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Era To Magnolia [Foot]

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#1Xandra Queen 

Era To Magnolia [Foot] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:52 am

Xandra Queen
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The sun loomed over the town of Era as she sauntered through the streets, grumbling to herself but at the same time, the pace of her heartbeat was rather quick. It wasn't simply so because of the frustration and anger that dwelled within her everytime she had to deal with the higher figures of the council but to decide such a task in the whim.

Time was ticking by fast. The blonde realized the intensity of the situation that she was thrown into by the magic council. Indeed they had a bad habit of surprising their Knights with various issues but this was beyond what she expected. She only had a few days left until the operation was to commence and she realized that this may prove to be a life or death situation for the Rune Knights. After all, a bunch of them who weren't overly familiar with one another perhaps, or not at all familiar in her case, were thrown into a scenario where lives could be lost but alas, she couldn't complain. This was the job of the Knights after all.

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