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Back At It [Training Spells: Hatsuharu, Akira]

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#1Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
The sun peeked out from over the horizon with a warm red glow greeting Akira. She slid off the bed of another rented room and scuffled over to the window. The lunar mage pulled apart the curtains to let more of the liquid light pour into the room. Her fingers splayed against the glass which was still cool from the touch of the night, as she threw open the windows. A deep breath was drawn, it filled her lung with the fresh, dew-drop kissed scent of wet earth. The soft rays of the glowing orb colored her face. Something about the day was very inspiring. She stood there for a while, till the light grew a little sharper and she drew the coarse, translucent curtains back over the window.

With a soft sigh, she plopped herself back onto the bed and plucked out her diary from the bedside drawer. The peace of the morning was a great time to sieve the details of her life through the tool of language and words. Not the kind that one spewed at another without much thought, but the expression of the pensive mind, used to separate the details of actions from intent, the moment from the emotion that colored it... It was time for some reflection. Once she'd finished this almost meditative process, she slunk off into the living room outside, stretching as she sauntered towards the kitchen. Fondly, she smiled as she noticed Tsuru all curled up and still fast asleep on the couch. He had refused to let her exchange places, despite her genuine insistence that the couch would be more comfortable for her... She shook her head and began to make the morning coffee. The clinks would probably wake her partner up, so she tried to be as silent as possible.

No jobs today, at least not yet. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest, as she waited for the liquid to boil and bubble up and the steam to make its way through the ground coffee and spill its way into the top container of the Moka. Once done, she'd pour it into the espresso shot cups and as she stirred she made her way to her partner. Allowing the gentle clinks of the spoon against the cup to serve as an alarm. 'Hey... Tsuru... Time to wake up.' she said, keeping her voice soft. He'd not been resting well, something he'd never complain about to her, but it wasn't too difficult to tell, so she was averse to the idea of rattling him up early, in case he chose to sleep in.

As the healer stirred, she continued talking softly, leaving suggestions for them. 'We could go about our patrolling duty...' she started as she sat down with her own cup and blew onto the steaming liquid. '... But I'd rather not be hauled off to do some other task, I mean, there have to be more Seated Knights around right? I mean other than us...' she trailed off giving the man time to recuperate and to digest her reasoning. Plus, he usually would protest for things like this, she'd have to interrupt that before. 'I mean... no shrugging our duties, but I have almost got no time to train, still haven't even explored the limits of my new element properly... There has just been, so much going on.' she said, after clearing her throat. This was not a lie, she wasn't shirking duties. After her processing everything that she had gone through this morning, she did realize she'd hardly spent any time honing the skill and gift that got her into this mess with the guilds and factions in the first place.

'Would you like to join me?' she asked. Lately, now that she'd tempered, she didn't just assume that Tsuru would follow her around because they'd been asked to do so... The dynamics of their relationship had changed. It was apparent that this was no longer just an obligation. The lack of obligation, also meant that now, they both now had a choice. If he chose to sleep in, while she went out on this endeavor by herself, that would be fair too. She chewed on her lip and watched him intently, waiting for his answer.


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The red-headed Rune Knight thought he would get over his tiredness in a few days, but it would seem that wasn’t the case. He wondered if he had contracted something terrible and had to visit a doctor. There wasn’t any fever or nausea, so he felt it had more to do with the excessive training he put his body through in a short span of time. Maybe he was way too eager and overdid it. The previous night, after the rounds, the healer went to bed quite early and did not even have the strength to eat dinner. Despite having been in bed for more than ten hours, the poor Knight did not get a good rest. He kept tossing and turning on the couch—although it was no fault of the couch. The same would have happened even if he was on the bed and he knew it. That was why he stubbornly refused to let Akira take the couch.

Honestly, what was wrong with the former pacifist had less to do with the physical exertion but more with his mental state. The healer was drowning into depression. His tiredness was merely a side effect of his spiritual and mental health. Overnight, he was convinced into changing his pacifist attitude drastically and decided to fight if it meant protecting the innocent. While he may keep telling himself that he had come to terms with it, he really had not still. Every time he pressed that button on his hilt and saw the blue mana blade form, a pang of guilt overtook him, and it took its toll over time. Now, he was convinced that the weapon was possessed by a demon and that being was slowly corrupting him.

The newbie swordsman had begun using the weapon mindlessly during his missions and was dangerously close to not caring about who or what he struck down. Maybe he was so against fighting because deep down, he was afraid he may not have the control over his mind after being desensitized with all the hacking and slashing. Dreamless and restless… the healer rolled on the couch until he was finally awoken fully by his partner’s voice.

Obviously, his first reaction to her suggestion of not going for their patrol duty was a stubborn no, with him shaking his head violently. But when he was interrupted midway before he could fully retaliate, he paused to listen to her fully. He couldn’t help but agree that ever since they were promoted, they hadn’t found the time to train peacefully like they used to back when they were both pages and apprentices. There was something tranquil about not having to worry about to being somewhere and spending the day with your partner doing something other than your job.

After contemplating it for a few moments, he finally sighed and looked up Akira with a smile. “Of course!” he said, in response to her offer. “Let’s just tell the guys downstairs that we are taking the day off. We are allowed that considering we have never done it even once before, I’m guessing,” he said, getting off the couch and walking towards the bathroom. After a few minutes, he was back, clean and clothed, ready to drink the coffee and eat his breakfast. The young man was starving; he did not eat dinner after all. But, since they were going to train, he controlled his urges and didn’t eat too much. When he was done, he made his way towards the exit, without bothering to take his sword.

“I can have a day without that wretched thing,” he said, eyeing the hilt maliciously before looking away.

Haru did not wish to be in the vicinity of the other Knights that day; so, he decided to go the outskirts of the town, into the rocky greens, for their training. “Let’s go someplace secluded where we won’t be disturbed,” he said. Out of context, that might sound a little too romantic, but he doubted Akira would see it that way. In any case, the realization made him go red and look away to hide his embarrassment.

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#3Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Despite her bored attitude, there was a sense of impatience in the girl. This was most apparent when she had a hot beverage to consume. In her eagerness to drink up what she called the elixir of life, that is, coffee... She burned her lips, her tongue, and her throat. She closed her eyes shut tight and smacked her lips together, glumly setting her cup on the table. Akira was unwilling to betray any reaction which would prove that she was a silly, impatient child. Tsuru probably didn't notice it though, as he pulled himself off the couch and into a seated position. She watched him carefully as life seemingly coursed back into him, but the slumber never quite left... Maybe she really ought to employ some other tactics of negotiation for him to take the bed, her usual bullying perhaps.. In her head, it seemed logical to blame to excessive activity and the lack of proper rest for the state that Tsuru seemed to have slipped into. Gone was the morning brightness, that warm smile, which felt like it out did the sun itself. They'd sort of reversed roles. Lately Aki, who despite her late night strolls, was the one who woke up the other... She fondly remembered the days that it used to be the other way around.

As expected, she had to reassure of her intent before he agreed. He sat up straighter as he shook his head, before Aki went on to explain. It was strange, because his violent denial of shirking his duties, was not directed towards just the one suggesting it, that is, Akira... But also seemingly himself, like somewhere in the recesses of his mind, he wanted an out too, but was fighting with himself to not neglect what was expected of him. Maybe she was reading too much into it. At least there was no major argument, which was surprising actually, because Tsuru spoke his mind when he was not convinced of something, this too was indicative of her hypothesis, today she was met with silence. He smiled at her... but it was like a ghost of what she'd seen before. It didn't look like Tsuru himself knew the difference. She let a crease form between her eyebrows, but the lack of time wasted on arguments, had to be a gift right?

But there was something so defeating about it. She didn't let it bring her down though, drawing strength from the perfection of the day outside. 'Ok! Good.' she stated, before gulping down her coffee, ignoring the scald and sting it left behind inside her mouth and down her throat as he went to attend to his morning errands. Aki swiftly made two sandwiches and left a glass of milk with an apple on the table, before following suit. They scarfed down their breakfast together, and just as she was about to state that he could use the training to familiarize himself with the new weapon, he said he wanted to leave it behind, with a sort of uncharacteristic dislike towards it. 'Er... Ok.' she said. She wanted to say more, but she held it back and nodded instead when he suggested they go somewhere quiet to train. 'Mhmm...' she agreed simply. There was dialogue that the two needed to engage in, that communication, their coordination was as precious as any training that they could embark on to hone their skills, and it seemed to be in jeopardy, because they'd both left things unsaid.

Perhaps Tsuru wanted that, he wanted to peace to open out and discover himself, Aki wanted to join him on that journey, the one that she went on ever so often herself. Only as they walking did she notice the implication the words could have. Her own cheeks took on a red hue, but the lunar mage assumed that only she had the habit of reading into words... If only she'd seen the reflection of the crimson shade on the healer's face. They'd finally find themselves in the typical clearing between trees. She liked the unruly natural environment, much better than the manicured gardens. Suddenly, where they were hardly mattered, this echoed of the very first time they trained together. She laughed softly as she drew the parallel. 'Doesn't this remind you of our very first training together?' she asked plonking herself onto the grass.


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The healer walked rather absent-mindedly, without exchanging any words with Akira. Thankfully, she was very patient with him as he missed several turns and she had to keep guiding him towards the right direction. He was wondering if his decision to leave the sword back was a bad one. After all, he had chosen to do this; if he lets it relapse, he would be wasting the weapon’s potential. Maybe it deserved to be wasted, was his first thought. It was funny how even though he left the weapon behind, he couldn’t get rid of it from his thoughts. Shaking his head, he decided to not think about the sword or cutting up someone the whole day. Instead, maybe he could meditate. Or focus on honing his magic, which he had neglected for a long time now. Maybe he can do both. He had the entire day off after all.

The two reached a clearing on the outskirts of the town; something reminiscent of the location that the two of them trained the first time, which the raven-haired girl pointed out with a laugh. Haru chuckled, remembering how he was back then and how much he has changed all of a sudden. “Yeah… Remember when you couldn’t hit the bullseye and I had to help you?” he asked, winking at his partner, knowing it would annoy her that he was pointing out her not-so-good aim. He sat beside her and took a deep breath of the fresh air. While he had not consciously acknowledged that he might be depressed, it must have been well-established in his subconscious, as he had a tremendous urge to sit up straight and meditate.

However, the silence was not doing any good to him. So, he urged his partner to talk to him while she trained around him. Her voice somehow helped him cope with whatever negative emotions that he might fighting against within him. “I think today we can attempt calling out to our magic without having to exert our muscles,” he said, taking deep deliberate breaths. Soon, he was calmer than usual and his thinking became clearer. He felt the wind, the gentle whistle it had as it carried the leaves around. And for a moment, there was a purple aura that formed around him and he could feel the presence of Akira next to him clearly. Haru opened his eyes immediately and turned to look at his partner, wondering what this new sense he felt. Wondering if he was going crazy, he shook his head and closed his eyes again.

He tried to keep the conversation going, afraid that he might go crazy if he didn’t have something to keep him grounded. “So… Umm… You never told me why you were so affected when I killed that wolf? You had no trouble killing the rat,” he asked, with his eyes still closed. And once he finished his sentence, he felt her presence again; this time, it was even longer than before. When he opened his eyes, he found himself exuding a purple aura. It quickly faded away, but it was definitely there. “Did you see that?” he asked Akira, pointing at himself.

This time he was sure it had something to do with his magic. Now he knew why he had not been developing any new abilities lately. His magic rewarded him the more calm and compassionate he was. He seldom trained before and yet he managed to learn quite a few tricks. His lack of magical development had nothing to do with his lack of training, but more to do with the chaotic mental health. Realizing this only motivated him to relax further. So, he sat up even straighter, folded his legs, put both his hands atop of lap and concentrated hard. The magic within welled up all over his body, and every time he lost even the slightest focus, it exploded out. Immediately after, the healer could sense everything in a short radius around him. This time, he even felt the density drop between a blade of grass and the air surrounding it. A large smile crept across his face as he sustained the sense.

“Let’s play a game,” he said, tapping Akira’s shoulder while still keeping his eyes closed. “I’ll chase you with my eyes closed. No going out of the clearing, however,” he said, grinning at her.

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#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Once again, Akira was reminded of how different things would have been, if she and Tsuru had not forged the bond that they had. She would have been impatient and sassy, her usual touch-me-not attitude. So much was similar as they finally arrived at the scene, and yet so much was entirely different. It was funny, as the moment incited philosophical thoughts of change and growth in Aki's mind. The permanency and consistency of change in an environment that when through the same growth that a person did, but the difference in rate made it look like time stopped for her. Like barely anything had changed in terms of the location, since the first time they accidentally wound up training together, but the two had changed so much as individuals...

'Wow... Out of everything, you choose to point that out!' she exclaimed with an exaggerated exasperation. 'I'm much better now though...' she mused on a lighter note. Glad, that he was at least engaging in dialogue. It reminded her of the fact that her brooding must have been far tougher to handle than Tsuru's seeming downtime. She was used to shutting off from people and dealing with Tsuru who was willing to communicate just seemed so much easier. Maybe she'd learn to channel her emotions into logical words too, maybe she'd stop fearing her emotions to take control and make her magic go all haywire. 'And I still have you to help me I guess.' she added, softly, her voice more genuine this time as she cracked a tentative smile towards the healer.

They sat in silence for a brief bit more. She was fine with it, to her silence between them was as comfortable as conversation. Just Tsuru's presence was enough. The girl played with a blade of grass, the scenery around was too beautiful for her to shut her eyes. She did draw in long deliberate breaths though, which seemingly generated a peaceful life force inside her. After sometime her partner broke the silence. She chuckled at that idea, she didn't mean to make fun of it, but she'd never vocalized her intent to the magic inside her before. 'You mean like as our magic for stuff?' she said, still grinning. Her soft giggles were like a trill of a bell. His eyes were closed, she lay back into the grass, now looking at the sky up ahead. As she hummed trying to humor him and ask her magic for things. She held a hand up, flat beside her. 'A ball to play with, would be nice...' she thought. She'd often been able to create shapes that resembled things... It was to no avail, although she did feel a certain energy concentrate in the middle of her palm.

He broke her concentration by asking for details about the frightful night. She'd slowly made peace with it, but the sudden reminder made her go a little rigid. 'Er... Its strange...' she started. If she needed him to communicate, she'd have to extend the same trust and courtesy to him. 'Remember that guy, Fenrir...?' she asked. She cleared her throat before adding something that she hoped would imply meaning, quite simply. 'He's a lycan.' It was likely that just that wasn't enough for her dramatic reaction, but she'd wait for him to ask more pointedly. Instead, he asked her if she saw something. She hadn't seen anything that was worth mentioning. 'What do you mean? I see a cloud that is shaped like a spoon...' she said, finding his question strange and giggling some more as she curiously wondered if she could get that energy that she'd conjured to create a ball.

Then, Tsuru... the kind Tsuru who probably thought his new demeanour was a burden, sought to partake in the lively day and suggested that they play a game. 'You mean you'll catch me just by my sound or something?' she said pulling herself up, onto her knees betraying a little excitement. 'I'll tell you, I'm really soft.' she added, as she silently crept up onto her haunches and then got up. 'I'm game!' she exclaimed, before going as far as to settle her breathing, so it was softer.


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Meditation worked. The old Haru was slowly coming back, mostly thanks to the changes in his partner that reminded him so much of how he was before. When Akira mentioned that Fenrir was in fact a Lycan, Haru opened his eyes wide in shock and looked at her like with a bit of worry in his face. It all made sense now; he now understood why the man was kicked out of the Rune Knight organization. But it still didn’t explain why she was upset when a stray wolf was killed. He wondered if he saw Fenrir get hurt the same way and him killing the rabid wolf reminded her of it. Haru was surprised about the number of encounters Akira had during her night walks that he was unaware of. First, it was her walk with Asura and now this. “Why don’t you ever tell me anything?” he asked. “Did something happen to Fenrir?” he asked, truly worried.

When the mood shifted to a lighter tone with his suggestion of the game, he nodded with an even bigger smile when she asked if he was going to chase her with just the sound. This wasn’t sound; it was a completely different sense, but he didn’t want to spoil that yet. So, he simply stood up, took his scarf and tied it around his eyes, blindfolding himself, and asked if she was ready. The range of his sense wasn’t too high, but it was enough to sense Akira anywhere within the clearing. In fact, this was even better than eyesight, as he could sense everything around him in a three hundred and sixty degree. There really was no blind spot.

Once Akira said she was ready, Haru would begin running towards her. She would notice that he knew exactly where she was even if she wasn’t moving or making any noise. He would continue chasing her and laugh every time he tagged her. In all the excitement, Haru hadn’t noticed something very obvious. Every once in a while, the light ball that Akira was playing with glowed extremely brightly. After a few times this occurred, Haru noticed it. “What’s that ball?” he asked, pointing towards it. Just then, it became even more unstable. While it’s instability would not be very obvious in the visible spectrum, Haru’s density sense clearly showed that it could blow up any time soon.

Afraid that it was going to cause them damage, the healer quickly dashed towards Akira, pushed her away from the ball, and then dashed away himself. Just as they both fell to the floor and slid across the clearing, the ball exploded. Shocked, Haru removed his blindfold immediately and opened his eyes to see all the grass from the centre of the clearing to be gone.

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#7Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
There was a tinge of annoyance in Tsuru's voice. He wasn't a demanding being and Aki wasn't talkative, they co-existed, well perhaps a bit more than that now, but she often forgot to relay encounters to him. It just didn't' strike the girl to share with him the details of certain encounters. Rarely was it a deliberate decision, in the case of Fenrir however, it was. 'Well... I didn't want to worry you...' she said smiling, she took his accusation easy, it was fair that he probably wanted the details. She still wasn't sure whether he was ready for those details though. 'Well... yeah... you could say so.' she said in a slightly uncertain and a sort of sing song voice, clearly trying to avoid having to divulge more and displaying her guilt about it. 'It isn't too important, he is fine... I am fine. He was just struggling a little bit with his magic and with him being a Lycan, I think...' she said, adding enough detail to prevent too many pointed questions. She sighed softly, and swallowed that wad of fear mingled with guilt. As her mind allowed images of that day to flicker in in her head. She clenched her eyes shut briefly, allowing them to come and then pass...

Once the game began, though she was so sure Tsuru had no way of getting to her she walked in a different direction and then began working on trying to create that light ball again. Soon flickering flecks formed in her palm. She wasn't sure what the light was capable of in this raw form, she wasn't trying to channel the magic into any kind of a weapon, which is what she usually did. There wasn't any great intent that she channeled into it either, for the moment she just wanted to employ the magic to make a ball to play with. Eventually she got so focused on that, she almost forgot about the game. She would walk around a little as her fleck grew into something that resembled a tiny table tennis ball and she'd toss it from hand to hand. It turned out it float and follow the motions of her hand too. Interesting she thought. Till finally she realized Tsuru could see it too, even though last she checked he had his eyes covered. 'Are you cheating?' she asked teasingly before adding that she wasn't quite sure what he meant. 'And what do you mean, I think its just a ball of light.' she said.

Within moments though, she felt Tsuru charge at her, she was going to charge away, assuming they were still playing but he pushed her to knock her away. Considering that she was just about ready to dash she dashed in the direction of the push, while he dashed toward the other side. Her light ball exploded somewhere between them. When the dust settled she checked for Tsuru. 'Woah, I didn't expect that.' she said... sighing softly. 'Pretty cool though, you alright?' she confirmed peering at him...

Once he'd convince her that he was doing ok, she'd let him know that she'd like to explore this energy ball some more, perhaps play around with how far it can go and how much she can pack into it. A ball that she could control with her hand, seemed like a pretty good weapon in her arsenal, along with her gun and the weapons she usually created. While playing around, she would ask, how he was able to see the ball and her, despite the blindfold. She'd practice slowly perfecting the way the ball followed her palm, rather small movements from her were required to make it travel pretty fast. It basically went from one place to another at the pace of a usual spell, based on where her palm was pointing. Pretty nifty indeed. She was happy with it....


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The young man couldn’t believe what the Rune Knights did to poor Fenrir. They chucked him out when he was struggling to adapt with his magic and race. It was the time when he needed the most support and help. Instead, he gets thrown out of the organization he worked for. Sometimes, Haru wondered why he even bothered being a Knight.

The chasing game was fun, although he wasn’t sure if Akira was taking it seriously. It was fine even if she didn’t. They were doing it just to have a day for themselves without having to worry about all the duties that came with being a Rune Knight. The explosion first shocked him, but then he ended up laughing. “What the hell was that?” he asked, shaking his head. He thought his partner had learnt to control her magic very well. He assumed she must have experimented with something. When asked how he knew the ball was about to explode, he thought about it for a moment and then replied.

“I think I have this new ability… A sense. So, if I want, I can map the density variation of an area and sense it clearly even if my other senses are blocked,” he said. It made perfect sense for his magic, and he could see no other explanation to it.

When Akira said she wishes to explore more with that explosive light ball, Haru asked her to be safe and decided to go a good distance away to practice his own magic. It had been a while since he had cast his healing spell on anyone and he didn’t wish to go rusty on something so important. So, he told his partner that he would be around and asked her to call him in case she needs him for something.

Haru walked deeper into the forest from the clearing they were in. He had done this several times before. The wild was a very dangerous place and some predator always hunted a prey. So, he would go into the forest, shoo away any weak carnivores away from their injured prey and attempt healing the prey’s injuries. That was how he initially practiced his healing magic and he saw no problem in using the same strategy again. This time, he even had the help of his new sense so he could find any injured animal in a large range without having to have direct vision. Haru closed his eyes, extended his left arm in front of him and concentrated hard. In a few seconds, a large purple ball formed from the center of his extended palm. Opening his eyes, he threw it straight into the closest thicket. Once it reached the thicket, he clenched his palm and the purple ball exploded. It did nothing to any of the things in the area. There was absolutely no force behind it. But it gave him the sense. He had better control of his spell now and that was always good.

Just as he thought, behind the thicket was a fox pouncing on a bunny. Before he rush to the bunny, however, the fox’s fangs had already been bitten into it’s neck. Picking up a stone and throwing it near the fox, Haru managed to scare the feline away. The bunny however, seemed to be in terrible shape. The healer quickly sat next to it, put his palms together and then placed his hands on the bunny’s neck where it was bitten. Slowly, but surely, the injury began to heal. The blood clotted rapidly, sealing off the injury and the rupture to the blood vessel healed. Soon, the bunny was up and hopping, like nothing ever happened to it.

Haru sat there, smiling at the small animal. It felt really good that he saved a life, even if it is that of a simply bunny. Somehow, he relearned all the little joys that he had enjoyed in his life before he burdened himself too much with all the unrighteous things that happened in the world. “Guess the world is not a perfect place…” he muttered to himself. As much as he knew that for a very long time, it helped to say it out loud and accept the fact to himself. Walking back to the clearing Akira was in, he nodded towards the direction of the town, telling her that he was ready to go.

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