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Era to Magnolia [Foot-travel | Hatsuharu]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Era to Magnolia [Foot-travel | Hatsuharu] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:11 pm

Akira Shimada
After their hectic schedule in Era, the Rune Knights didn't even have the decency to allow them to rest for more than a night. Not even to scout the location and perhaps appreciate the little town that was nestled atop this hill... After the night that they slew the wolf, which is a task they set off to accomplish on the same evening as the day of their arrival, a Rune Knight was sent to the quarters to request the two to pack their bags and head for Magnolia. They weren't given too many details, but lugging the poor souls around this way, only created more anxiousness in Akira. Finally as they packed their bags and set off, she offhandedly asked Tsuru. 'Don't you think there is something odd about them moving us around like this? I mean, I get we're Seated... But this feels excessive.' she said chewing on her lips as they started out...

The journey would take another day. As they'd descend towards the town that brought Aki much grief and internal turmoil, but it paled so much in comparison to the more real problems and battles she had faced in Crocus. Yet, there was something more sneaky about Magnolia that crawled under Akira's skin. Through the journey, she wondered if Tsuru would judge her if she decided to pluck out the trustee cigarettes she still kept around and take a few real puffs on one. This kind of seemingly unjustified anxiety, was perhaps the reason people turned to such unhealthy vices. Akira curbed her curious and morbid urges though and later that day, they finally arrived back in Magnolia.



Era to Magnolia [Foot-travel | Hatsuharu] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:17 pm

Ever since Haru had joined the Rune Knights, he always noticed that most of the high-ranking officials just loafed around ordering the poor Pages and Apprentices. However, the moment they were promoted to Seated, they were being batted around like a ping-pong ball. The healer did not complain or feel frustrated that he was being given work to do, but it felt like the higher-ups were particularly interested in slave-driving the two of them. Even he couldn’t ignore the odd feeling that they are trying to prove to the rest of the Knights that Akira was no menace, and being her partner, Haru was just collateral damage.

The descent from the hill was a lot easier than the climb, for obvious reasons. Before they left, one of the captain at the headquarters handed a sealed file to Haru. He was told the file contained the various missions that they were supposed to handle when they reach Magnolia and the healer completely forgot about it until they were half way towards their destination. “Oh! I forgot…” he said, digging into his backpack and pulling out a brown folder with ‘classified’ stamped on it. “Our missions in Magnolia,” he said, handing it to his partner. He didn’t wish to go through them and strategize; he knew the Lunar Mage was far better at it than him. The newbie swordsman was more interested in finding intervals where he can do push-ups to build his strength. It took them almost a day, but they finally reached the familiar town of Magnolia.

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