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Caravan Guard [Quest | Xandra]

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#1Xandra Queen 

Caravan Guard [Quest | Xandra] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:03 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Word Count: 510
Total Word Count: 510/1000
Mana: 1080/1080
Quest Description

The chill of the night sky embraced her as she let out a yawn, using her right hand to cover her mouth. Her back leaned against the large caravan that was filled with goods as it stood in the parking spot for caravans next to the hotel. The blonde had only been in Era for a few days and she was already assigned work after the magic council found out about her arrival. Momentarily, she had completely forgotten that the headquarters of the council that controls the Rune Knights were located here. She had hoped that the rise of the new emperor would change their ways but it hadn't, not much anyways.

The blonde was assigned the task to guard the caravan for the night. It appeared that the merchant who transports there goods is extremely peculiar about the safety of the items he delivers. Her mind immediately wandered back to Crocus where the merchants who had delivered Lady merlin's goods had the exact opposite mindset. With a sigh, she tapped her foot against the ground as her hands folded behind her back, sandwiched between the caravan and her body. This helped bring some heat to them.

Covering her torso was black button down shirt tucked inside a pair of blue jeans that hugged her legs. Her feet were hidden within the white and black trainers that she wore and her entire body snuggled up to the warmth supplied by the large grey coat that loomed over her body. Using the palm of her hands to push herself off the caravan, she raised her hands, removing the hair tie that wrapped around her wrist, threatening to cut off her blood supply.

Hauling her hair up into hands, she roughly pushed the tie around it, too tired to care as strands of the blonde hair fell loose as her air was tied up in a mess, hanging loosely from her scalp.Yet another yawn escaped her lips as she didn't bother covering this one up. SIghing, she cursed the headquarters for not informing her previously about this night job. She could have at least gotten some rest but whatever the case may be, she never was someone who enjoyed slacking off. Her shoes collided against the ground, drowning within the sound of silence as he walked around the caravan, perking her ears up in order to catch a single sound but alas, no avail.

She walked around for hours, slowly in circles as she felt herself dozing off to the sound of the night. In a distance, she could hear cheers and hoots coming from the hotel but they weren't enough to keep her away. Her steps became slower and sluggish as she almost tripped on mid air but surprisingly, she managed to catch herself. To support her feet, she leaned against the caravan again, realizing that it was possibly the worst mistake she had made as she found herself slowly, but surely falling into darkness. It wasn't fair that the mercenaries got to enjoy themselves while she tried to stay awake.
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#2Xandra Queen 

Caravan Guard [Quest | Xandra] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:04 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Word Count: 519
Total Word Count: 1029/1000
Mana: 1080/1080
Quest Description

Her eyes snapped open as the incomprehensible sounds evaded her ears. She couldn't point out exactly what it was as fatigue still had a tight hold over her but she had determined that it was coming from the neighbouring caravan. She cautiously approached the other carvan.As she grew closer, the noises became louder. her eyes were heavy but she found herself falling out of sleep. The blonde prepared her stance so that she was ready to defend herself if anyone were to attack.

Glancing back at the caravan she was supposed to protect, she noticed the lack of beings around it. Perhaps it was because her mind was tired but also very alert that she kept assuming that someone in the nearby caravan would attack. Slowly, she bend herself down so that she was below the lower end of the window. Lifting herself up and squishing her face into the window until her lilac eyes could see what was going on inside, she watched. What if someone would attack her from inside?

But much to her surprise, she was way off track. Her eyes widened as they landed upon a young woman and a young, both around her age. They were giggling and smiles were displayed on their faces as they talked to each other and stared. For a moment, her mind stopped working as she continued staring aimlessly. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep that caused her to do so but she soon came to her sense once the woman moved forward and cradled into the man's lap and began kissing him. The two were quite passionately attempting to make love as the lightning mage, realizing what had happened pushed herself away from the caravan to avoid invading their privacy but also found herself flushed at the sight that she had seen.

The heat that rushed to her face every time she heard a peculiar sound at least helped keep her warm but also refused to allow her to dose off. Thanks to that, she was able to stay awake the whole night and innocently even hummed to herself, to block out any sounds. However, nothing happened. According to the report regarding the job, there was bound to be some attack or the other on the caravan, attempting to steal the goods inside but nothing had happened.

The darkness of the night sky fell into a slumber as the sun awoke, painting the ebony sheet over her head into an ombre of purple, pink orange and yellow that would soon blend with nature's magic to form a majestic blue. Another yawn escaped her lips as her eyes drooped in fatigue and all that was on her mind was the idea of crashing onto a smooth, soft bed and snuggling up inside the covers. The sounds of making love that had left the neighbouring caravan had stopped halfway through the night but she still couldn't sleep. Finally, a mercenary arrived, giving her the promised reward as she sleepily told him about the fake rumors. after another yawn and waving goodbye, she was ready to crash into her bed.
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