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Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open]

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#1Farren Claret 

Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] Empty Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:22 pm

Farren Claret
It had been a long few weeks in Oak for the old soul, but he now found himself slowly becoming content with his life in the guild. As he waited among a group of his fellow lowly guild members for training, he couldn't exactly help but recount the events that had ultimately led him here. Back in his younger days, he couldn't have ever imagined that he'd be sitting amongst a group of fodder while awaiting "training" from anybody - yet, times had indeed changed. Not only had Farren's power decreased considerably during his time of incarceration, but things had also changed in the world far more than he could have ever anticipated. He'd been living in the dark for much of his prime, thus he hadn't been able to read up on the changing political climate of the world, as well as the increasing combat potential that had been developing not only in the underworld, but also within the ranks of the Magic Council.

Things were changing at an extremely drastic rate, and Farren knew full well that if he was even going to attempt to survive in a world such as this one he'd need to be as flexible as he possibly could when he came to learning and adapting. He'd have to push himself to his limits and break through them. He'd have to sit his pride to the side for just a while and absorb as much knowledge as he could from those around him, and soon enough he'd be able to return to being the terror that he once was. He thought about all of this as he sat at the bar within the Swineherd Pub. Once the rest of the lower guild members arrived, they'd all depart for the Haunted Lands in order to get a start on their group training.

The weak bow down, and the strong devour them

Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] Empty Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:53 am

Chad was in an interesting mood having traveled all this way. First he had killed a random vagrant in the middle of the night after some heavy drinking, thinking that he might be a strong opponent. He had then proceeded to get wasted multiple times as he journeyed across the country looking for interesting things to do. There still wasn't really anything interesting for him to do so far during this journey besides drink and talk to people, so he decided he might as well embrace that fact. Chad made his way to a nearby bar, clad in his average black monk robes covering his martial arts gear.

His shiny bald head glistened in the dim light of the bar, as testament to his well kept appearance. As always, Chad was on the lookout for people who seemed as though they were strong. There had been a string of occurrences in which Chad had completely obliterated any opposition he had faced in recent times, and he was starting to become frustrated with how easily his enemies were dying. Much to his glee, he noticed a shady but powerful looking individual sitting at the bar. Given his calm and tranquil appearance, nobody would expect a monk like Chad to make his way towards the back of the man known as Farren and throw a full force punch to the back of his skull. Should the blow connect it would instantly turn his brain into mush from the kinetic force from the fist. Chad had good reason to try this of course, as if the man was strong, he would probably be able to dodge this blow with ease, and since Chad didn't really have any morals, he wasn't dissuaded by the prospect of being labeled a murderer.

Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] S76lngR

#3Farren Claret 

Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] Empty Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:09 pm

Farren Claret
Slowly, but surely, those that Farren and the rest of his company had been waiting for had begun to fill the bar. In between those that had been expected to arrive were also a few unrecognizable guests. To Farren, and anyone else, it was obvious that these were patrons of the bar. There was no reason for anyone within this place to feel any sort of unease or suspicion; this was merely another day within the Swineherd Pub. Usually, Farren would have found himself to be uncomfortable being around so many people for such a prolonged period of time, but he was extremely relaxed today. Maybe it was because he knew they'd soon be leaving this place and working towards his goal of becoming stronger, or maybe it'd been the couple of alcoholic beverages he'd consumed that were beginning to give him a slight buzz. Whatever it was, he couldn't help that a smile was beginning to form on his face.

As Farren extended his hand outwards to grab yet another drink that the barkeep had left for him, he was completely unaware that someone now stood behind him; murderous intent wafting off of him in a manner much akin to staunch body odor. Killing intent was something that Farren was no stranger to, yet, today was a day in which the act of killing was the furthest thing on his mind - especially the thought that his own murder was a possibility. With the drink in his glass now nearing it's end, Farren began to wave the barkeep back over to him.

"Another, pl-"

Before Farren could finish his sentence, he could feel an immense amount of pressure pushing against the back of his skull before everything went black. Blood and brain matter splashed everywhere while the skull fragments shot across the room like shrapnel. The blood and brain matter caused by the attack colored the bar and most of the patrons in attendance; while the barkeep, sadly, hadn't been able to avoid damage from the skull fragments. In almost no time at all, the terror once known as "The Gourmet" had been murdered.


The weak bow down, and the strong devour them

Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:35 pm

It would seem that Chad's attempts to find a worthy adversary would be dashed once again as he proceeded to throw his fist at the man. Given the man's demeanor he expected some form of instant retaliation to stop his blow, but to his disappointment the man just sat there about to take a drink before Chad's fist blew the front of his skull all over the bar and all over the patrons. Blood once again splattered all over Chad's nice black monk robes, with pieces of brain matter now sitting inside the drinks of nearby patrons.

Once again Chad had randomly assaulted a person he assumed to be strong, but this time it happened to occur in public, making the situation abnormally awkward for the poor monk. After the short period that it took people to register what happened, Chad was already moving at full speed out of the bar and into the night, as getting caught up with the local authorities would definitely not be the most beneficial thing for him. He heard the screams of patrons behind him as he disappeared into a nearby alleyway to change out his blood covered robes and into something clean.


Fun Times at the Pub [Red] [Open] S76lngR

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