom Lord and the Rune Knights, and the streets were eerily empty as people took shelter in their homes to avoid the ongoing chaos. And yet here she was, her features covered beneath a light cloak. While Asmodeus' servants had scattered around the city in their search for the person their master was looking for, Sebastian insisted on remaining nearby Esperia to ensure her safety. Of course, considering there was not a single soul to be found on the streets Esperia felt just a little bit worried. Even if her cloak concealed her identity, she still felt rather uncomfortable in a place like this. Nonetheless, it was a discomfort she would endure, if it meant seeing Fia again she would overcome this.

Urgency caused her to rush along the streets, the pitter-patter of her footsteps resounding on the pavement as she looked left and right along the alleyways.

Yet according to the scouting of Asmodeus' followers Fia had been spotted somewhere nearby, and this news was all she needed. However, it seemed lady luck had a rather peculiar reward in store for her, because right around the time she neared a corner she felt herself bumping against something with enough force to stagger and tumble backward onto her behind, a hand raised to her face as she let out a soft pained cry. "That hurts!"

Yet she had no time for delays, and as she lifted her head lightly she explained to the stranger she had bumped into. "I'm sorry but I don't have time for this! I'm looking for--"

Yet as she lifted her gaze and the hood of her cloak came high enough to reveal her face the girl's eyes widened in surprise. "F...Fia?"

To think that they'd meet again like this...

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#2Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It was over, at least.

Regardless of how it had ended, it was over. The damn pointless fight against Phantom Lord, that Fia now knew would only result in them rising again. She couldn't burn away the sins of her father's past, she could only keep them away, and only now had she realized that. She couldn't cut the ties between her father and that damned dark guild, not that there were any there anyway.

Even her secondary reason for joining the war meant jack shit. It was apparent by now that the higher-ups couldn't care less what happens to their lower members, they didn't even bother to provide them with the slightest fucking idea of what they were supposed to do aside from siege the guild. Fia had joined them to change them from the instead but damn if that didn't seem more freaking impossible by the minute.

As Fia skulked through town, she felt nothing but regret and anger. She'd even left Esperia behind to come here, and if she'd just known... She would've brushed off the knights. But dammit, everyone... It felt like everyone had tricked her. And thus, she'd come here, this damn town, without Esperia, leaving her behind for her own safety. Besides, if Espy had followed alongside her, to a place she didn't need to be, she would've ended up like her.

Wait, who was her again?

The stray and confusing thought distracted Fia for a moment, stunning her. A stun that was then broken by a sudden impact on her. "Oi, watch where yer-"

It was her. She'd come. Fia was frozen, unmoving and unspeaking as Espy talked about look for her. Well, she'd found her. They'd found each other.

But why the hell did it have to be like this?

"Princess..." She uttered softly. "What... What are ya doin' here?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

There was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to do. A part of her simply wanted to rush up to Fia and embrace her, exclaiming how she wouldn't ever let her go again, but the pain that ached in her heart told her otherwise. It was like a serpent that had coiled around her, constricting her painfully and in the end, she realized that until she had cried out those emotions that lurked within the debts of her heart, she wouldn't be able to be free of them. If she wanted things to return to how they had once been, then this was the only option available to her.


A feeble whisper escaped her lips as she looked up at Fia and asked her that question that been haunting her ever since she left Crocus. "Why did you leave me behind?" Already she felt her earlier anger fade away, the dark emotion replaced by sorrow and fear. "Weren't we going to travel together? Weren't you going to stay at my side till the end of our days?"

Her eyes grew moist with tears as she allowed her emotions a free reign, and soon she continued. "I know how important this mission is for you. It is a chance to redeem your father in the eyes of the knights, and it's to protect your family." and yet there was one painful part to that awareness that she needed to voice at all costs. "But am I not a part of that family?! Weren't you going to make me Esperia Barone after we freed your father?"

Her small hands clenched together as she crawled onto her feet, her voice trembling not out of anger, but insecurity. "Was it all a lie? Please tell me it wasn't Fia! You're the only one I wouldn't allow to disappear! the only one I need to be able to endure this all! I... I don't want to be left behind again."

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she asked the question that haunted her for so long. "Am I becoming a burden for you? Is that why you didn't ask me to come along with you?" She remembered Sebastian's advice, to tell Fia everything she felt, in the end, her fiance was the only one she could unconditionally believe in.

"Please show me the truth Fia! You told me you were going to always be there for me so please... Please don't go somewhere I can't reach!"

She didn't care if Fia was going to fight the Phantom Lord guild, she would have gladly lent her whatever aid she could possibly provide, but to be left behind was the one thing she couldn't, and wouldn't allow. She had lost way too much already, and having Fia disappear from her side was a pain too much to bear for her. But right now, the words that would be spoken, and the actions that were going to be made no doubt would be decisive.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia was no coward, but in the face of this sudden and unexpected meeting, she felt an odd sensation of fear. It was some strange, binding feeling, the prospect of being forced to face what she'd wrought before she was even prepared. Part of her wanted to just hold Esperia and tell her she was sorry, but she knew that wasn't going to settle this. The feelings they'd kept bottled up, the feelings abused by the Knights, could no longer be ignored. Their love for each other could only account for so much pain.

Her father had once told her something along the lines of, 'If you ever hurt someone you love, no matter why or how... You own up to it.'. And well, now it was time for Fia to face the music.

Every soft, delicate word from Esperia's mouth prompted pain coursing from Fia's heart, as she stood there slack-jawed before her lover. She knew so much of it was just Esperia's childishness and insecurity, but in no way could she fault her for that. She'd no right to place the blame on Esperia's shortcomings, not when her actions were closer to the instigation.

Her fist clenched, as a dangerous mix of rage and sadness swelling within her at each utterance. She wanted to shout out, deny every insecurity with full force, but could not bring herself to do it yet. Every complaint about not taking Esperia with her stirred some inexplicable fear within Fia... A fear of what might have happened if she'd had... After all, she'd already lost Esperia once...

It was so frustrating, but she bit her tongue. It was all bullshit, every last insecurity, but a deep pain within Fia knew she was the cause. The headstrong girl who charged forward, the destructive titan who always advanced... Hadn't seen the destruction left in her wake.

Her entire body trembled, feeling like it was about to burst. And every single word only turned up the pressure. And when her final, harrowing question was given, Fia glanced up at Espy's tear-ridden face.

And that was the breaking point. Her face turned into one of shock for a moment, before her teeth clenched, and a loud cry was given.

"IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!" She cried out, her voice cracking as her fists clenched and tears rolled down her own face as she set her eyes on Esperia.

"Do you seriously not know? Of course I'm gonna be with you, of course I wanna travel with you, of course I wanna you're my family, of course it's not a lie, OF-FUCKIN' COURSE YER NOT SOME BURDEN!" Her words were rapid, uncontrollable, and honest to a fault. Fia wiped away the tears from her face with a balled fist, as she spoke up, her words softening just a bit.

"You think I wanted to come 'ere without you? This was my job, and shit, I can't drag you into my fights, I... Shit..." Fia didn't quite know why a such prospect inspired so much fear in her, but it certainly did. A hand was raised to her face as she breathed heavily, looking down at the ground.

"Fuck... I wish I wasn't such a coward, I wish I could face all this shit with you with me, but..." For just a moment, a sob was let out, as truly traumatic memories surfaced. "I already lost ya once, Princess..."

The recollection of Esperia's coma, and the combination with the strange fear of dragging Espy into her own problems, was causing quite the distress for Fiammetta as emotions boiled up within her. She was forced to face the music, and was greeted with the sheer cacophany that was the troubled heart of a Titan.

"Princess... Yer... The best part o' me... I-I... I'm so fuckin' scared of losin' that..." She let out a pathetic little scoff, aimed entirely at herself.

"And now look at this... Can't do anythin' right, made my future wife cry... And can't even stop the tears myself..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The loud cry came unexpected, perhaps because she had been so used to the fact that Fia had never shouted or raised her voice at her, that the sudden outcry made her body jolt lightly in surprise, but it was not fear that threatened to overwhelm her, no not when she saw the tears rolling down Fia's cheeks. This choice, this burden her lover was forced to carry by herself. All this time she carried those troubled feelings and fears, and not once complained about them. All this time... When Fia cried out the denials to her insecurities Esperia felt her gaze shift downwards, a mixture of guilt and sorrow filling her heart. "Is that why you did it?"

It wasn't because she was becoming a burden for Fia, far from it. The reason why she was left in Crocus was because of how immensely her fiance cared about her. The reason she was left behind was not that Fia intended to abandon her... It was because it was the only option her lover saw that... "Was it to protect me again?"

Fia further explained she didn't even want to come to Oak, that she was only here because it was her job as a Rune Knight to do so. However, thinking back about the memories about where she had nearly died once before Esperia could understand the fear it inspired in the heart of her lover. She couldn't imagine a future without Fia, a world without her fiance by her side was a world that lost its meaning to her. But more than that... It made her realize something.

Asmodeus had often told her that as the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust it was natural for her to always chase her desires, but when she often asked herself what it was that she truly desired, she couldn't truly give a solid answer. Her desire was simple, in the end, the one she desired was in front of her, and if there was one longing she possessed, then it was to remain at Fia's side forever.

"Fia... You're the one who said it..." Slowly she raised a hand to Fia's own, resting it on the palm of her hand as she whispered softly. "So listen to yourself!" It was selfish of her, to say the words she was about to say, to make the suggestion she was about to give, but at this rate she couldn't hold back those feelings. "Stop fighting for the sake of others!" Her gaze shifted upwards, her mismatched eyes looking into Fia's own as she stepped a bit closer, enclosing the remaining distance between the two of them.

"From now on, let's live for nobody but ourselves! To chase our desires no matter how selfish they may be!" A sudden shift of her body was made, arms gently wrapping around Fia's body as she attempted to pull herself in for a hug and soon continued her response. "It's strange, really..."

Yes, there was one thing that Fia's presence had that she felt nowhere else. It was not just the strength of their bond or the affection they felt for each other. "When I'm with you, no matter how screwed up this world can get." Yes, if there was one thing that Fia always succeeded in then it was drawing a strength from the depths of Esperia's heart that made her feel like she could overcome any challenge. Just like during the siege on Crocus, just by having Fia at her side she felt like she was able to overcome any trial or tribulation and no matter how often she was pushed down, she could gather the resolve and determination to stand up again. Even in the face of her overwhelming grief toward the goodbye of her elder sister, it was Fia who gave her the means to continue onwards.

"I'm not afraid!" As long as Fia was at her side she wouldn't be able to be bested by anything or anyone, that was what she truly believed. "I'm a selfish and childish princess, and you're my selfish and reckless knight so it is only natural that we get to do this." Esperia whispered softly, shifting her head slightly sideways, and as she rested it against Fia's chest the sound of her heartbeat was all the girl needed to find herself slowly calming down, the tears fading away.

"From now on, let's push through everything together Fia. If you don't leave the Rune Knights, then I will join them instead. If you leave them we'll both find our own place together in this messed up world, and together we'll free your father and return him to our family."

However, there was one thing she wouldn't allow, and that she intended to make clear with her next action. "But one thing I won't allow is for you to let go of me again." And right around the same time she said those words her lips gently pressed against Fia's own, as if she tried to convey the emotions of her heart through that one gesture.

It was only after a moment that Esperia finally allowed their kiss to part as she leaned back and mused softly. "Salty... your tears made that kiss salty.." Her lips curved up into a brief smile as she shook her head for a moment. "I love you Fia, more than anyone else in the world, so be selfish and drag me into your problems, because when we are together nothing can stop us."

Although they might had sounded like bold claims, Esperia was entirely willing to leave behind Blue Pegasus and join the Rune Knights if she couldn't convince Fia to leave them. In the end, the girl had her own priorities, and the largest one of those was to be with Fia till the end of time.

"It won't be the same as last time, for this time I'll have you at my side, and as long as that remains nothing will be able to keep me away from you. Not even a Demon Lord can challenge the strength of our bond."

Although those words did seem to stir an amused chuckle from Asmodeus who had been silently observing her from within.

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia didn't even hear the initial small utterances as she cried out, laying bare the pain that the weight of her incredible self-inflicted sense of responsibility had wrought her. That same 'burden' that she placed upon herself, the oath she had to protect the ones she loved, to never let another member of her family slip from her grasp... The emotions all felt compelled by some deeper force within her, compounded on by forceful emotions that didn't even quite feel her own. It was the pain, the sorrow, the regret of many others that flowed through her, their memories falling in the shape of tears upon the ground below...

Was it OK to feel this pain? This guilt and self-loathing? If it meant she could protect them, the ones the loved so much... Her family... Her friends... And the girl she'd one day marry... Then surely it was alright, no? This fear... It was surely fine to suffer it for their sake wasn't it? For their happiness, could the Titan really allow herself to bear all their pain as she always did?

She wondered that deeply as she continued to crumble before Esperia, a hand attempting pointlessly to wipe away the falling tears. But really, the only one who could quell the raging and troubled heart of a Titan was the demon's host that stood before her. As her lover spoke, Espy took that same hand, and Fia found her gaze set on the smaller girl, confused at her words.

Until it became clear. That selfish, childish girl cried out to stop fighting for the sake of others, her passion rivaling the Titan's own as her smaller body wrapped Fia a warm embrace. Could they really do as she said? Live just for themselves? Or... Really...

Hadn't that always been what they'd done?

World be damned, they'd fought for each other... And for they cared for. That simple understanding pulled Fia that bit farther a brink, as her own strong arms found themselves around her lover. She was unable to muster any words in response, but her tears stopped, and she listened more as Esperia spoke the words Fia herself was already thinking. That they could face the world with naught but each other, and feel no fear, even if the world was they way it was... A fucked up place, that inflicted such pain as the suffering of war, or the grief of the loss of a sibling... Both of which... They'd endured.

Even if she was so much shorter, Esperia was what Fia leaned against in those times, and now. As her tears let up some, Fia found herself gazing strongly down at the girl, laughing just a little. "Yer really somethin'..." She couldn't help but utter, as for exactly what that 'something' was, well, Esperia soon answered in the most truthful way she could.

She was a selfish Princess. And Fia, her selfish knight. They were childish, reckless, and unstoppable. Of course it was like that, of course it always had been. They'd never given a damn about bullshit like greater meanings, about the throne, about the guilds they'd served, about anyone else... But the ones they cared about most. They were selfish. And that was what made them strong.

As Esperia's head lay against her chest, Hiroko placed a hind behind her head, holding her close and finding her footing as she too calmed from the embrace, the emotions of all the Titans past and present subduing within her. As Esperia layed out the guidelines of their future.

Feeling certainty swell in her core, Fia found her strength again, smiling softly down at her lover. "Fuck the Rune Knights... Only place we need is next ta' each other..." She uttered softly yet resolutely, before then learning of the one thing Esperia would not forgive her for.

It hadn't been long since she'd lost kissed Esperia, but as their lips pressed, Fia still knew... It had been too long. After the brief tenderness, Fia found herself chuckling at Esperia's comments. "Likewise..." She uttered softly. Esperia's words of love had the Titan girl feeling clarity flow through her ever more, as she smiled softly down at the girl, listening to her promises that things wouldn't be like the last time.

"Heh... Ain't that my line? Not even a Demon Lord..." Fia said quietly, recalling she'd said something similar a long time ago. "But it's true... Everythin' you say is right... We're a pair of selfish, reckless, childish numbskulls, just in it for ours." A hand was raised to Esperia's cheek, stroking her hair and tilting her head up as Fia touched her forehead against the shorter girl's.

"But things are perfect that like that, ain't they? You and me, the things we care about... And all the love in between. We ain't ever needed anythin' like some bigger cause, have we?"

They seemed to be the outliers in the world around them, everyone so set on achieving their world-changing goals, their steadfast ideals. But all they wanted, was each other, and everything that let that love blossom. Freedom, safety, power... Such self-centered pursuits. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

"I promise ya Princess... I'll be the most selfish motherfucker that ever did love ya... The kind that ain't ever lettin' go of the what's theirs... And Princess... Yer mine, so I ain't ever lettin ya go."

Much as Asmodeus chuckled at Esperia's words, so too did a hidden feline figure smile at Fia's statements. He'd followed her on the way back, stealthily as a cat could, only to see this relieving sight. He had his own goals... But he wanted Fia to achieve hers too. Time wouldn't always be on their side, so when it ran out... Salem wanted Fia to know she'd spent the few years she had as well as she could've.

A simple wish, one that suited such a simple girl.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sheepish grin lingered on the obsidian-haired girl's lips as she heard Fia comment on her words. It was true, Esperia was a selfish and childish person, in the end, the entire world could burn for all she cared, as long as long as it didn't affect those she cared for. "mhmm~ I'm your selfish princess~" Esperia mused softly. Feeling and hearing Fia's resolute decision on the guidelines for their future the lass nodded her head in agreement. "Aye, we don't need them. There are a lot of ways for us to save your father, and those meany knights have kept you away from me way too long." Pouting her cheeks for a moment at the last part of her exclamation about the Rune Knights, the pout quickly faded in favor for a little blush and grin as Fia commented in agreement to the flavor of her kiss, leading the girl to raise a hand to wipe her tears from her face and answered her with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Guess we'll just have to redo it later then~"

How long had it been since things became like this? Since the love between the two of them blossomed so strongly? It felt like an eternity, and even then it likely wouldn't be enough for her. "I do recall you using that line before." She hummed teasingly before she nodded her head in agreement to Fia's question. "Indeed~ All we need is you, me and the things we care about. It's as simple as that~ The only things that matter is that, and our love~"

Indeed, even if she had thought about becoming Asmodeus' successor, it wasn't because she had a grand goal or ambition, she merely wanted to obtain the power to protect those she loved. Listening to Fia's statement Esperia nodded her head in agreement, leaning her head onto that soft sarashi-wrapped bust of her lover, nuzzling lightly against her while she answered her in return. "Good~ because if you were to let go of me again I would be pretty upset, so upset I might make it that you'll be waddling for an entire week."

The girl pouted softly as she raised her hands around Fia's neck and pulled her closer, leaning in to whisper into her ear. "I pulled some effort on my side and learned of two rather pleasant things. There will be a festival in Orchidia upcoming soon... and your father is permitted to come to the festival~ If he behaves well enough he will be allowed to return home afterward~ but I thought it might be pretty fitting for him to meet us at such a joyous event first."

A soft smile lingered on her lips as she pulled herself into an embrace once more and hummed softly. "Let's make sure those blissful days last forever~ Although that does mean that after the festival we'll have to return to Baska... and prepare to put you in a wedding gown~" A little snicker followed at the last bit, as if she reminded Fia of the conversation they had at the orphanage.

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#8Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone
Esperia felt so warm and light in her arms, and so blissfully present, as the two shared their tender resolution. To not just live for freedom, but for themselves. As they clung to each other, Esperia's words of confirmation, and if re-trying kisses, and of the only things that mattered what they cared about, Fia felt a flame stoked within her. Not of fury, but of unrivaled passion. Though she did not know it at the time, the lingering wills in her mind certainly agreed with Esperia's words...

As Esperia nuzzled into her, Fia couldn't help but chuckle weakly at the threats of having her waddle like a duck. She couldn't deny however, that that prospect didn't have its benefits, and really, Fia would've happily accepted some intimacy with her lover after what they'd just managed to get through.

But first, a more pressing matter was raised, as Esperia pulled Fia in to reveal some very good news. "Yer... Yer shittin' me... He can come?" Fia uttered in clear shock. She'd known her father was behaving well, and nearing release, but this soon? She was utterly speechless.

Her father was finally going to come home.

"It's really happenin'..." The weight of it had yet to really hit Fia, and likely wouldn't until the festival. For now, her eyes remained dry, as she beamed down at her lover's mentions of returning to Baska after the festival. "Oi, oi, don' forget yer wearin' one too! An' we gots more to sort out 'an dresses..." Fia muttered, knowing they were a bit underprepared for the whole wedding thing. She didn't even know who to invite yet, aside from her siblings, of course.

With the change in mood, Fia couldn't help but smile softly at her lover, holding a cheek in her hand. "I'm really gonna get to introduce ya to my old man, huh..." She said wistfully, pressing a kiss onto Esperia's forehead. "I'm sure he's gonna love ya, y'know? He ain't got any problems with a new Barone in the family..." Fia knew how much Esperia longed for a family again, and now Fia was starting to realize... That really was something she could give to Esperia.


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"Mhmm~ He is totally allowed to attend, courtesy of all the efforts we been pulling together~" Grinning sheepishly the girl was quick to add an extra remark as she hummed playfully. "I can't wait how your Papa is going to react when he learns he's about to become my Papa also." Yet for all the teasing there was truly genuine joy and affection in her reactions, in the end she knew how much Fia adored her father, so she knew that his freedom would had been just the news they needed. And the gods knew they needed it. Too often stories were told about lovers who were torn apart by war, and too often those stories ended in a tragic conclusion when it was only the lifeless body of their fiance that returned. In a way, it was the terror of war, of this messed up world and it was for that reason Esperia knew she could consider herself fortunate that Fia was left unharmed after the battle had concluded. Perhaps it was also part of the reason she wanted Fia to retire from the Rune Knights, not just because she wanted to be with her lover all the time, but because she dreaded the idea of their love becoming a 'story like that'.

"Oh?" Feinting innocence the girl's lips curved into a lecherous grin as she leaned up to Fia's ear, whispering temptingly into her lover's ear. "Of course I'll be wearing one, that makes it all the more tempting when we get to the wedding night." Yet there was some truth in that they needed to figure out more than just sorting out the dresses for their wedding. "Mhmm~ We need to figure out who to invite, and a good place to hold the wedding at, and our honeymoon location~ Or where we hold the wedding night for that matter." A mischievous giggle escaped her lips before she felt that tender kiss onto her forehead.

"I'm sure he will~ But I'm not going to just be 'any' Barone~" With her cheek still held gently by Fia's hand she slowly leaned in and whispered tenderly. "I'm going to become your wife~" And with those words she pressed her lips onto Fia's once more while in the nearby alley Salem would find himself in the presence of a familiar butler.

"Hmm fascinating... Do you notice how their essence seems to intertwine? It is as if their paths are interwoven in a way that makes me believe their future will make them more unique and powerful than their predeccesors. Although I can't help but wonder... How long do you plan to keep up that facade good sir? There will be a time we'll have to watch them come to terms with their destiny. The Demon Lord of Lust and her Titan."

A hand stroked his chin as he hummed softly. "It reminds me of a story... Of how as long as her love remains, nothing can keep Asmodeus away from the one she desires, neither obstacle, enemy or death itself... Some say that that the human chant 'till death tears us apart' is a mistranslation... "Till death brings us together for eternity..." I can't help but look forward to see what type of legends they'd become."

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Fiammetta Barone
"Heh, don' think he'll be too surprised... I told 'im in letters I, uh, got engaged... Jus' not that it was to a Princess..." Fia said heartily, simultaneously anticipating and dreading her father's reaction to her adorable and elegant fiance. He'd, of course, be proud of her finding such a beautiful wife, and accredit some of her luck to his own advice. But at the same time, Fia was fully aware there'd be teasing abound as well...

Esperia's promise of the fun and inevitable removal of her wedding gown on the night of their betrothal painted a wide salacious grin on Fia. "Gonna be one helluva honeymoon..." Fia whispered back, making clear that their post wedding-activities would be something incredible, to say the least. But before then, they'd need to get through the more troublesome parts, like deciding who to actually invite and what venue to hold it at. Fia hadn't even thought of who they might have as bridesmaids, though she was fairly certain Severia was the only candidate for flower girl. She groaned at thinking of it all, but couldn't but chuckle alongside Esperia at the mention of their honeymoon and wedding night. It'd be tricky, but they'd figure it out, no doubt.

Fia smiled down tenderly as Esperia declared she'd become Fia's wife, something she still found amazing. "And I'll be yer wife too, don' forget~" Fia whispered lovingly as their lips pressed in a soft but heartfelt kiss, while a pair of more shadowy figures watched on.

Salem turned to raise an eyebrow at the butler upon the mention of his 'facade'. "They don't need to know yet. For now, destiny remains a thing of their future, they'll reach it nonetheless. Whatever happens, nothing will stop their approach. It's a peculiarly unstoppable thing... The Advancing Titan... And her Demon is no different..." Salem retorted, listening further to Sebastian's words.

"Legends, fur sure... Neither will yield in their journey, so we may only pray that nothing will stop them from being the people they strive to be... Each of them, will just keep... Moving... Furward..."


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Indeed, it was clear that neither of them would yield as long as they had each other to rely on. Nonetheless, it appeared Esperia had something in mind, for she started to lower a hand toward Fia's own and gently started to pull her along the streets, explaining her intentions with a smile. "I do hope you didn't burn through all your stamina today~"

A mischievous smile lingered on her lips as they passed along the familiar landmarks while she explained further. "Because I'm going to get you to spoil me with attention tonight~ and then in the morning we'll head toward Orchidia by the carriage. We should be able to make it nicely in time for the festival. Since obviously we need to get ourselves some time with your father before the festival itself starts."

Yet as they reached the pub Esperia suddenly stopped in her tracks, as if she was thinking about something. For Fia it might had been a moment of confusion for her fiance to suddenly stop, but it likely would become more clear soon afterward, because Esperia's gaze had drifted toward some patrolling Rune Knights who noticed Fia. Perhaps due to her flashy display during the siege?

Nonetheless, it seemed Esperia had noticed their gaze also, and spun around on her feet, without any warning wrapping her arms around Fia's waist and leaning up to kiss her lips once more till she turned her gaze at the knights and teasingly poked out her tongue. "She's all mine now~"

Yet as if on cue one of the knights addressed Fia with an amused grin. "I see that you got your clothes back, although it seems you found something else along the way also."

Yet after the amused exchange the knights prepared to leave, while Fia would no doubt notice a intense stare being send her way. "F~I~A, you got something to explain~"

And as if to imply the explanation would have to be right away she dragged her lover back into the pub, a short walk leading them to the privacy of their room so once there she turned back toward her fiance and placing her hands on her hips declared firmly. "Now to get you out of those clothes." Although realizing the interpretation of those words her cheeks turned crimson as she quickly corrected herself. "I-I mean to check your wounds!"

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Fiammetta Barone
Esperia's hand met hers and they began along the streets, the smaller girl wondering if Fia had stamina left. "Don' worry, Princess, yer gonna find out jus' how much I got left in me, saved all fer you~" Fia hummed smugly, listening as Esperia explained further what Fia had already considered implied.

As usual, Esperia seemed to have things quite well planed, pulling all kinds of strings that Fia never even knew existed. They'd be departing in the morning by carriage for Orchidia, where Fia's father awaited. "Yeah, o' course... Be good... To see him again..." The Barone girl uttered a little wistfully, still shocked to her core at the prospect of reuniting with him. The man who she considered her father, who'd been taken from her, would now return... The very thought made her feel like crying out of joy. But she held it in for now.

As they neared the pub, a sudden stop had Fia eyeing her lover with confusion, before she too spotted the approaching Rune Knights. Immediately, Fia groaned a little. Some of those stationed in Oak had presumed that the incoming squad was some kind of elites, and her Titanic display certainly hadn't dissuaded that notion.

"Alright jackasses, it's rude to sta-" Fiammetta had began to say, before her voice was stolen away by Esperia's lips in a sudden embrace and kiss, only spurring the patrolling knights in their teasing. The moment they mentioned Fia's nakedness, the Barone girl realized there was something she'd forgotten to mention to Esperia...

"Yeah... Turns out my gear ain't elastic..." Fia groaned embarrassed as she was tugged away by Esperia to what Fia presumed was the inn room she'd gotten in Oak. Her sudden declaration had Fia's eyes widening in excitement.

"Someone's soundin' pretty eager. You in heat or somethin'?" Fia replied teasingly, as her own expression reddened a bit, a small stream of steam rising from her head. Esperia quickly clarified, turning that stream into a brief eruption as Fia realized she too had made an error.

"O-Oh, uh... Ya don' have to worry 'bout any wounds. I ain't got any." Fia said, almost a little shamefully. Indeed, the time magic she'd been helpless to had set her back to a state before the fight, leaving her body without any (new) scars. "Long story..." She groaned with a hand wave, not in the mood to explain Dante's arrival right then. Fia grinned at Esperia, deciding on one little comment that might get the mood right.

"Y'know... I can still strip if ya want me to."


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There was something about holding Fia's hand that always brought her an immense joy, something that reminded her that she was no longer alone. This alongside the smug humming of her lover made Esperia snicker in amusement, clearly looking forward to find out just how much stamina her lover had saved all for her.

It was rather fortunate that Esperia had the opportunity to pull all kinds of strings, their existence made aware to her by the clever guidance of a master manipulator like the Demon Lord of Lust herself. "Mhmm~" Esperia hummed in approval at Fia's wistful remark on the subject of the reunion with her father.

Yet it was the revelation that followed that made Esperia's cheeks flush red. "I-I see~ At least nobody decided to go beyond looking~ Cause touching isn't allowed! They can't blame me if something happens to their hands." Yet hearing Fia's teasing remark Esperia's cheeks turned crimson, fidgeting a little on the spot. If she was to be entirely honest, she was feeling quite lustful, no doubt the result of having spend several days chasing after her lover while all those feelings had bottled up inside her.

"Hmm~" Esperia hummed softly before her lips curved into a lecherous grin and she declared in a playful tone while taking a seat on the end of the bed. "I'd love to enjoy a show like that~" yet as if to amplify the teasing remark she added with a more bashful look on her face. "Because I do think I am in heat right now. Do you like horny princesses?" Esperia inquired teasingly.

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Fiammetta Barone
Fia couldn't help but chuckle a little awkwardly at Esperia's threats toward the hands of those who might've attempted to touch Fia in her naked state. Fia decided not to mention the demon who'd nearly done exactly that. It would be a bit troublesome if a slightly yandere Esperia was to hunt down a demon out of rage...

With Esperia's question answered, they quickly entered the room to address another concern of the black-haired trickster's. That was, Fia's wounds from the battle, or lack thereof. Ever the opportunist, Fia didn't waste her chance to tease her lover with the prospect of quite the show, and her words yielded their intended effect. But of course, Esperia was quick to recover from her brief embarrassment, and the moment Fia spotted that mischievous grin of hers, she knew the girl had thought of something.

The little minx said words oh so sweet as she was seated by the edge of the bed, insisting she'd enjoy the show and inquiring if liked what she saw before her. "Princess..." Fia said salaciously, moving with a bit more sway to her hips than usual as she approached her lover, a hand moving toward the back of her gi to begin the show Esperia had asked for. "Why don' I show ya jus' how much I like 'em? But..." Fia's eyes scanned over her lover, as she smiled lustfully. "Only if ya show me how much ya like lustful knights... It's my selfish lil' request~"


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It was clear that Esperia was mesmerized by the sight of her lover, every little motion of those hands making the girl's gaze wander along, and when that hand slipped behind Fia's gi and started to give the show that always succeeded in making Esperia give a rather obvious reaction. A playful clap of her hands followed, almost like an excitable child watching a performance yet hearing those mischievous words of her lover Esperia decided that she was more than eager to oblige.

It was right around the time the top-part of her Gi was stripped down as Fia stood before her that Esperia stirred into action. Her legs playfully hooked around Fia's own, pulling her toward the bed while her hands inevitably reached for those soft pillows she adored so much. "I'll show you just how much I like lustful knights."

A giggle followed as she spun her body so that she was straddling Fia's waist and looking down at her fiance she hummed softly. "But you know~ there is only one knight who can make me indulge into all my desires." And as if to add to her verbal comment a hand started to trail downwards as she mused softly. "You better prepare yourself for some 'Attack on Fia'~"

And indeed, as one might had expected that night was filled with giggles, moans and lustful cries, all the way till morning came.

Snuggling into the bosom of her lover Esperia yawned softly as she looked up at Fia with a blissful smile upon her lips. "Good morning my lovely pillow fortress~"

The time for war was over, now came a period of peace, festivals and shenanigans!


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Fiammetta Barone
The pair hadn't been together in some time thanks to tthe Rune Knights' sudden call to arms, so there was never any doubt the young, frisky lovers would waste any time before reminding themselves of their usual intimacy. Seeing Esperia so excited and gleeful only made the idea that Fia would soon have that same expression sighing and heaving in ecstasy so much more delightful.

Of course, Fia would have her own excitement too, as Esperia quickly straddled the girl onto the bed, going for the same weak point as always as she promised for some further attacks to be enjoyed. Fia could hardly wait for her own Titan impression, hopefully she'd get the chance to gobble up her little Princess.

The night passed, and the unreleased energy from their time apart meant that the tension breaking caused quite the exciting night. It was a wonder nothing in the room was broken by the time they woke up.

Fia was treated, as usual, to the wonderful sight of her lover waking up in her grasp, snuggled up aginst her. "Mornin' to you too, my horny Princess..." She whispered softly, kissing her on the forehead lovingly. They were reunited, their futures determined, as they swore to selfishly take on any struggles in their way. But until then, they'd some downtime to enjoy, and with the festival coming, another reunion that was a long time coming.


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