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Baska to Drannor [Foot-travel: Akira, Hatsuharu, Asura]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Baska to Drannor [Foot-travel: Akira, Hatsuharu, Asura] Empty Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:31 pm

Akira Shimada
As the three of them descended from the train. Aki stretched. Another journey ahead of them. 'Are we really going to need to walk all night? Because this is crazy!' she exclaimed before yawning. 'I wish I was a sleepwalker.' she added, rolling her eyes at her own silly sense of humor. They'd have to get going soon, but she stopped by to buy herself and the other two some coffee before they started their climb to Drannor. A long heavy sigh escaped her lips... 'This is such a drag...' she said after downing her coffee and smiling almost apologetically at the other two. At least they had a night of stars above them, the cloudless sky was a gift. Perhaps she'd try to find the constellations she'd read about as a kid...

They picked up some more supplied and the journey further north commenced. It would have been nice if someone worked on the damn railways and made some more stations, Drannor was a town that was pretty well known, it could really do with a train stop. There wasn't much point in whining, she didn't want to be a downer, particularly not after the general feeling of dissatisfaction that lingered like a bad taste in their soul. They were overworked, tired and headed towards some more work. This was just classic. 'We should probably just camp out...' she suggested. If they'd agree, they could find a clearing to settle down and sleep under the canopy of stars.

Early in the morning, the trio would start off again, to complete the rest of their journey to Drannor. Once there, Aki would suggest renting a room to get some more rest and freshen up, before setting out to locate the others they were supposed to meet for this mission...


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#2Asura Nightshade 

Baska to Drannor [Foot-travel: Akira, Hatsuharu, Asura] Empty Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:38 pm

Asura Nightshade
Asura couldn't help but agree when Akira exclaimed that their journey of walking the entire night was absolutely crazy. Although the train travel involved them all mainly sitting, it was still rather exhausting and she'd rather have them well-rested and ready for battle rather than overworked, tired and absolutely exhausted. After all, they had no idea what was in store of them and so it was better to be cautious and prepared. It seemed as though that's what the other two thought as well as they descended the train and began their walk to Drannor from Baska.

For a while, they walked, exchanging a few words occasionally with the Umbreon, sticking close to the blonde. During the train ride, Asura tried her best to get Rei to be comfortable with Akira and Haru as he was a little shy and she was glad that by the end of it, he had grown fond of the two. Which is why he sometimes, left attaching himself close to Asura and proceeded towards the other two, walking alongside them as the blonde sipped her coffee that Akira had gotten for them to aid them in their endeavor.

However, it would seem as though, walking the entire night was practically impossible which is why at Akira's suggestion of camping out, Asura nodded saying, "Yeah, that's a good idea." They camped for the entirety of the night and set off early morning. As they entered Drannor, a slight tugging of paranoia overtook the blonde which she tried her hardest to conceal. The looming threat of fighting against Phantom Lord seemed to be getting on her nerves and Rei, having noticed that, tried to soothe the woman again as he always did. She nodded to herself, thinking that they would be fine, that they'll make it out alright.

After some more rest in an inn, the trio set off to the location where they would meet the rest of the Knights dispatched and hope for the best.

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Baska to Drannor [Foot-travel: Akira, Hatsuharu, Asura] Empty Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:12 pm

It was days of train journey. Haru was glad that he chose a train that was a little more expensive than usual, but was at least comfortable and had all the basic amenities done right. He wasn’t sure about the other two, but the healer always slept like a baby whenever he was in the train. The slight rocking motion was like a tranquilizer to the red-headed Knight. But all that was over. Now, they had to walk. While the young man didn’t mind walking, doing it immediately after getting off a long and tiring train journey was a drag. However, it wasn’t like they had much of an option.

Half way through their walk, however, Akira suggested that they camp somewhere to recuperate. Since it was late at night and was very dark, Haru agreed too. The last thing he wanted was to encounter a pack of wolves. After resting for a bit, the trio made their way towards Drannor. Haru kept an eye out for any potential suspect. He didn’t wish for the Phantom Lord members to be alerted. The one advantage they had was that they were a small squad and not an army. If they lose even that, then it would be a shame.

It took them a day, but the three of them finally reached Drannor. They still had some time before they had to rendezvous with the rest of the squad, thankfully. It meant the healer could rest a little more and be at his best when the fight happened.

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